Britney Spears Addresses Sister Jamie Lynn Again: “It’s So Tacky for a Family to Fight Like This”

Published: Saturday 15th Jan 2022 by Sam

Britney Spears has once again taken to social media to address her sister Jamie Lynn. 

As reported, the siblings have been at loggerheads over remarks the youngest of the Spears clan wrote about the performer in her new book, ‘Things I Should Have Said.’

In another address on social media made moments ago, Britney directed words at Jamie Lynn again. This time, though, the tone was…different.

See what we mean below…

While still expressing disappointment in some of Jamie Lynn’s decisions and bemoaning her own treatment at the hands of their father during her 13-year conservatorship, Britney added “all I know is that i love you unconditionally.”

The full entry read:

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  1. jacques January 15, 2022

    this wacko is clearly off her meds. this social
    media behavior is exactly why they were keeping her locked down. this is embarrassing. imagine her teenage sons’ humiliation from their friends. what was done to her was not right but i do believe some people involved were just trying to save her from herself.

    • Greg Abbott January 15, 2022

      For you to come and call Britney a Wacko and be silent on the post abt Kanye just says a lot!
      Male privilege at its finest..
      Like Azealia Banks once said if she did and said half Kanye did she’d be locked in a nuthouse for life!

      • DioraCouture January 16, 2022

        @greg abbott:

        Maybe @jaques doesn’t care about Kanye’s histrionics…just like i don’t. I had a feeling that THIS STUFF that Britnay is doing, would be exactly what would happen when she got her release from the conservatorship….

        I was really hoping she would just lay low and live her life….but she is turning into some social media presence…. EVERYTHING that she is saying to her sister she should be saying in private.


  2. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 15, 2022

    So tacky for family to fight in public, yet here she is with yet another public post airing dirty laundry directed at said family, which could (and should) just as easily have been sent privately. And _she’s_ confused?

  3. ToxicThrill January 15, 2022

    I love how when someone who has clearly been, oh…I dunno…trafficked? Abused? Imprisoned? Enslaved? Exploited? Extorted? Spied on? Blackmailed? Intimidated? Interrogated? Abused? Manipulated? FOR YEARS is freed and decides to rant about it all of a sudden “see this is why they had her locked up because she’s crazy”. Nah fam. Anybody would react like this. This isn’t lunacy – this is actually a very sane and rightfully angry woman speaking her mind and you can choke. K?

    • Navy Gravy January 15, 2022

      Exactly!!! It’s almost like people are ok-ing the cruel people that did what they did to her. Like whether she is mentally ill or not, no one deserves to be abused like that by their family. I hate that the world is full of so many sick and disgusting people.

    • chilepleassseee January 15, 2022

      oh gurl shut up. whatever you’re saying ALLEGEDLY happened to her doesn’t excuse her behavior. She’s definitely got some mental issues and her fans are delusional for thinking otherwise.

      • ToxicThrill January 15, 2022

        I didn’t say she wasn’t mentally ill. I’m mentally ill and I’m also sane and also understand when people have done me wrong. And it isn’t ALLEGEDLY, there are literal court documents on LA courts website that you can access for free which prove her claims beyond a reasonable doubt as well as corroborating testimony from a lot of people involved at this point. Maybe if you stop seeing mentally ill people as liars, things like this wouldn’t happen to us. So you shut up. How about that?

      • chilepleassseee January 15, 2022

        you being mentally ill explains a lot. go take your meds sis.

    • chilepleassseee January 15, 2022

      you being mentally ill explains a lot. go take your meds sis.

      • ToxicThrill January 15, 2022

        I actually forgot to take them earlier tbf so thank you XD. But also…we’ve all heard that one before. You do realise that, don’t you? Like…your clapbacks are weak huni. Not to mention lazy and ignorant. Being mentally ill does not take away my ability to drag you with the utmost ease. But it’s cute that you think otherwise. Britney and Mariah are mentally ill and they could probably purchase your entire existence. But again…it’s cute that you think you’re above people like me.

    • Live, love, laugh January 15, 2022

      You guys are still delusional on the fact that she had mental issues way before her parents did anything to her and it started when she was dating Kevin that’s when she went crazy. No idea what happened to her after Kevin. Maybe she was doing drugs with Lindsay and Paris and thos guys she was with at the clubs.

    • Niko Noah January 15, 2022

      Exactly! Preach ToxciThrill! I can obviously see pain and hurt in Britney’s words and the way she is writing. Do I agree this is the best way to air things? Definitely no. But I am not going to sit here and judge her for it. No one knows how hard those 13 years were. Hell I would be on my balcony screaming F U to everyone who hurt me. Haha. Never mind social media. We have to take in consideration the 13 years when britney was basically held a prisoner, that’s when social media starting booming. She didn’t have access to it. Not 100%. So its also kind of new to her. And she is fragile. Yes. For sure. I hope she does have love around her and also professional help. This is a scorned woman. Who is saying her father should be in jail. We don’t know half of what she went through. Lets drop the criticism.

  4. eric January 15, 2022

    They need to meet in private and come to some agreement.

  5. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 15, 2022

    Can’t wait to get my big saggy bre@$ts and fat rotten fanny out whilst having a good old read of Jamie Lyn’s juicy tell-all book! I think I might finger myself and squirt all over the contents of it in excitement. Yas Jamie!

  6. bravo!! January 15, 2022

    Nah, it’s tacky with all this back & forth s***. Britney, you should have had this bloody finger war years ago.

  7. George January 15, 2022

    Someone go see after Britney! Where is the fiancé to step and say slow down. This should be said privately over the phone.

    • DioraCouture January 16, 2022

      i’ve thought about where is the fiancee as well…. welp, he’s, you know, waiting for s*** to reach a boiling point and then be able to take over…i’m sure he’s laying low trying to low key get marrie ASAP to execute his move.

      And i’m sure he’s being very much the YES MAN she wants him to be…’cause if he goes against what she wants he’d run the risk of getting the boot….

      Britney shouldn’t need for (anyone) to point out to her that this behaviour is foolish.

  8. True Tea January 15, 2022

    Tacky? How about Ghetto AF. I’m a need for Mona Scott to give them a show on VH1.

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 15, 2022

      Ghetto like your ashy self.

      • True Tea January 16, 2022

        Your mom is a ghetto gagger. So you know all about ghetto dear. You are a product of it…

  9. Azealia Stanks January 16, 2022


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