Madonna Eyes Stadium Tour with Britney Spears: “We Could Reenact The Kiss”

Published: Wednesday 26th Jan 2022 by Sam

Madonna is looking to hit the road on a mammoth tour and she’s hoping to do so with Britney Spears.

Full story below…

The Queen of Pop made the revelation during a live fan chat tonight (January 26).

When quizzed about her live plans, Madge – who recently premiered her ‘Madame X Tour’ on Paramount+ – stressed that she “hell yeah” wants to embark on another trek.

Much to the surprise of viewers, the 63-year-old expended saying she wanted to do a stadium run with Spears and added that they could “reenact the original kiss.” Of course, in reference to their now infamous on-stage smooch at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Check out the clip:

As reported, Spears recently secured her emancipation from the conservatorship that governed her personal and professional life.

It’s not yet known what her definitive plans are professionally. However, the ‘Slave 4 U’ singer has made headlines more so in relation to her fallout with her family.

 Spears and Madge have decades of positive history and even collaborated on 2003’s ‘Me Against The Music.’

Would you want to see the ladies out on tour?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Flopyonce January 26, 2022

    No one wants to see an old hag and an old braindead psycho kissing on tour. Can Flopney even dance anymore?

  2. Amras January 26, 2022

    Madonna is clearly living in the past. She buried her legacy after that ESC performance.

  3. God Damn Pigs January 26, 2022

    Ewwww woman! You are too old for this s***! Maybe you can tongue kiss with your itsy bitsy doggies.

  4. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 26, 2022

    Would love to two grannies kissing. Imagine they both snowballing Sam’s hot load💅🏾 Yea, that’s hot!

  5. Monica Stan January 26, 2022

    Nobody wants to see this. Madonna look like her breath stink anyway and Braindeadney don’t even know what day of the week it is 💀

    • Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) January 26, 2022

      You Mean Nobody Wants To See Monica 💀

      • Monica Stan January 26, 2022

        I said what I said b*****. Keep crying about your delayed EBT benefits clown ass hooeeeee🤡

    • God Damn Pigs January 26, 2022

      Monigga is a piece of ghetto trash so does her stan. Lol how’s the crowdfunding campaign for trenches?

      • Monica Stan January 26, 2022

        I dunno who my biggest fan is between you, blkdoodoo💩, Shawn aka Shayla or Marvin aka Marilyn. I know one thing you püssyyyy asss hoeesssssss is pressed and bothered. My presence intimidates you fāgz and Monica OWNS your ate up minds💋

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 26, 2022

        @Flop Stan

        Yet you bring up my name on every post of every day! SCREAMING 🤣

      • Blkdiamond January 26, 2022

        Me a fan of you? You must be dumb. I enjoy dragging you into the trenches and bringing you back to reality. Monigga is a ghetto ass has been. The sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.

  6. Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) January 26, 2022

    Madonna doesn’t need to tour again after that Madame X disaster

  7. Tim January 26, 2022

    Flopney can only twirl. No thank you.

  8. Ugh January 26, 2022


  9. HitsOnMusic January 26, 2022

    This would be Iconic
    Like a Janet and Beyonce Tour

  10. True Tea January 26, 2022

    Kayne, Madonna…No one cares about the s/e/x tape OR lesbian kiss in 2022. Focus strictly on the music because ur images is 🗑️ right now.

  11. Ororo January 27, 2022

    I would love to see baldney on stage

  12. HBF82 January 27, 2022

    The tour would make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Neither can dance, sing or perform anymore.

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