RIAA: Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ & ‘Future Nostalgia’ Nab Platinum Certifications

Published: Saturday 13th Mar 2021 by Rashad

Thanks to an aggressive global campaign that saw her tackle almost every major awards show, talk show, radio station, magazine, and more over the last year, Dua Lipa‘s sophomore album – ‘Future Nostalgia’ –  has crossed the threshold for Platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Just three months after the RIAA announced Lipa’s ‘Nostalgia’ nabbed a GOLD certification, an award that recognizes U.S. sales equivalence of 500,000, the GRAMMY-nominated project is now Platinum.  The upgraded plaque denotes sales equivalence of 1 million in the United States.

Beyond its promotional onslaught over the last year, the LP’s success can be attributed to its two re-releases – ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ – as well as its chart-dominating singles ‘Physical,’ ‘Break My Heart,’ ‘Levitating,’ and ‘Don’t Start Now.’  As it relates to the latter two, ‘Levitating’ has been upgraded to Platinum status and its predecessor, ‘Don’t,’ is now at 4x Platinum status.

Look below to see how Dua celebrated the news.


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  1. BlowMyBu$$y 💎 March 13, 2021

    Our new princess of Pop 👑 GO DUA!!! Camila wishes but could never… 💀

  2. Shayla Queen 👑 March 13, 2021

    I’m so happy for her. You can see how hard she works and how much she puts everything she has into what she does. Congratulations Dua! 🎉

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 March 13, 2021

    Why don’t you ever post about R&B chicks like Mia Ariannaa?

  4. Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

    After how many months? With all the promo, remix album, PAYOLA , appearances, etc u will think this album is 3x platinum or something

    • Susan March 13, 2021

      Where is Camila on the 2021 Grammy nomination list? Where is Camila on the 2021 Grammy performers list? Where are Camila’s Grammys? Explain! You’re mad that Dua is everything you wish Camila was

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021


        Where is normani’s album? Where is normani’s Grammy nominations, where is normani number one song or album?

        Dua lipa has no number one anything.
        No number one album,
        No number 1 song

        Dua is a Grammy winner but her album still sold 18k pure sales and debuted at number 4. Embarrassing

        Even romance outpeaked. Even romance got a platinum certification after 5 months of release

        After how many months future nostalgia is just reaching platinum certification. This is an album that has been pushed heavily non stop since 2019

        Levitating has been in the top 10 for several weeks but it’s just platinum. This is a song with multiple remixes and videos. Smh

  5. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) March 13, 2021

    Yesssssss💅🏿 More power to her🤳🏿🤳🏿 That’s her teenage dream era which is perfectly splendid like me da real DIVA 👠 f u c k off haters 🤳🏿🤳🏿

  6. Susan March 13, 2021

    Congratulations Dua! The pop star of the moment! Can’t wait to see how many Granmys she wins tomorrow!!

  7. Jake March 13, 2021

    Wow!! Amazing Congrats to Dua. She’s truly improved as a performer and released one of the Best Pop Albums in the last five years. She worked hard to promote the album during the pandemic (of course with help of her team) and never stop releasing BOPS. Happy that she is now Platinum in the U.S. Don’t Start needs to hit 5x Platinum. She deserves to WIN. Let’s hope the Grammys make the write decisions on Sunday. Dua deserves all her success and definitely some MORE Grammys. She could possibly WIN big maybe 3/6 we shall see what the Academy does they are very specific with voting!! Yess for Levitating hitting Platinum Status.

    • Jake March 13, 2021

      ****right decision****

  8. Jake March 13, 2021

    Dang I’m wondering why Romance was NOT nominated for any Grammys and there were almost 10 singles released from the album. The album had five different covers and was released during Christmas and still only sold 54k. And all singles flopped except for Señorita which helped the sales of the album, they claim it didn’t but it did. The Grammys are about quality!! Romance was a very bad album which is why it wasn’t nominated for Best POP Vocal Album or Album of The Year. I do like Camila’s first album the Sophomore album just ain’t it only like two good songs. Maybe the third will be better. Like I said the Grammys are about QUALITY!! Romance just ain’t it !!

