Omarosa Reveals Footage Of Donald Trump Using The N-Word May Drop…This Month

Published: Thursday 4th Oct 2018 by David

Omarosa has asked the world to brace itself for the release of a video which sees Donald Trump verbally assault the African-American community with the N-Word.

Trump claims the tape doesn’t exist but has found himself haunted by reports that he was recorded using the disgusting word while taping ‘The Apprentice.

Now, O says it’s only a matter of time before the people who have been hiding the tapes release it.

Watch her shocking reveal below…

Omarosa says she has heard the tape herself  and is one of many people who says they have heard him use the word on tape and/or in person.

She also claims that, if released, the recordings will surface around the midterm elections much like his Access Hollywood tapes were unveiled before the 2016 Presidential election.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Yes October 4, 2018

    I don’t think it’s much of a far fetched assumption to suggest that every non black person in the world has pronuced the N word In their life’s at one point. I guess the whole world is racist.

    • King MBlockU October 4, 2018

      I haven’t. And guess what, even if they did it wouldn’t be the same way Trump would use it.

  2. Ka October 4, 2018

    His supporters won’t move a bit?

    • i hate whytte and blacck bitchheszz both not sht October 4, 2018

      no we dont care or believe it …..trump has employed many of you un-grateful blacks..and spiks .at his hotels and casinos never and claims

      • JET October 4, 2018

        you TRASHY idiot. You can thank the Obama years economy for what we have right now. Economies don’t change overnight with a new administration.


  3. Just_blaze October 4, 2018

    For real omarosa is a bad BiT@#h. There will never be another blk woman in an white administration like this who has so much evidence on the president ever. The fact that she has recoreded tapes means she was already prepared just in case. Well played. However this n word is isnt going to be anything but show that donald uses it which we already know he does.

  4. King MBlockU October 4, 2018

    His base are a bunch of mediocre swines who can’t handle the competition that equity will bring in society. This won’t move them as they committed to racists and racism.

    • Ghuyrsd October 4, 2018

      You are a moron, you know nothing about Trump supporters. You are just repeating b******* you heard someone else say.

      • King MBlockU October 4, 2018

        Actually no. I’m talking from experience. The white working class have been rewarded for the mediocrity by a systems (see the new deal) that gave them a leg up over minorities. They support Trump because he promises to rebuild the eroded systems they depended on.

  5. Casual October 4, 2018

    She’s just mad b/c Bob Woodward and then Brett Kavanaugh pushed out of the limelight. Nobody doubts that Trump used the n-word, and this will not make a difference either way — AND he’s not on the ballot.

    • King MBlockU October 4, 2018

      Yes he is on the ballot. He can’t pass his laws with ease of the politicians he endorses aren’t in power. Where did you go to school?

  6. i hate whytte and blacck bitchheszz both not sht October 4, 2018

    voiceovers in modern technology,.

    …..trump 4 more years……

  7. