Ratings: Tyler Perry’s ‘Haves & Have Nots’ Scores Major Views With Season Premiere

Published: Friday 6th Jan 2017 by Rashad

Fans of hit Tyler Perry drama, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” apparently could not wait until the new year reunited them with the OWN series.

For, upon its season premiere on Tuesday (1/3), the show not only topped competitor as the night’s #1 cable telecast for women and the #1 show on all television for African-American viewers, but was also the #1 most social show across all broadcast, cable and syndication and across all day parts.

A consistent ratings winner since its debut, tuck in below to find out just how many people tuned in to see the antics of The Cryers, The Harringtons, and co.:

Ratings = 3 million

Via official press release:

The season premiere of OWN’s hit Tyler Perry drama “The Haves and the Have Nots” (1/3/17) delivered 3 million total viewers and a 2.52 W25-54 rating.  The premiere episode was Tuesday night’s #1 cable telecast for women, the #1 show on all television for African-American viewers and was the #1 most social show across all broadcast, cable and syndication and across all dayparts.

Additionally, OWN was Tuesday night’s #1 cable network for women and the #1 network on television across all key African-American demos.

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  1. Jj January 6, 2017


  2. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? January 6, 2017

    Veronica was SHOOK! I hope she’ll eventually get Catherine back, though.

    • Credits January 6, 2017

      Nah, it’s about time that someone takes Veronica down a a couple notches. She’s been ruthless and evil for far too long on this show. And you know how long it seems, given that 10 episodes = one day.

  3. Stephy January 6, 2017

    THIS IS MY F****** SHOW! Last night had me SHOOOOOOK! Can’t wait for next Tuesday, ion even like Tuesdays …

    • Dorothy W Bullock January 6, 2017


    • Dorothy W Bullock January 6, 2017


  4. DanYiel Iman January 6, 2017

    One thing Tyler Perry will do is WRITE SOME HIT SHOWS!!

  5. Shakira Stan January 6, 2017

    Lol Veronica had it coming, I can’t at the way she treats her son .I don’t support gay, but I believe every human deserves love and believe it or not, some gay people will still go to heaven if it exists and if their deed is good. What matters is not who you are in bed with, but how much love you showed to people around you.

    • LISA LEVINE January 6, 2017

      Girl, its 2017 and you still sound stupid as Hell. People are Gay, probably at least 2 of the men you have DEEP THROATED has gay tendancies, so shut up and get over it. Fool

      • Shakira stan January 6, 2017

        You are a very stupid human being.
        People like you are the ones giving gay guys a bad name, because of how stupid nasty and vile you act.

  6. Barbara Burnette January 6, 2017

    It is one gooood show!

  7. DonnaPollack January 6, 2017

    Really good show,

  8. Debbie January 6, 2017

    Love It,Keep It Real Catherine, “The Devil Is Afraid”!!!!!
    Love You ,Tyler Perry,Marry Me,Will you,Marry Me????


  9. Vanessa January 6, 2017

    Yes it was good it just need to stay on for a full season he need to focus on what works those other shows need to be taken off not working

    • Snoop January 7, 2017

      Wait!!!! If loving you is wrong is another one of his shows that is off the charts… ?

  10. Dorothy W Bullock January 6, 2017


  11. LISA LEVINE January 6, 2017

    Girl, Jeffrey’s body is ova, love Jeffrey, but those razor bumps are horrible.

  12. Carylette Neal January 6, 2017

    Tyler Perry I Love your show I ordered cable just so I could have the OWN channel… Keep the stories comming…Love U

  13. Casual January 6, 2017

    Katherine showed hers, Veronica was shook, Wyatt’s still an a**, Oscar’s gonna get Candice to scam the presidential candidate, and Jeffrey’s still not the brightest — HAHNs is back! Love it. Jeffrey has the goods on Officer Justin and should have been told him what happened to Q, and Q’s body should have been buried at Veronica’s house by the time the police arrived at Candice’s.

  14. Caroll January 6, 2017

    Come on Tuesday….can’t wait….

  15. Delilah January 6, 2017

    Love your show can’t wait until Tuesday night

  16. Willie Bailey January 6, 2017

    Love tha shows keep’em coming with suspense.

  17. Christina Ragland January 6, 2017

    I can’t wait I love your show Tyler Perry ??

  18. Deborah January 6, 2017

    Best show ever. All episodes are great. The cast is so remarkably talented. I love this show.

  19. ms.garrison dorothy January 6, 2017

    I really enjoy your program i look forward in watching it on every Tuesday night thanks sooo much.to bad that you have some one else is in your life cause I love you so much wish you were mine(lord have mercy on me).

  20. LUCINDA January 7, 2017

    The one thing that’s not working for me, way too many commercials!!! I understand how it works, sponsors but COME ON!!!

  21. LUCINDA January 7, 2017


  22. Snoop January 7, 2017

    Tyler Perry is a special kind of man… I love this show and just to think that these episodes are versions of events that really go down in just about every neighborhood, in many families.. This show gets a 100% rating from me.

  23. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 9, 2017


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