‘Killer Curves’: K. Michelle Stars In Shocking New Movie

Published: Thursday 26th Jul 2018 by David

K. Michelle‘s efforts to emulate Nicki Minaj‘s eye-catching physique saw her put her life in grave danger and now, after having her implants removed, has joined the fight to warn people of the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

Backing her? LaLa Anthony and her new movie…‘Killer Curves.’

Trailer below…

The documentary will air on BET (August 8th) and seeks to explore the dark and often dangerous situations many men and women find themselves in when seeking ways to alter their bodies surgically.

One of the stories that inspired its conception?

Want more from K?

Catch her on the latest season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’!


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  1. Meme July 26, 2018

    But umm LaLa body is fake too so I’m confused. Lol

    • The Alpha July 26, 2018


  2. Jeans July 26, 2018

    Truth!! LaLa is nipped and tucked herself

  3. DC July 26, 2018

    Not a movie lol a documentary y’all act as if she’s getting an Oscar. Lol

  4. RealTalk July 26, 2018

    Lala isn’t in the same boat though? She went to a certified doctor at a real hospital. She got fat transfer to her hips and buttocks which is safe. K Michelle got illegal b*** injections at a hotel. Same with Nicki minaj at the beginning of their career. With Nicki though she had issues with her ass in the very beginning. Lumps and a distorted left hip. ( Go back and look at the behind the scenes video of 5 star chick if you don’t believe me).. Instead of her going back to the injection lady she got b*** implants and fat injections..

  5. Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) July 26, 2018

    Women and men have been doing this for decades. Bootleg and illegal plastic surgery is appealing to poor uneducated people who suffer self-esteem issues. The media is partially at fault as well because so many celebrities that are popular have had major work done and the ones who opt for minimal work like Angela Bassett are never promoted for their beauty. In my opinion, a little nip and tuck is not bad if you thoroughly research the doctor before getting it. Huge butts and b****** pull on the spinal cord so no reputable doctor would be doing those type of drastic surgeries in the first place.

    • Keeke August 1, 2018

      The problem is too many black women are seemingly trying to be like the Kardashians. Not thinking, they use certified and registered doctors that they can afford to pay for. These surgeries were never intended for “Poor” folks. Which these people are. They can afford to pay class AA doctors for surgery. You don’t see KK b*** all clumped up. If brothers don’t like you the way you are, let them keep it moving. Stop mutilating themselves.

  6. Ty July 27, 2018

    ? I’m glad Kylie Jenner as 100% real and didn’t do that sh*t

    • Ty July 27, 2018


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