Tik Tok Rocked By New Racist Viral Video #LaceyMayJones

Published: Monday 20th Apr 2020 by David

A Tik Tok user named Lacey May Jones is under siege after she used the platform to launch a horrific attack on the black community.

There are now calls for the platform, and law enforcement, to step in to combat racism on the platform. Full story below…

In a message directed at a young black girl she was feuding with, Lacey (who is believed to be a student at Oxted School in Surrey, England) made several racist and slavery-based remarks designed to disrespect and enrage the black community.

The video has been streamed over 1 million times worldwide since it was uploaded.

Watch below…

The horrific visual arrived shortly after another racist teen was expelled from their high school after uploading a video targeting African-Americans.

Read that report here.

Oxted is yet to respond to the surfacing of the upsetting video, or condemn its student’s actions.

Unfortunately, the young girl targeted in May’s video is just one of many people of colour who have been subjected to racial abuse on social media platforms.

The clip below was allegedly prised from an account ran by social media user @bellamarwood.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER April 20, 2020

    TGJ I get that because of this worldwide Quarantine news is scares however this is not what we come on this site for. We ce for entertainment news please keep it that way.

    • PettySpaghetti April 20, 2020

      It’s not what YOU come here for (ironic seeing as your name is DC3…an African American girl group ?)

      • DC3 FOREVER April 20, 2020

        Yup and it is African American and I am here to sweep up all the white trash.

    • Andrew dc3 is lyfe April 20, 2020


    • eric April 20, 2020

      Soft news articles fit within the site’s desciption of being “an internationally established source for Urban news, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews, reviews and much more.” The message threads are always horrible, but the site is informative.

  2. Drinkmybussyjuice April 20, 2020

    But yet yall still support camilla

    • Bogus April 20, 2020

      That’s what I’m saying..they allow Clarkson to call people out of their name and wish death on people over Camila then act like they care about racism.

    • Only Facts April 20, 2020


      • Only Facts April 20, 2020

        Lord. Now Camilas one rabid fan is accusing Queen Bey of being a racist and wearing black face. I cannot and that idiots delusions of grandeur. Hopefully he/she/it starts to eat it’s pills so it can function as a normal person in society.

      • I Luv It When U Call Me Señorita April 20, 2020

        U should change your username to onlydelusion
        U don’t make any sense at all

    • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

      We do any problem?
      A hater.

      Billboard Hot 100: #12(+1) My Oh My, @Camila_Cabello Feat. @DaBabyDaBaby [19 weeks]. *new peak*

      Cry about it.

      Did u see the way the idiot singled out Camila?
      Accusing Camila of being racist when she’s not is not gonna make flopmani successful. this smear campaign you guys are running against her is not going to do shìt on her career or image.

      Her performance on that live concert received acclaim and praise. People have started stanning her again. She will alway win cause god knows what in the hearts of people. While normani will continue to flop and delay her non existent album.

      But u guys also support dua lipa who sang the N word confidently. Unlike Camila who was a teenager, dua was a full grown matured girl singing nìgga in a song.

      Camila has apologized twice and she has shown growth and is making amends towards the black community. Donating heavily to charity that feed black children . What has dua lipa done for the black community apart from steal our culture, disco music and repackage it, and acting like she invented something new.

      But you guys support post malone who sings the N word confidently.

      Justin bieber also

      Normani is also racist towards Asian people. But you still stan her. She mocked Asian people in a video, and she has refused to apologise.

      Ariana literally pretends to be a black woman, painting her white face black and stealing black culture. But nobody says shìt

      Summer walker racists towards Asian people .

      Doja cat is the queen of homophobia but yall pretend u dont see it.

      Nicki minaj has said the word fàggot in her song but you still stan her.

      Keep the same energy rat

      • I Luv It When U Call Me Señorita April 20, 2020

        Congratulations Miss Camila!!! Well Desserved!!! Eleganzo!!!

      • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

        Let’s not forget beyonce who did black face back in 2011
        She was paying tribute to an African legendary music fela and she did black face

        Can u imagine?
        His son disapproved of the picture.

        I.dont see nobody talking about this .

        Let’s not forget beyonce’s homophobic statement when she was asked about the britney spears madonna kiss at the vma’s. Lol
        But u fàggots still stan her.

        Let’s not forget sza being very homophobic back in 2011.
        She complained about the amount of gay men in Atlanta. she hasnt apologized for her statement.
        I dont see u fàags cancelling her.

        Also katy Perry who sèxually assaulted an underage shawn Mendes on the redcarpet.
        She grabbed his bùtt on the redcarpet without his permission in front of people and cameras. Image if it was a man that did this to an underage girl

        Let’s not forget miss Solange, who brutalized her brother in law in an elevator. You guys hyped her and stanned her harder cause she was beating jay z. Lol
        Image if the tables were turned

        Instead its only Camila the single out because she posted funny racist meme when she was a teenager.
        Camila this, Camila that.
        Cry about it

        cancel Camila all u like but that would make flopmani successful.

      • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

        When u give them receipts, they keep quiet.

        They are silent , crickets, just like when normani points her mic to the crowd to sing along.

