RIAA: City Girls’ ‘Twerkulator’ Certified GOLD

Published: Wednesday 20th Oct 2021 by Rashad

City Girls already sit in the history books of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for having the highest-certified song in history by a Rap girl group (‘Act Up’).

But, if the ongoing success of their latest single, ‘Twerkulator,’ is any indication, the Southern duo may be well on their way to tying that record.

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Despite an early leak, ‘Twerkulator’ – which famously features samples and interpolations of Cajmere‘s ‘Percolator’ and ‘Planet Rock’ by Afrika Bambaataa – was released in May to great fanfare.  The excitement was only amplified once the diva duo tapped Missy Elliott to direct the tune’s high octane music video (seen above).

In the short time since, ‘Twerkulator’ has racked up the equivalence of 500,000 in U.S.-based sales – a measure met with a Gold award from the RIAA on Monday (October 18).

Having peaked at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the height of its popularity, the song stands as one of the highest charting hits of their careers to date.

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  1. Adelefan October 20, 2021

    What ? How? This song wasn’t even hot the first week it came out!! I never heard this song b4 in a club .. how long did this song charted on BB100 ??

    • True Tea October 20, 2021

      It’s a sleeper hit, meaning the song wasn’t popular during it’s release but has since became a fan favorite.

      As time go on, I believe this song will become more popular than “Act Up” & “Twerk”.

      • Flowerbomb October 20, 2021

        It won’t be more popular than Act Up like ever….

      • True Tea October 20, 2021

        I believe it will be. The fact they sampled an 80’s Hip-Hop song & went GOLD shows how well that sample has aged.

  2. Clarks0oñ October 20, 2021

    Gold certification, this is what normani stans get excited about

    • True Tea October 20, 2021

      A Gold/Platinum record with little to no airplay definitely say people are seeking out the record, NOT the other way around.

      You continue to miss the plot.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 20, 2021

        This is good for city girls cause they have no hype or industry support or big name feature

        Wild side on the other hand has huge industry support, huge radio support from almost all radio formats.

        This song is being played non stop on urban radio in the middle of the night when everyone is fast asleep

        Wild side also features cardi, the biggest female rapper at the moment.

        If u have cardi on ur song, u should be doing 3x platinum after 3 months.

        Even the streams for wild side is still stuck at 44 million streams. A whole cardi feature .
        This song charted in 6 countries overseas. A whole cardi feature should atleast chart in 10-15 countries.

        U keep missing the point cause ur dumb.

      • True Tea October 20, 2021

        Again there is no evidence thus far showing a Cardi B collaboration on a R&B song guaranteeing a hit.

        On Pop/Hip-Hop/Trap…Yes.

      • Clarks0oñ October 20, 2021

        Here u go again shifting the goal post. Lol

        Here u go again blaming the rnb genre and you’re also blaming cardi for wild side flopping.
        as of cardi wasnt the main reason the song charted in the first place.

        U normani stans, u guys are delusional. Everybody says you guys are delusional.
        Its mental illness at this point. Lol

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 20, 2021

        A big name feature is supposed to get u a big hit, it doesnt matter the genre. That is the point of getting a big name feature on a song.

        An artist as hot as cardi , should be able to get u sizeable hit not only in America but overseas.

        Wild side charted in 5 countries overseas
        This is very poor.
        A song that was played on pop radio, urban radio, rnb/hip radio.
        The song cant even crack 50 million streams.

        This song was performed on the vma stage also.

        U can twist and turn and move the goal post all u like but the facts are there. And u will deal with it

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        “A big name feature is supposed to get you a hit”

        Not TRUE! Brent Fiyaz recently collobrated with Drake & his single performed even worse than Wild Side.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “Brent Fiyaz”

        Who is Brent fiyaz?

        Does he have the hype or industry support normani has?
        Did pop radio, urban radio and rnb/hiphop radio play his song non stop?

        Was him and drake naked in the music video of the song, caressing each other?

        Did he perform the song at the VMAs?

        Did his song have playlisting on big spotify playlists like wild side?

        Did drake promote the song non stop the same way cardi promoted wild side?

        Did the song go viral on tiktok just like wild side?

