Hot 100: Cardi B’s ‘Up’ Debuts Strong At #2

Published: Tuesday 16th Feb 2021 by Sam

Cardi B continues to blaze quite the trail.

The femcee’s new single ‘Up’ has been blazing the streaming streets since its unleashing on February 5.

With its first tracking week complete, the numbers have been tallied, verified, and publicized.

Find out where the song landed in its premiere week on the Billboard Hot 100 below…

Per the latest iteration of the coveted count, ‘Up’ opens at #2.

It managed the feat fuelled by the following US stats: 31.2 million streams, 37,000 digital downloads, and a 14.9 million multi-format radio audience.

‘Up’s epic opening means the song becomes Cardi’s 9th top 10 single on the Hot 100. Of that tally, four are #1s hits.

Can it climb higher? Time will tell.

In the here and now, congrats!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maraj🦄 February 16, 2021


    • Nicki is flop February 16, 2021

      ….coming from a Barb????

    • DC February 16, 2021

      Nicki can’t even get a number 1 on her own so this will never happen a number 2 debut

    • DC3 FOREVER February 16, 2021

      How…. Like truly how?

    • Susan February 16, 2021

      Even compared to Meg, Nicki is still the flop of rap at the moment.

    • Katty Key February 16, 2021

      Yes, every single from “Queen” was……. .

      • Susan February 16, 2021


    • fmcl March 22, 2021

      You were saying? @Maraj

  2. DC February 16, 2021

    Yep such a flop that this has never been done since Lauryn hill cardi success making y’all haters sick 😂

    • POPS MUVA February 16, 2021

      EXACTLY!! she is winning

    • Susan February 16, 2021

      EXACTLY! We love to see the lessors and their fans seethe. And yes, Nicki Minaj is a lessor

  3. I hate whyyt n blcc February 16, 2021

    Latinos don’t like cardib they look down

    • POPS MUVA February 16, 2021

      I’m latino and I love Cardi B

    • Oprah D. Winfrey February 16, 2021

      Who cares whT the chimichangas like

  4. POPS MUVA February 16, 2021


    • Gag Order February 16, 2021

      She isnt..she’s not that great of a rapper, she’s the queen of popular female rappers I suppose

      • Susan February 16, 2021

        Go gag. Facts are facts. Cardi is the reigning queen of rap. Nicki hasn’t achieved what cardi has in only 4 years. Bow down

    • Gag Order February 16, 2021

      Can you comprehend anything?? She is not the queen of rap. Did I mention Minaj? No! You did. Does Queen of rap
      Just mean being popular to you or someone who can actually f****** rap?

  5. Gag Order February 16, 2021

    Wow she’s about to get another number 1

  6. Gag Order February 16, 2021

    Radio and doing these challenges are really what’s helping people these days. Love the best on the song and the video but lyrically it’s not that great. But she will get another number 1.

    • DC February 16, 2021

      Cardi had number 1 s before a damn challenge Megan thee stallion on the other hand benefits from tik tok that savage song was flopping before the tik tok challenge so wrong rapper

      • Gag Order February 16, 2021

        Said what I said. This song isn’t that great lyrically! She has had better songs that went number 1 before the challenges etc. NEXT!

  7. Pat February 16, 2021

    I know she wAnts to tour but just drop the album already. The fans will still be here later

  8. Urg February 16, 2021

    Good for her but does not change the fact the song is trash. Charts are based on who is popular and tik tok.

    • DC February 16, 2021

      Don’t think her song would still be number 3 on iTunes almost 2 weeks after release if it was trash song killing it and y’all haters can’t take it keep winning cardi 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • DC February 16, 2021

      Body was popular on tik tok couldn’t even reach billboard top 10 so what happened??????

      • up February 16, 2021

        WE’RE WAITING!!!!

      • Urg February 16, 2021

        The song is straight up TRASH!!!!! It will go No 1 cause she is popular a massive payloa campaign and it a freaking tik tok song. Just look at Ariana Grande Position went No 1 does not change that the song was trash. Popular aritst will go number 1 because payola and their crazy stans will buy and stream what ever TRASH they put out.

    • DC February 16, 2021

      Nicki has over 100 million followers on Instagram and can’t get a number 1 it takes more than stans to make a song a hit and you think of they were using payola since 2017 wouldn’t her label be in the negative for shelling out all that money ???????

      • Urg February 17, 2021

        I don’t give af about Nicki Minaj. Why are Cardi stans always bring her up? Its like when someone says a Cardi song is trash that automatically makes them a barb. I said the Up is TRASH and its only doing numbers cause of payola and tik tok. U Cardi B stans seems to be as crazy as the barbz.

  9. DC February 16, 2021

    And still doing good at number 3 on iTunes 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Beylover February 16, 2021

      Congratulations Cardi!
      I see the girls are MAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t like the song and I I’m not a bug Cardi fan myself HOWEVER at the end of the day Cardi is WINNING!

  10. Susan February 16, 2021

    Congrats cardi! Now give us the album.

  11. up February 16, 2021


  12. UHoesFunny February 16, 2021

    I heard Camila wanna do a Christmas song w/ Cardi 💀

  13. J February 16, 2021

    RIP to her career 😩

  14. Lou February 16, 2021

    Bye girl

  15. WRTW? February 16, 2021


    • Chase February 17, 2021

      Girl stop referring to your mother on here…

  16. fufu February 17, 2021

    This song is God awful. If this is the music thats topping charts these days yikes :/

  17. Milk February 17, 2021

    Wow a flop 💀

  18. LOL February 23, 2021

    LMAO big ole FLOP. Floppi B betta get ready for that sophomore BRICK shes about to tank with lmfaoooooo. Andra Day is already outselling this flop with a 6 year old song lmfaooooooooooooooo

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