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

      Romance is a Grammy nominated album

      Romance also outpeaked future nostalgia. Be humble

      Dua has no number 1 song or number one album

      • Jake March 13, 2021

        Lol funny that you say be humble and your NOT Lmao!! Romance is not Grammy nominated. The album did NOT get any nominations. I’m talking about the body of work. Romance wasn’t nominated in and Album categories. I’m not talking about Pop Duo or Group performance with Shawn Mendes for Senorita which she lost to Lil Nas X lmao !! . I’m talking about Album categories if you read my comment correctly. Like I said Romance is NOT nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album or Album of the Year. Future Nostalgia is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Album Of the Year. Romance is a big Flop. You would think with all that promotion for Romance she would have a Grammy by now the Recording Academy didn’t nominate it due to the quality of the album. Camila’s first album was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album . Romance received no nominations is Album categories clearly it’s not that great. Yawn a number 1 song lol boring that means nothing, longevity is better than just having a Number 1 song. Go stream and support Romance since it’s this great acclaimed album last time I checked the flop album was NOT critically acclaimed and didn’t end up on any best albums of 2020 lists. All those singles released and no Grammy WINS even having a number 1 song wow!! Dua is already a Grammy WINNER !! Camilla isn’t a Grammy Winner she has never one a competitive Grammy EVER!!

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

        Best pop vocal collaboration

        Senorita is on romance, that makes romance a Grammy nominated album.

        If romance is a flop, then what is future nostalgia that sold 18k pure sales first week and debuted at number 4.

        future nostalgia is just going platinum after how many reissues, remix albums, etc.

        Dua has no organic hit, all her hits are powered by payola.

        Once radio stop playing her song, the song starts falling down the chart. Look at her new song for example. Its tumbling down the charts cause it has no radio support

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

        Notice how none of the new songs she released from the moonlight edition charted except were good?

        Cause they haven’t payoled those songs . They haven’t put those songs on top playlists on spotify that’s why if it ain’t me didnt chart or I’m your woman hasnt charted.

        Dua lipa is all smoke and mirrors.
        Aggressive payola, playlisting on spotify and good marketing. Nobody knows this girl in america.

        Dua lipa is not going to have longevity. Mark my words. She will end up like kylie minogue. Popular in Europe, nobody knows her in America

      • Jake March 13, 2021

        Romance the “Album” is not Grammy Nominated the body of work has never been nominated in any Album categories as I’ve stated before go and read GRAMMY.com website. SENORITA the single with Shawn Mendes released as his single and added last minute to Romances album to help save the flop album lol was nominated in a lesser category called Best Pop Duo/Group Performance no longer called “collaboration” and Lost the award to Lil Nas X lol . Romance the album was released in December of 2019 so she missed the cut off to submit the full body of work to the Recording Academy for the 2020 Grammys making it eligible for the next Grammys which is the 2021 Grammys. Romance was released literally during the Christmas season and still flopped with Five covers and almost ten singles. Romance was submitted for the 2021 Grammys and received 0 nominations no matter what you say the album itself received 0 Album category nominations clearly the recording academy doesn’t like the body of work as her first album received a Best Pop Vocal Album Nomination . Yawn Lol whatever you say Yawn payola this that LMFAO it won’t change the success of the singles realeased or the success of Future Nostalgia. You can say what you want it won’t change Dua’s success, which is why she received 6 Grammy Nominations for Future Nostalgia. The full Body of work was nominated for Album of The Year something Camicky never achieved and will never received. Camicky is not Global she’s also a flop in the UK 0 number 1’s . Dua is Number 1 internationally. Future Nostalgia is far from a flop. Last time I checked it went number 1 in the U.K. and other countries. You claim Miss Camicky is so successful with Romance. Why did Romance disappear from the charts? you should go support it we all know Senorita saved that album hahahaha. If Camila is so great why doesn’t she have a competitive Grammy WIN ? Has she ever WON? NO!! Romance isn’t even nominated is a singles albums category at 2021 Grammys. That should be a clear indication the Grammys paid the full body of work Dust in the trash can where is belongs. Dua is here to stay longevity Deal with it. Your so bothered by her success that you had to bring Camila’s name up under a successful Dua post!! Future Nostalgia is Platinum heading for DOUBLE Platinum status. Your so ignorant you say no one knows Dua but yet she’s on the U.S Hot 100 Charts lmao your D U M B. Dua Lipa is an International Artist and has done great the past 3 years as New Artist on the U.S