        Normani stans, u guys are sick in the head. Lol

        U thought u did something. Lol

        This song with drake doesn’t even have a music video but is charted in 4 countries overseas, 1 country shy of what wild side charted

        As I said, u are delusional. U are sick in the head. This is how all normani stans are. U can present them with every evidence but they will never agree.

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        The fact you’re asking who is Brent Faiyaz after a collaboration with Drake defeats ur own argument.

        You stated a big name should give you a hit but apparently that is FASLE since you dunno who Brent Faiyaz is.

        In another thread you stated Camila made Young Thug “famous” during a time he was virtually unknown, as in having no hype.

        Funny how Young Thug still became “famous” with no hype. So ur going to argue Camila has more clout than Drake??

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “The fact you’re asking who is Brent Faiyaz ”

        He has no name recognition like normani, neither does he have the same amount of industry support or hype normani has.

        A big name collaboration is supposed to give u a hit. Lizzo feat. Cardi on rumours that was released some few weeks after wild side

        Charted 13 countries overseas
        60 million streams


        “In another thread you stated Camila made Young Thug “famous”

        I never said that.
        Now u have to tell lies cause u have nothing to back up ur argument. 😂😂

        Normani stans=mentally sick people

        “So ur going to argue Camila has more clout than Drake??”

        What does this mean? Lol
        Mentall illness.

        Ur beating around the Bush, shifting the goal post, making excuses, blaming everyone, making up lies and all for what? Ur still wrong.lol

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        Lizzo songs are NOT R&B. You only PROVE my point by naming Hip-Hop/Pop/Trap records. I’ve already stated a Cardi collaboration work on those type of records.

        And I will continue to state this fact until proven otherwise.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “Lizzo songs are NOT R&B”

        Lizzo’s rumours is funk with a rap verse from cardi.
        Rnb (wild side) is more popular than funk especially in 2021.
        But she still outpeaked and outstreamed and charted in more countries than wild side.

        No viral dance challenge on tiktok
        No celebrity endorsements
        No vma performance


        U are never gonna agree are u? 😂
        Ur a loser. Lol
        This is mental illness

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        “Lizzo songs are NOT R&B.”

        Rumours is a funk song with a cardi verse.

        Funk is even less popular than rnb especially in 2021.
        But rumours out charted, outpeaked, outstreamed and charted in more countries overseas than wild side

        No viral tiktok dance challenge
        No vma performance
        No industry support

        U keep painting ur self in a corner cause u just cant admit it. Lol

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        Lizzo is POP hence why her music doesn’t get much play on Urban radio.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        No, lizzo does everything from rap, to rnb,to pop, to funk, to soul

        Rumours was a funk song which is more niche than rnb wild side.
        U keep trying and u keep failing, are u not tired? Lol

    • True Tea October 21, 2021

      Labeling Camila a “Superstar” simply because Havana went Diamond is moving the goal post & a much better example of mental Illness.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        U pretending as of Havana is her only hit, is mental illness.

        Her stats are there.
        My girl is has also broken records

        Havana- first female lead song to hit 1 billion streams on spotify

        Senorita- most streamed song of 2020

        Her debut album- number 1 on iTunes in 109 countries

        Youngest artist to be number 1 on billboard hot 100, hot 200 and artists 100 simultaneously.

        Sounds like a superstar to me.
        I cant even mention all her records cause it’s just too much and she has only 2 albums.

        U are sick in the head. I pity you. Its mental illness.

        I have presented u with facts when it comes to Camila sales and chart records , and I didnt even mention her sales in overseas countries, europe, asian, India and latin americas.


      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        So you’re going to argue Camila is a Superstar? You’re saying she has brought Innovation to Pop Music or has made a bigger impact than someone like Rihanna?

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        Comparing Camila to Rihanna? U are dumb

        Camila has impact

        Havana was a cultural reset.
        Senorita was a cultural reset.

        I can’t start listing the achievements of these songs cause they are too damn many.
        Stats dont lie.
        Her impact is global.

        She is one of the reasons spotify is what it is today.

        Every girl want their Havana moment

        Jesy Nelson
        Karol g
        They all want what Camila has. That is IMPACT.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        Chloe bailey
        Halle bailey
        Madison beer

        They all want their Havana moment.

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        She’s replaceable in absolutely everything from looks to singing, dancing, writing, acting, etc.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        Who’s gonna replace Camila?
        Olivia rodrigo?

