New Video: Taylor Swift – ‘Willow’

Published: Thursday 10th Dec 2020 by Rashad

As if the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 domination incited by her July 2020 surprise album, ‘Folklore,’ wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift is looking to end the year with a bang with more soon-to-be hits from another album: ‘Evermore.’

The surprise-announced set immediately had the tongues of fans and critics alike wagging with anticipation.

Now, she’s giving the first taste of what the project is offering with lead single, ‘Willow.’

Look inside to watch its official, self-directed music video:

Click here to stream the song’s parent album.

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  1. HavanaOnana December 11, 2020

    Cool stuff.

  2. Ugghh December 11, 2020

    Her and this cardigan and this little house on the prairie/ orphan Annie looks is not working for me.

    • I am the Mf’kn Clout!!! December 11, 2020


  3. Holliewuudd December 11, 2020

    Ariana Grande copycat, much??

  4. Xavier December 11, 2020

    This song is good. The Swifties are probably going to get this song a number one debut.

    Goodness, what has happened to the charts.

    Taylor is probably going to get her third number one debut and will tie Marian as the second artist with the most number one debuts. Am not mad about that though.

    Streaming services are causing the ruination of the charts.😖😔. Artists are breaking records every week.

    Motivation would have probably debuted in the top ten if it were to be released this year.

    Clarkson, what’s good.😹😹

    Camilla can still not get a top 40 debut with how weak the charts are, these days😹😹.

    Camilla, Shawn Mended: The Christmas Song

    ITunes: 150.😹😹😹

    • Clarks0o0ñ December 11, 2020

      “Motivation would have probably debuted in the top ten if it were to be released this year.”


      Take ur meds

      • Xavier December 11, 2020

        Someone got triggered,😸.

        Don’t worry. I was just speaking facts.
        Motivation debuted and number 33 with , 239. That was August,2019. It would have easily debuted in the top 5 with these points.

        In other news, It has been confirmed that The Christmas Song by Shawn and Camilla won’t see the Bubbling Under Charts😹😽. Such a sha!e for a”Main Pop Girl”.

        I come with receipts b****

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 11, 2020


        U are writing essays and textbook about Camila.

        Motivation debuted at number 33 and fell out of the top 40 after all the hype and industry support .
        Even a huge vma performance couldn’t save the song from tanking.

        She even released a remix feat 21 savage and the song still tanked harder. 😍

        You’re a normani stan so u suffer from delusion. 😭
        Camila cabello and billboard are sabotaging normani
        Beyonce is sabotaging normani because she is afraid of normani
        LA Reid paid billboard 1 million dollars to cancel normani’s performance

      • Xavier December 11, 2020

        Ridiculous!! This blog contains the most the most mentally deranged people on mother earth.

        And did you just accept that Normani is a threat to the industry

        I accept it, Normani is a massive flop. What has Camilla done to prove she’s not?? Tell me.

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 11, 2020

        U are the one who is mentally deranged and unstable. U suffer from delusion

        Listing Camila’s achievements in 1 sitting is going to be impossible cause this girl has achieved so much in the span of 3 years

        2 number one songs
        2 platinum albums . Both albums are Grammy nominated
        Havana first female song to reach 1 billion streams on spotify
        Camila, first artist to have 2 songs cross 1.5 billion streams on spotify
        Havana audio, most viewed audio song on YouTube. 1.7 billion views on YouTube
        Camila, debut album ones of the fastest albums to hit number one on itunes
        Camila, one of the top 10 female artists with most songs that crossed 100 million streams
        Havana – highest selling song in 2018
        Senorita- 5th highest selling song in 2019
        First female artist to win artist of the year at the vma’s
        Most awarded female artist in 2018
        Opened the 2019 Grammys
        Performed twice at the 2020 grammys.
        One of the few artists to top the billboard 100, billboard 200 and artist 100 simultaneously

        Here comes the, it has features, AND SO WHAT?
        Here comes the, these achievements are old, AND SO WHAT? just because an achievement is old doesnt make it invalid.

        Camila has already happened and she is still happening and she will continue to happen.

        U guys will deal with it

      • Xavier December 11, 2020

        “Both albums are Grammy nominated”

        Lol. B**** tell me when Romance was nominated for a Grammy. It isn’t this year, neither was it last year, so when was it nominated.

        Senorita was never part of the album, it was a bonus track on Romance. Don’t you dare use Señorita’s nomination to clarify Romance being nominated. It was only there push the album which is currently out of the BB 200.

        Romance is almost a year old and still isn’t certifie

      • Xavier December 11, 2020

        Romance is a year old and still isn’t certified platinum. Camilla’s career has been driven off of singles. She’s a singles artist. Her albums has not had any impact.

        Don’t you think it’s unfair to compare her to an artist who’s yet to release her debut album.

        Gurl, bye

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