‘Black Panther’ To Exceed Box Office Expectations With Huge Debut

Published: Tuesday 13th Feb 2018 by David

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ is on course to exceeding expectations at the box office!

Fantastic news below…

Movie insiders predicted the movie to open with $125 million a few weeks ago but have now revealed that the hype surrounding the project will see it soar north of $165 million.

The director Ryan Coogler was given $200 million to build the release and kicked off principle photography in the January of 2017.

Today, just over a year later, he’s set to watch the impactful project recoup its budget within a matter of days.

‘The Hollywood Reporter’ adds…

Black Panther could potentially notch one of the top five or six domestic openings ever for a superhero film, not accounting for inflation. Of course, tracking often misses the mark. Either way, the pic appears headed for greatness in North America.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme February 13, 2018

    These are great days to be black and talented. I happy to see the bar raise for black craft. We need this same kinda revolution in the music industry.

    • Tori February 13, 2018

      You know people actually got up and went out you buy tickets to this movie right…and not stream it?

  2. Truth Dot Com February 13, 2018

    Love it!!!!

  3. IG : mixedboy February 13, 2018

    Black excellence ?✊?

  4. JOHNVIDAL February 13, 2018

    It´s a Wonder Woman type of case.

    • Jasmine February 13, 2018

      No it is about black excellence, something you know nothing about Uncle Tom.

      • Nene Leakes February 14, 2018

        What Johnvidal meant by “Wonder Woman case” is that studio executives, as per usual, always down play the minority’s (blacks, gays, women) because they think that movie goers aren’t interested in seeing movies of those categories. And despite being constantly proved wrong (Girls Trip, Get Out, Moonlight, Wonder Woman etc.) studios still think that a white male leading the cast is the only way to sell or make movies. Gabriel Union even said as much in a recent interview. So the Uncle Tom comment was not necessary.

      • Jasmine February 14, 2018

        Nene everything I said is certainly applicable. This is about black excellence. Period. This is not about white women so save that for a post on white women (there are numerous posts about them on here). The Uncle Tom comment is necessary because JOHNVIDAL has an agenda on here. All of his comments are Uncle Tom. No reason for you to insert yourself here when you obviously do not know JOHNVIDAL’s agenda!

    • JOHNVIDAL February 14, 2018

      Nene Leakes
      Yep exactly. We are talking about box office numbers in this post. And what is probably going on. That´s the paralelism. As usual, jasmine fails to leave her ego and ignorance behind and always has something to say. Anything minus grabbing a book.

      My agenda? Ok seriously now stop it ok? It´s enough.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 14, 2018

        If anything levae me out of YOUR agenda. I´m not interested in Americans obsession with black vs white on EVERY topic. Just not here for it. Here for equality and minorities winning? Yes. Here for your obsession? No. It´s funny that you are always so outraged with this particular topic (I don´t know why when it comes to ME) but show a complete disdain for any other social issue in the pfucking planet. Just check your self before “correcting” people.

      • Jasmine February 14, 2018

        JOHNVIDAL That is because African Americans have been OPPRESSED more than any other race or minority group. As a woman of color, I understand, empathize, and sympathize with the plight and low socioeconomic status of African Americans historically and currently. When you purposefully try to push other minority groups such as white woman or gays as having the same oppression as black people that means you have an agenda and you are trying to marginalize the oppression of black people. You keep saying I need to “read a book.” Girl I have written a few books and it seems like you are the one who needs to “read books” instead of pushing your agenda (purposefully or unintentionally) because you can no longer use the excuse you are naive since I educated you.

      • Nene Leakes February 14, 2018

        “That is because African Americans have been OPPRESSED more than any other race or minority group”

        Well what about the Native American who are an endangered race? The Aztecs and The Incans?
        Black Americans are not the only race to suffer.

        But again this post was about box office numbers and how studio always undermine the underdog. But whatever you’re entitled to your comment.

    • Phantom February 23, 2018

      @Johnvidal it’s interesting how Jasmine’s do says no cyber bullying and ironically she is cyber bullying you… SMH … I understand your point about equality amongst all and respect it.

  5. Bam February 13, 2018

    It is important that all these same people rushing to see this also go see both “wrinkle in time” next month and the animated Spider-Man movie about Miles Morales late this year. Hollywood is reluctant to put people of color in leading roles for blockbusters (movies costing north of 100mill) but that could all change if these movies and future blockbusters starring black people make lots of money. It’s good that this is projected to make a lot but it means nothing if we don’t support these other big budget films starring black people.

  6. Brent Christopher February 13, 2018

    PAY ATTENTION — white media keeps increasing these expectancy numbers so that they can print headlines stating, “PANTHER FAILED TO MEET HIGH EXPECTATIONS” if the numbers fall below $125M – $165M.

    I want the film to do BIG NUMBERS and can tell that the anticipation is higher than normal for a black film, but I also know how the white American press operates. Build up to quickly Tear down. it’s a TRAP.

    • Bounce Back February 13, 2018

      The only TRAP you are falling into is a “Victim” mindset.
      A plague facing the black community for longer than racism…

      STOP teaching your children that the world hates them!
      STOP teaching your children that the world owes them!
      STOP teaching your children that the world is against them!

      This “victim” mindset causes OUR children to LIMIT themselves!

      Why would they work hard or set high goals, if they think
      “The World” won’t or doesn’t want them to win…..

      Teach OUR children that they can achieve ANYTHING and watch them soar!

      • Brent Christopher February 13, 2018

        that is a bunch of crap & you know it.

        I cannot stand mindless, Rose pedal frame type, out of touch citizens like YOU.

        YOU are the problem with our community.
        never wanting to expose our children to the realities of the world. that’s a large part of the reason why blacks are so behind economically, politically & socially alike.

        YOUR mindset is backwards and filled with disillusion.

      • Brent Christopher February 13, 2018

        *rose petal frame

      • Its me Gowrl February 14, 2018

        @bounce back girl stfu u sound so stupid! Uncle Tom ass negro!

  7. Olusheyi February 13, 2018

    I’m going to see it on Thursday night at the midnight show

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