New Video: Little Mix – ‘Confetti’ (ft. Saweetie)

Published: Friday 30th Apr 2021 by Ryan

You can never have a party with too much confetti.

Little Mix has returned with a video for their song ‘Confetti,’ which features Saweetie after they previously announced it this week.

On the track, she raps:

So my girl hit me up about a f***-boy dude / I said ‘hold on, hold on, what he said he did to you’? / Caught him sending d*** pics and a couple of nudes / Shit, we could chop it off and I’ma body this dude.

‘Confetti’ is the title track from the group’s sixth album of the same name (stream it here) and follows the smash ‘Sweet Melody.’

The visual, which sees the ladies make a transformation, features cameos from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’ favorites Tayce, A’Whora, and Bimini Bon Boulash.

What are you waiting for? New Little Mix is just below…

We are loving this bop and the video too. How about you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. AriRihNaj April 30, 2021

    Can’t lie Saweeti actually sounded good on this! Song is 🔥 you wouldn’t even notice it use to be a 4 piece lol

  2. AnonymousTruth April 30, 2021

    They did that !!! Saweetie verse sounded dope, was a fun video. I did expect some confetti explosions to brighten up the video lol but welp, still good .

  3. Lou April 30, 2021

    Love it. Hope LM3 does well on the charts.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ April 30, 2021


    • Keyword April 30, 2021

      You stan horsemila you shouldn’t be taking

      You stan and ugly flop with a boy body that has 12 flop songs that didn’t even see billboard. You shouldn’t be talking

      Cancelled tour, flop album , flopmilla tried to kill herself hahahhahah ,sucide watch, racist therapy
      Kids hate her, celebs hate her, blocked and unfollowed by main girls

      You shouldn’t be talking sawtetti and all the other girls are surpassing flopmila with ease

      The supposed net worth amount all those Spotify streams just to what ?? Flop completely and have your comeback single not even chart on iTunes, try to kill yourself and end up going back to racist therapy??

      horsemila such a star! #Sike

    • MIXERFORLIFE May 1, 2021

      thx for listening to it and giving them views hun 😘 😂

  5. Kev April 30, 2021

    Wow this is pure perfection I hope the clubs open up just so I can hear this 😂 SAWEETIE this and best friend are the best sounding she’s been wow I guess breaking up does you good these days!

  6. TruthTea April 30, 2021

    YASSSS. This should’ve been single #2 and Sweet Melody been lead. This is what the album sounds like, sonically they’re best. Lord never a will know why they chose Break-up Song as the lead for this project when they had gems like these + ballads like “My Love Won’t Let You Down” just sitting their on the same album.

    • citygirl April 30, 2021

      holiday is still my fav 😭

    • Paulo April 30, 2021

      BKS was the lead cause they wanted some of that The Weeknd/Dua Lipa 80s throwback success. can’t hate cause it’s a cute bop but I agree with you Confetti is >>>>>>>>

  7. Susan April 30, 2021


  8. Paulo April 30, 2021

    great video for a great bop! the new mixing for the track sounds hot and Saweetie’s verse is actually good! LM3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. Keyword April 30, 2021

    This was lit 🤳🔥

  10. stan April 30, 2021

    you know what… this is a fun song

    • MIXERFORLIFE May 1, 2021

      THEY ARE MY QUEENS 🔥 🔥 🎉 👏 👏 love these girks so freaking much!! Confetti is at #1 on Trending Youtube!!!!

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