        Normani is the one that’s about to get replaced by chloe bailey.

        Have mercy peaked higher than motivation.

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        It’s not about taken her spot, she simply follows a formula & nothing more.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        What formula does she follow?

    • True Tea October 21, 2021

      Lizzo’s Music is POP. Funk Artists are actual Musicians. Does Lizzo have a band? You clearly don’t know anything about Funk Music. Rumors is NOT R&B & has Lizzo rappin’ thus Hip-Hop.

      My argument continue to stand until proven otherwise.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “Funk Artists are actual Musicians.”

        Damn, u are really dumb.
        Yes lizzo is not a real musician. Smha

        Just because she did 1 song that is in the funk genre doesnt make her a funk artist.

        Maren morris did 1 EDM dance song , so does that make her an EDM artist?

        As I said earlier, lizzo dabbles in all sorts of genre.

        This particular song rumours is funk music.

        “Does Lizzo have a band? 

        Dummy, u dont need to have a band to be a funk singer
        Tenna marri was a funk singer with NO band. She was solo.

        U are really dumb and ur so proud of it.

        “Rumors is NOT R&B & has Lizzo rappin’ thus Hip-Hop.”
        “Lizzo’s Music is POP.”

        Just look at you, contradicting urself
        Ur a dumb dumb

        Have u even heard rumours? u called what lizzo was doing on this song rapping? hiphop?

        U are dumb.
        Look at how u have detailed the topic just cause u dont wanna admit wild side is a flop.
        Even cardi couldn’t help her

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        How am I contradicting myself by pointing out various musical elements used in “Rumors”?

        Did you not say Lizzo dabbles in different genres? Therefore I can say her song is also Hip-Hop.

        You on the other hand cannot say you have retuted arguments. You cannot say whether ur Fav will enjoy a lengthy career. Her glory days may very well be behind her hence you living more so in the past oppose to the NOW.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “How am I contradicting myself by pointing out various musical elements used in “Rumors”?”

        U literally said lizzo was rapping on rumours.

        Rumours is a funk song
        It has elements of hiphop because of cardi’s rap verse

        The arguement of u saying wild side flopped because its rnb is silly and dumb.

        Giveon, sza all had solo rnb songs that did well. No hype, no industry support, no nudity in their videos.

        Camila is in her 3rd era.
        Normani cant even kickstarter her first era.
        RCA records have tried on 4 separate occasions to launch this boring girl into superstardom but all 4 occasions have been failures.

        She said she was releasing her album this year , but she cant anymore cause wild side is a flop. Its backs to the drawing board AGAIN for normani.

        RCA records will likely drop her next year.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        “Did you not say Lizzo dabbles in different genres? Therefore I can say her song is also Hip-Hop.”

        Also u

        “Lizzo’s Music is POP”

        Ur just proving me right.
        I did say lizzo’s does different many genres
        So u just repeating what I said and agreeing with me

        Ur dumb. Lol

        The description for rumours is funk and hiphop (because of cardi’s rap verse)

        Lizzo didnt rap on this song unless u dony know what rap music is or hiphop music is

        Now back to normani,
        This girl has collaborated with every big name in the industry from ariana, nicki, megan, cardi, Calvin Harris, 21 savage but still she hasnt happened.

        Several magazine covers, still nobody knows her outside Twitter

        Big award show performances, but still her streams are more mediocre than an indie artist

        If all this opportunities was given to another black chic , that girl would have blown up long time ago.

        Normani is not a star.
        She is an imposter.
        She looks like a fake manufactured celebrity.

        And that’s why nobody connects to her music.

        Wild side has been used more than 2 million times on tiktok but nobody bothers to ho to spotify to stream it.

    • True Tea October 21, 2021

      Where did I label Lizzo a Funk artist? Incorporating elements of Funk into her music doesn’t make her song a Funk song.

      Teena Marie’s vocal style is R&B & she recorded Disco/R&B Music. Yes you need an actual band if you’re creating Funk Music.

      You have NOT refuted anything I’ve stated.

      • Clarks0oñ October 21, 2021

        You have NOT refuted anything I’ve stated.”

        Nah, I have refuted ur claims.
        Ur just dumb but u cant see it.

        “Rumors is NOT R&B & has Lizzo rappin’ thus Hip-Hop.”

        Look at what ur saying?
        Nah ur not stable at all.