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

        Dumb àss, if a song from an album is Grammy nominated, that mean the album is Grammy nominated

        Why are u dull?

        Beyonce’s love on top won a Grammy, that makes her album 4 a Grammy winning album.

        Ur slow.

        Dua lipa has added miley cyrus prison, bad bunny song one day, etc to her album so she can have the most streamed album on spotify. All these songs are not hers. She’s a featured artist on these songs but she still added it on her album.

        This is not the first time shes doing this. She added calvin harris one kiss and silk city electricity to her album, these songs are not her songs.

        Dua lipa is a Grammy winner but her album still sold 18k pure sales and debuted at number 4, make that make sense.
        A whole Grammy winner cant sell up to 20k first week in pure sales. That’s embarrassing.

        Future nostalgia couldn’t even debut at number 1 in the uk. Dua got blocked by 5 seconds of summer in her own home country. Lol

        Dua’s grammy nominations are bought by her label.
        Dua is a product of good marketing and aggressive payola and playlisting.

        I’m your woman, if ain’t me, none of these songs charted, ask yourself why? They haven’t playlisted them, they haven’t payoled them.

        My oh my didnt crack the top 10 but its 2 times platinum

        Levitating had 2 music videos, 3 different versions, one featuring madonna and missy elliot ,
        Levitating was a top 5 hit but still the song is just reaching platinum status


        U cant deceive us. Dua is a fraud. she will still fall of watch and see. How long can he label keep doing payola for her.

        No number 1 album
        No number one song

        Her debut album literally peaked at number 27. Camilas debut album peaked at number 1.

      • Jake March 13, 2021

        ROMANCE the album was submitted to Album categories you D U M B A S S and the Grammys said NO it received 0 nominations for both Best Pop Vocal Album Album of the Year and 0 recognition in the general field Romance received 0 Grammys Awards none in Record of The Year or Song of the Year it flopped hard and tanked the Grammys hated that s h I t flop Album it was bad. No matter how you flip it or try to make it sound good. ROMANCE received 0 Album catergories nominations that her label submitted so your the one that is fu** kin D U M B Even her first album received a Beat Pop Vocal Album nomination thats a clear indication the second one was wack . Your the one that is D U M B and Slow Loser read Grammys website and that should you how slow you sound seems you can’t comprehend or understand the nominations Camila’s name is no where to be found on the 2021 Grammys Nominatikns list that she submitted for, she received 0 that won’t change . Your obsession with Dua shows that you comment under her post to bring up Canicky the clown D U M.B sewer rat ass bahahahahaha lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Dua’s debut Album charted at #27 and still went Platinum what is your point? While Camiky went Number 1 and stalled at Platinum status as well so What’s your point? She receive 0 Grammys Awards for both Albums Yet Dua was the DOUBLE Grammy award winner!! Dua sold over 1 million with Future Nostalgia On the U.S. alone that won’t change no matter what you say hahaha that won’t change Deal with it L O S E R she’s platinum in the US clearly people know and like her D U M M Y!! The Album went Number 1 in the U. K. Five seconds of summer that album is no where to be found received 0 Grammys that’s a flop. It’s sad that your bothered that you have to bring Camicky up
        Under Dua’s post you seemed bothered by her success why? Is it because she went Platinum or because she WON Grammys? Or is it because Camicky didn’t hit number 1 in the U. K or is it because Camicky never WON any Grammys? and has 0 competitive Grammys to her name??? Which is it? Make it make sense L O S E R. Please go support Romance. I hope you can sleep at night knowing now that FUTURE NOSTALGIA went Platinum hahaha😂🤣😂😂🤣 oh yeah Levitating went Platinum clearly people in the U. S knows Dua and listens to her songs lol!!! 🤣😂🤣😂!!

