Breaking: Britney Spears Finally FREE After Conservatorship is Officially TERMINATED

Published: Friday 12th Nov 2021 by Sam

In breaking news, Britney Spears‘ conservatorship has officially been terminated.

It means the singer is finally free from the legal mandate that has governed her personal and professional life for 13 years.

Full story below…

At a hearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Judge Brenda Penny wasted no time ending the conservatorship.

Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart – who has been moving at the speed of light since being hired by the star in July – began by quoting the singer’s June plea (“I just want my life back”).

He then asked all attorneys (across both sides) whether they had any objection to his petition to end the conservatorship.

There were no objections.

Judge Penny granted the request – ending the highly publicized saga. The entire hearing lasted 30 minutes.

Especially notable was the fact that the conservatorship was ended without a medical evaluation – which was the much-loved star made clear was her wish.

As for what the ruling means in the immediate?

TMZ notes that both the conservatorship of Spears’ person and the conservatorship of her estate have been ended with minor exceptions.

For, Rosengart wants the estate conservatorship to remain temporarily so as to execute the necessary documents so the assets the performer has in the conservatorship can be transferred to a trust controlled by Spears herself.


The singer was first placed in the conservatorship in 2008, following a public breakdown. Her father, Jamie Spears, was placed at the helm of the mandate and effectively exercised control of all aspects of his daughter’s life – both personally and professionally.

Since breaking her silence on her predicament, the ‘Stronger’ performer has not held back about her anger and frustration about what she alleges was a gross abuse of power by her father and members of her team.

Rosengart also did not hold back when it came to spotlighting many of the key characters in the narrative and the roles they played; roles he insists will be legally scrutinized to the fullest extent of the law.

Interestingly, in the wake of Rosengart boarding the case, the broadcasting of several investigative documentaries, and pressure from the #FreeBritney movement, key figures in Spears’ conservatorship resigned one after the other.

Then, in a surprise turn of events, Jamie Spears himself said he wanted the conservatorship to end. However, many – including Rosengart – questioned whether it was a strategic move. Shortly after, Judge Penny granted Rosengart’s request to have Jamie removed immediately.

Today, though, brought with it the ultimate victory for Britney: freedom.

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  1. LINO November 12, 2021

    Free at last?

  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) November 12, 2021

    Yesssss she’s gonna keep giving births in the next 10 years💅🏿 I doubt she will entering to the studio ever again. Fans, are you happy now?

    • DC November 12, 2021

      Yeah as a fan I’m pretty happy for her!
      She can have the amount of kids she wants and (as her lawyer said) Britney will perform (or record) again if she wants..
      Hater, are you bitter now?

      • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) November 13, 2021

        Yeah happy b I t c h, go listen to her greatest hits until 2030. She will be back for her farewell tour when she’s turning 60💅🏿 Or crawling back to the studio earlier whenever her boy toy dumped her

  3. FAKE SONGWRITING CREDITS November 12, 2021

    Good, now release Rebellion to spotify.

  4. Mike November 12, 2021

    Good for her.

  5. If You Ain’t Kbow November 12, 2021

    Congrats, B! Now just don’t F it up.

  6. C**-ila November 12, 2021

    Im so happy for her!
    FINALLY FREE! ❤️❤️❤️
    You go girl you can do whatever you want with your life!
    Love U ❤️

  7. Tombo November 13, 2021

    U GO GURL..

  8. Urban MILF November 13, 2021

    Glad for Brit!
    Worried about her money from the fiancé, (ex?) manager, past parasites (Adnab Ghalib + Sam Lutfi + KFed), and her reckless Sagittarian use of sudden freedom.
    I pray star wackers spare her life!

  9. DS November 13, 2021

    Congratulations To Her
    Its about Time

  10. Detruth November 13, 2021

    She’s the only white person to live 13 years a s**** 🤣 congrats Brit

    • Detruth November 13, 2021

      *salve put the L before the A and you’ll know what I’m spelling lol

  11. What would Whitney do November 13, 2021

    Well give me a sign, hit baby one more time.

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) November 13, 2021

      And I will always love crack…… iiiiiiiiiiiii will love crack💅🏿 I wanna get high with somebody, I wanna snore that cocaine with somebody💅🏿

      • What would Whitney do November 13, 2021

        Then go to rehab, crack w****..stay off TGJ ..hit me baby one more time

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