Beyonce Blazes Ahead Of Rumored Appearance On DJ Khaled Album

Published: Thursday 29th Apr 2021 by Sam

Cop a gander of Beyonce!

Music’s reigning queen turns heads in a stunning set of snaps shared moments ago.

The shots come as murmurs about the star’s involvement in DJ Khaled‘s new album intensify.

As reported, the hitmaker’s ‘Khaled Khaled’ album features JAY-Z and Nas collaboration ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ – which mysteriously also credits “Harmonies By The Hive.” An entity many believe is Bey.

An answer is imminent because the LP drops tomorrow (April 30).

Pending then, peep more from the superstar diva below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. I Hate whyyt n blcc bitzzez April 29, 2021

    Copycat thief

  2. Ugghh April 29, 2021

    No ma’am. She looks like a f;u:c:k;e;d up key lime pie that dipped in the chocolate fountain…..

    • Ugghh April 29, 2021

      Pack it up. Your commentary is weak

      • Ugghh April 29, 2021

        Who are you? Why are you using my account?

  3. I Hate whyyt n blcc bitzzez April 29, 2021

    Her photo shop artist is calling, he still has her photoshop yatch pics…with the steps curved.
    Shout outto michelle Obama

    • You’re Tired! April 29, 2021

      If you are going to try and insult someone, at least learn how to spell (yacht!) in order to do so, You TROLL A** BIH!!..💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽

    • Angela Beyince April 29, 2021

      Creole Queen

  4. Divab April 29, 2021

    The first picture is totally unnecessary and why Beyoncé because from the second on down are gorgeous and flawless. The first picture doing to much for a person of your status

  5. Teetee April 29, 2021

    Jane Toussaint in highlighter green

  6. Clarkson April 29, 2021

    No one cares 💀

  7. Truth April 29, 2021

    Bee wanna be Chloe

    • Diva2be April 29, 2021

      @truth Wrong you are ,everyone and I mean everyone is model after Beyoncé . Get it right Chloe idolize Beyoncé and as of late (Chloe) she’s taken everything (style, on stage wear, dance moves- everything) from her idol Beyoncé

  8. Diamond April 29, 2021

    Guys we have the track list … lol

  9. Flopyonce April 29, 2021

    Fat ugly flop has been

  10. Keith April 29, 2021

    At this point, I’m not sure why…other than because she can. I’d rather have music, tho.

  11. Martaevia Lawayne April 29, 2021

    Beyoncé getting ready to release something. Look at her!

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