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 13, 2021

        U are crying too much but u will deal

        No number 1 song
        No number 1 album
        debut album peaked at number 27
        Even Romance outpeaked all dua lipa’s album.

        A grammy winner selling 18k pure sales first week.

        Levitating- top 5 hit

        My oh my- top 15 hit
        2x platinum.

        Dua doesnt even write her music.
        New rules her first top 10 hit, she didnt write it

      • Jake March 14, 2021

        LMFAO Your ignorance is showing 😂😂😂Dua writes her own music. Don’t Start Now – Dua wrote her biggest hit. She’s literally nominated for Song of the Year at the 2021 Grammys; a Songwriters Award given only to the songwriter. Dua wrote all songs on her Future Nostalgia Album which is currently up for Best Pop Vocal Album. What exactly is the point your trying to make here? I don’t see Camila’s name on the nominations list, I was looking but I couldn’t find her name anywhere on the 2021 list, this is not good clearly the Recording Academy said NO.
        D A M N I get it your a D A M N f**kin hater who hates on Dua. You do realize songs can chart in lower positions on Billboard and go double platinum right? I’m sure your not that D U M B. What is your point exactly? Dua’s song IDGAF peaked at #49 on Billboard Hot 100 and went 2x Platinum so what’s your point regarding My Oh My Top 15 2x Platinum? Boy BYE Please go stream Romance so that the album wont stall any longer at Platinum status go help out your girl. It’s not about just peak positions on the charts it’s about the longevity of the album and how successful it becomes in the long run. All of Dua’s albums are Platinum just like Camila’s two albums what’s the point? Clearly you need to get your facts correct lol🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 Dua is a GRAMMY WINNER selling over a million copies of Future Nostalgia in the U.S.

  9. Jake March 13, 2021

    Future Nostaligia 🔥🔥🔥 Love Dua !! Congrats to going Platinum. Longevity Baby LMAO!!

  10. UHoesFunny March 13, 2021

    Idk how people compare her to Camila, when they’re completely different 💀

    One makes good music the other doesn’t.
    One has a gay boyfriend the other doesn’t.
    One constantly flips the other doesn’t.
    One has to go to weekly racist therapy classes the other doesn’t. Stop comparing apples to oranges people.

    And now with Camila’s schedule being booked up for the year for her weekly racist therapy sessions, there’s no chance of her releasing another album or new music that’s bound to flop.

    So maybe she should take this as a win. Just sayin…

  11. Jake March 13, 2021

    Yess!! Can’t wait to see her Grammy performance tomorrow. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes for Future Nostalgia going Platinum in the U.S. and Levitating going Platinum. We love to see these WINS. Don’t Start Now is definitely a BOP 4x Platinum we love to see it. Can’t wait to see Cardi and Doha’s performance along with Bruno and Anderson Paak performances.

    • Jake March 13, 2021

      ****Doja Cat!!

  12. HELLOKITTY March 13, 2021

    Grammy nominated? Comical. The album s^cked.

  13. Jake March 13, 2021

    The haters trolls and L O S E RS are fumming. They are bothered by Dua’s success. Dua wrote Don’t Start Now her biggest hit along with many others on both albums people are bothered that she’s nominated for 6 Grammys including Album of The Year. The recording academy loves Dua. They don’t like FLOPS. The Grammys start tomorrow.

  14. Jake March 14, 2021

    Don’t Start Now is still on ITunes Top 10 overall genre chart released more than a year ago. The haters are bothered Dua Won two Grammys before there Favorite!! Dua wrote Don’t Start Now nominated for Song of the Year at this years 2021 Grammys. Some don’t have that to there name. This is a songwriter’s Award. Congrats to Dua America loves you!! Which is why she has Platinum Plaques and the awards to back it up!! The Grammys is tonight LMAO!!

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