Ezekiel Elliott Accuser Threatens To Leak Sex Tapes

Published: Wednesday 16th Aug 2017 by David

Tiffany Thompson, the woman who has accused Ezekiel Elliott of assaulting her, has been slammed by those who once defended her after it emerged that she intended to leak indecent images of the athlete if he didn’t give her $20,000.

Elliott was placed under a ban by the National Football League after it revealed it had evidence that he assaulted Thompson in 2016.

However, Ezekiel claims that this far from the truth and is now determined to reveal that Thompson is nothing more than rampant fraudster who sought to use her white privilege to destroy his career if he refused to meet her outrageous demands.

‘Yahoo‘ breaks it down…

Exhibits accompanying the NFL’s report also included an exchange between Thompson and her friend, which took place on Sept. 21, 2016. The exchange was obtained by the NFL via a forensic sweep of Thompson’s phone, which was provided to investigators. The exact exchange was noted as Exhibit 74 in the NFL’s appendix accompanying the 160-page report. It is as follows:

[Thompson]: What if I sold mine and Ezekiel’s sex videos

[Friend]: We’d all be millionaires

[Friend]: We could black mail him w that

[Thompson]: I want to bro

[Friend]: Let’s do it

[Thompson]: Scared

[Friend]: Shit

[Friend]: Id be like look give me 10k or I’ll just sell our sex videos for the same amount flat

[Friend]: Me and my friends tryna go on vacation and get boob jobs

(the report notes a pair of blank texts)

[Thompson]: 10k Bitch I want 20k

[Thompson]: Go big or go home

[Friend]: That’s fine too

The NFL’s report also stated that Thompson admitted registering an email address titled “ezekielelliott sex vids” in August 2016.


The uncovering of her texts also exposed Thompson’s sinister racially-motivated intentions.

What they were?

Find out here.

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  1. I’d watch ? August 16, 2017

    Yassss Bish Do IT!!!!!

    • Lindsay August 16, 2017

      You’d be ok with watching a video like that released against the person’s will. You’re disgusting. You need to realise that that stuff is really not cool. Having a video you didn’t want to be leaked put out there ruins lives.

      • I’d watch ? August 16, 2017

        Lol ok.

      • EBookbook August 16, 2017

        It wasnt made to see what he could improve at. he wanted somebody to see it.

    • Mytune August 16, 2017

      Umm this is typical of the white s**** who run up screwing black athletes, nothing new or surprising here! SMH at all the Dumb athlete screwing these disease infested cooches… YUCK. He deserves everything he is getting and she deserves nothing!

  2. Caleb August 16, 2017

    This woman is the definition of a gold-digger and a snake.

    • Fancy BISH August 16, 2017

      Absolutely lol

  3. ??? August 16, 2017

    still think he’s a bottom lmao.

    • Caleb August 16, 2017

      U wish.

  4. Ciah’s Turtle August 16, 2017

    yes leak them.. it’s only gonna make him more desirable and make her look like a whor3

  5. MyManLovesMe #Brina August 16, 2017

    oh im ready

  6. Jeans August 16, 2017

    Now this is one s** tape I would love to see. ?

  7. KD August 16, 2017

    LEAK IT…lol

  8. YeahISaidIt..FuckATidal August 16, 2017

    Celebs Like Chris Brown, Miguel, MiMi, Kim K, Rihanna Paris Hilton, Etc. Had Those Things Leaked In The Past, Yet, They Still Have A Career. Hell, Twitter & Tumblr Are Flooded With Nudes & Videos From Our Society. These S** Tapes & Nude Pictures Nowadays Are The New Norm.

    • Lady August 16, 2017

      The new norm for singers and entertainers who double as escorts. True tea.

  9. Jamal August 16, 2017

    He clearly doesn’t want anyone to see which is why the gf knew he’d paid 20k to make sure that didn’t happen. Some people have class and real reputations to protect and so DONT want their nudes online for the world to see. Using celebs whose nudes are online as examples of how little nudes can do to hurt a career is silly because working in entertainment isn’t the same as working a job where you have to be taken seriously as a PROFESSIONAL. My good friend had nudes he sent to his gf stolen and uploaded. He was fired because they circulated around our town and got to his boss. He had to sit and explain to his entire family why images of him were on the net for all to see. These things are no joke and it’s important to remember that it’s called your private life for a reason.

    • Jeans August 16, 2017

      Right! Just don’t make a s** tape or send nude selfies period. People like to throw them back in yo face when you make them mad or y’all end the relationship. Petty!

  10. Coolio August 16, 2017

    Really? Why do people make s** tapes of themselves and then get mad when the s*** could possibly be leaked?
    If your a celeb dont do it.
    But all the men that mess with these white h*** wil always get this treatment. Now they want his money and his career.
    Shouldve stayed with your kind boy.

  11. Thando August 17, 2017

    I’m going to lie, I want to see that biblical booty gigging those White guts out. I want to see it for MY fantasies to be spiced up a bit. It is long, is it short, how is it cut…the tape I mean.

    • ThatMessJuice.Flop August 17, 2017

      The tape you mean? Ha tholukuthi u r lying ???

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