        Dua lipa was singing nìgga back in 2014 , but u black faaggots still stan her.
        Make that make sense.

      • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

        I just remember this one

        Ariana grande was a 20 year old adult and she was caught on camera licking pastries (doughnuts) ,rubbing her saliva on food that was meant to be sold to the public

        This bìtch literally put people’s health at risk
        What if she had a disease, that’s how she would have spread it to innocent people.
        This is how epidemic start.
        Imagine if this bìtch had c***** virus or something, .

        But you rats still stan her
        Ariana was not arrested because of her white privilege.

        But u fàggots still stan this girl .

        Make that.make sense.

      • Bogus April 20, 2020

        Silent because any argument that defends racism by “trying” to show other examples of racism to make it ok are null and void. As i said you are a pathetic rag who wished death on people multiple times on this site for not groveling and obsessing over Camila like you. All this fake mess you made up about people to defend Camila being a racist

      • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

        U don’t have a comeback . Lol

        I have called out ur hypocrisy, now u mad.

        This is to show you that there is an agenda against Camila, cause it’s only Camila they single out when talking about racism even tho their faves (normani, ariana, dua lipa, post malone, summer walker, ) are all racist.
        Many of them like normani have refused to apologise for their racist actions unlike Camila who has apologized and is trying to make amends.

        They believe by calling Camila a racist people would stop supporting Camila and automatically start supporting that backup dancer called flopmani.

        Any tongue that goes against Camila will fall in the name of jesus, can I get an amen up in here, AMEN!!!!!
        Now stream my oh my let’s give the queen her 5th top 10 hit.

        The haters are going to cry.

        Camila’s performance on the live concert received acclaim from critics and everybody. the public is falling in love with her again.
        While normani is being forgotten by the public.

        U see how god works.
        God dont like dirty.
        He knows the people who are trying to change and make amends from their bad past and he knows the people who are pretending.

  3. Onika The R***** Whisperer April 20, 2020

    Well it’s a chinese app after all so don’t expect them to react quickly when it comes to racism.

    I’d suggest everyone to delete that app btw.

    • Bogus April 20, 2020

      You’re pathetic for that username

      • Onika The R***** Whisperer April 20, 2020

        You’re pathetic for defending a p*** enabler

    • Bogus April 20, 2020

      I didn’t defend her but you’re a childish immature slag for using that as your username when you know nothing of the cases except what you read in gossip blogs

      • Clarksooon April 20, 2020

        A nicki minaj supporter attacking Camila. Can u imagine?

        Nicki minaj sleeps in the same bed with a child molèsters, ràpist and murderer, registered sèx offender, his name is Kenneth zoo petty

        U should not talk .
        Be quiet rat

      • Bogus April 20, 2020

        Because I said we don’t know what happened in the cases except what we read you want to turn this into a Camila thing? You seriously need help. Idgaf about Camila and I’m confronting all you piece of s*** bullies and trolls on this site since Sam/TGJ won’t do it.

      • Bogus April 20, 2020

        Someone who is dangerously obsessed with Camila Cabello trying to come for someone is laughable. Glad you found a new phrase to use calling people rats lol thank you I’ll take the compliment
        Obsessed lunatic

  4. Bogus April 20, 2020

    Y’all post about racism wow. Do y’all read the comments on this site?? I know y’all do but y’all are struggling financially so you let the comments slide..

    Y’all have people calling people derogatory names and wishing death on people arguing over female pop stars and y’all wanna post about people being racist?? Look the user names
    Of your commenters shame on y’all for this hypocrisy

  5. Only Facts April 20, 2020

    Tik Tok is f*cling stupid and I can’t wait for it to go away like vine. And these young people are f*clong stupid these days. Ridiculous

    • I Luv It When U Call Me Señorita April 20, 2020

      U should change your username to onlydelusion
      U don’t make any sense at all

  6. eric April 20, 2020

    If they’re just gonna collect money and not monitor the videos and enforce strong policies, the app should go away.

  7. Tyty April 20, 2020

    Well in this article it does neglect to mention that the light skinned or mixed chick initially attacked the white girl first for dancing to a song that had lyrics dedicated to a brown skinned girl. By implying that the white girl had no right to dance to the song because of its lyrical content… then it all went downhill from there. Both girls are stupid.

    • AWTM April 21, 2020

      You also forget to mention that the white girl was being called out (nothing close to an attack) because she had on a deliberately huge amount of make up to look brown to nearly black skinned in the video while dancing to the song and referencing her fake attempt at brown skin at the exact moment the “brown skin” lyric popped up.

      In her racist reply, she even emphasized on her ability and privilege to easily wash of the “colour” and go back to being her white ass self, while the mixed girl would have to live with that type of colour for the rest of her life, followed by more racist statements, making it clear that she knew what she was doing and why the f*** she got called out!!

      Only stupid people try to balance the scales by blaming both parties in an obviously racist situation.

  8. Kevon April 21, 2020

    So what if the white girl dance to a song ..black girl had no right to shade her .. see on one hears the first bell , they always hear the second
    And I hate it when black people always want to say what ever comes from their mouth but don’t like the reply, soon u reply your racist

  9. Joseph Malone April 23, 2020

    Who cares. The batch 14.

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