        Wild side is flop, it has nothing to do with rnb genre and cardi couldn’t help her.

        That album she said she was gonna release this year is not coming anymore.

        U want the last word, so I will give it to u. Lol

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        U dont need a band to be funk musician artist.

        I have given u a clear a example. Tenna mari

        Just say the only funk artists u know are earth wind and fire.

        U are a normani stan, so u are not well on the head.

        You’ve done nothing, but beat around the Bush, shift the goal post, lie against me, tried to change the top, blame everyone on normani flopping etc.

        I dont need to refute any argument.
        U are just dumb and u dont know anything about music.

        Normani is going to happen.
        U can push all sorts of lies and conspiracy theories, and blame everyone on why she cant happen but she will NEVER happen.

        Camila on the other will continue to enjoy her successful solo career.
        U losers have been saying shes over ever since she left 5th harmony back in 2017 but look at her still tracking up hit after hit and breaking records and she has only 2 albums.
        These are HARD facts and u deal.

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        Your opinions are NOT facts, your examples are NOT facts. You haven’t refuted none of my arguments whatsoever.

        Still no examples of any R&B songs becoming a major hits with a Cardi B collaboration. A lot of examples of artists who release Pop/Hip-Hop/Trap scoring major hits with a Cardi B tho. Even Kehlani who has worked with Cardi B doesn’t have a major hit & we know why dear.

        This is what real FACTS look like. Teena Marie as a vocalist & music is NOT an example of Funk music. It’s however an example of Disco/R&B Music.

        James Brown “Doing It To Death” is Funk boo. Chaka Khan/Rufus is a Funk Band.

        Once again you have shown no real knowledge or examples of Funk music/Musicians. You’re arguments consist of reaching, grasping for straws & outright deflection. You could never come for me especially when it comes to REAL MUSIC.

        You stan bubblegum POP artists, so that alone let’s me know who I’m dealing with here.

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021

        I state facts , back up with credible evidence
        Unlike yourself, who tells lies, shift goal post, make excuses, push blame, and go of topic, cause u dont have any facts to back up ur argument.

        U literally said lizzo was rapping on rumours.

        U are delusional.
        but u will deal.

        Wild side is a flop
        Normani is not IT no matter how much black Twitter tries to make her happen, she is none event.

        No matter the amount of sympathy, pity, victimhood, emotional manipulation etc she will not happen outside the black community. And even the black community will still dump her cause her music is dull and lacks personality.

        Camila on the hand will continue to thrive cause her music is so good. She has made an impression on people and that’s why she is still standing even after all the scandals and viral tweets and image bashing on Twitter.

        Cause good music is good music. and people will always stream good music

      • True Tea October 21, 2021

        And my argument still stands, lol

  3. Clarks0o00ñ October 20, 2021

    Camila Cabello’s new US certifications:

    Havana — DIAMOND
    Never Be The Same — 4x PLATINUM
    Real Friends — PLATINUM
    Consequences — PLATINUM
    She Loves Control — GOLD
    I Have Questions — GOLD
    Shameless — GOLD
    Senorita- 6x platinum
    I know what you dud last summer-2x platinum
    Liar- platinum
    Find you again- gold
    Crying in the club- platinum
    Know no better- gold
    Easy- gold
    Bad things-4x platinum
    My oh my- 2x platinum
    Beautiful 4x platinum
    South of the border- gold
    Mi persona favourita- gold
    Hey ma- gold

    If u girl dont have a diamond certification, pls do NOT speak to me

    • Dc October 21, 2021

      Was don’t go certified yet with all those Spotify streams you mute on that one huh ? ?????

      • Clarks0o00ñ October 21, 2021


        It’s a marathon not a race.

        Dont go yet is still going outsell wild side eventually.
        Dont go yet charted in 35 countries overseas and has 140 million streams so far. So its gonna eventually outsell wild side feat. Cardi

        this is the problem with u f******* u are dumb. 😂😂

  4. marilyn monh-O-E 👠(#1 TGJ DIVA) October 21, 2021

    The cover art is so embarrassing💅🏿 🤦‍♀️ is this some kind of ebony p o r n o.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 October 21, 2021


      • Roberta FlackSabbath October 21, 2021

        This cover is a advertisement for their new game show “Fistin’ for Dollars.”

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