Michael Jackson, Beyonce, & More To Be Inducted Into The Black Music And Entertainment Walk Of Fame

Published: Thursday 6th May 2021 by Sam

Michael Jackson‘s accolades continue to accrue posthumously. Because the King of Pop leads the inaugural list of inductees into the Black Music And Entertainment Walk Of Fame.

He’s joined on the coveted scroll by the likes of Beyonce, Missy Elliott, and Usher.

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The ceremony, which takes place June 17, will pay homage to titans who’ve impacted Black music and the wider community in a major way.

Jointly presented by the Black American Music Association, and the Georgia Entertainment Caucus (GEC), the BMEWOF says it sets out to “acknowledge, preserve, respect, and inspire the Black creative community for generations to come.”

The BMEWOF Foundational Inductees are James BrownQuincy D. Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Otis Redding.

Forming the tally are:

Michael Jackson (Legacy Artists), Sean Love Combs (Mainstream Mogul), Shirley Caesar (Gospel Female), Kirk Franklin (Gospel Male), Missy Elliott (Hip Hop Female), Outkast (Hip Hop Male), Beyoncé (Mainstream Female), and Usher Raymond IV (Mainstream Male).

Co-Chair Catherine Brewton said in a statement:

“I am extremely proud to reveal our inaugural class of inductees. Our first round of inductees includes many of my colleagues, and I am excited to celebrate their vast contributions to the preservation of Black Music and Entertainment.” 

Michael Mauldin, Black American Music Association Co-Founder, added:

“It gives me so much honor and respect to help escort the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame into existence and Global awareness. Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the legacy & future of culture, community, entertainment and the Black American Music Art-form.”

Additional information about the Atlanta, GA ceremony will be revealed at a later date.

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  1. dee May 6, 2021

    Shouldn’t Janet be inducted before Beyonce?

    • Cadence May 6, 2021


      • The B List May 6, 2021

        Agree. Beyoncé wouldn’t be Beyoncé if it weren’t for Janet and Madonna.

    • eric May 6, 2021

      Just had this conversation with some kids the other day. They thought I was crazy. It’s sad they don’t know their music history and the impact made by the legends.

    • TToka May 7, 2021

      Exactly!! Get a clue committee Do people not realize in the 90s she was musics highest paid artist at 1 point and then they tried to erase her legacy..She still killin it today in my book and she needs her props her music is so good!!

  2. Roberta FlackSabbath May 6, 2021

    Aretha? Diana Ross? Miss Janet Jackson? Mary J.? Mariah?

    Really, that’s some Beyonce payola in action.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath May 6, 2021


    • The B List May 6, 2021

      Beyoncé is over rated.

  3. Diabetes UNBOTHERED May 6, 2021

    So nice to see the Queen of the Hive finally getting her just dues as the worlds youngest LEGEND at just 39 the Queen has already surpassed MJ.

    No question the Queen is a much better Performer singer and dancer than MJ. Coachella is better than any MJ showcase. & there’s No surprise the Queen has the most grammys cuz Lemonade is definitely better and more iconic than any MJ album.

    I truly believe beys next album will outsell Adeles next album and sell 1 mill first week. Only matter of time before Forbes announces the Queen has $1 Billion.

    Bey should headline next years super bowl so she can perform Savage with her offsprings Meagan Chloe and halle. Can’t wait to see The Queen in a lion King 2

    Beys next tour will sell out in Millie seconds

    Long live Parkwood ENT#.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath May 6, 2021

      Lemonade more iconic than THRILLER?

      Beyonce outsell Adele?

      I want your diabetes meds, cuz you are clearly HIGH.

      • The B List May 6, 2021

        Where Azellea Banks on this list? I’m vex.

    • Brandon Penn May 6, 2021


      hahahahahahha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha



      Beyonce better than MJ …. better than Thriller…. hahahahahahaha


      oh and dont forget Grammy Legend in 1993 for MJ…. or Dangerous Tour….



    • eric May 6, 2021

      Look at the number of MJ samples compared to Beyonce and you’ll have just one example of whose music is more influential decade after decade. No one will dance to “Formation” like they will continue dancing to “Thriller” in the next 20 years. The only artist who is arguably better is his own sister.

  4. Clayne May 6, 2021

    Great list!

    All deserve their spots!!

  5. Keith May 6, 2021

    So, how is Jermaine Dupri’s father involved and Janet is not on the inaugural list?

  6. Roberta FlackSabbath May 6, 2021

    AND the Foundational Inductees are all men.

    I swear, black folk are just as bad as white people when it comes to representation.

    If white people had all men for some honor, the social media would crack in half and billions would drown.

  7. IJS… May 6, 2021

    Do we really need a black version of everything that white people have?? I’m all for honoring our own, but at some point we’re gonna have to be more innovative.

  8. Shayla Queen 👑 May 6, 2021

    This whole Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame is just a way to induct people into something that aren’t worthy in the standard Walk of Fame.

    • Tino May 7, 2021

      Meanwhile everyone on the list to be inducted into the black walk of fame is already on the standard walk of fame lol SMH

  9. T May 7, 2021

    Queen Bey wins yet again and y’all will stay mad! Ahahahaha

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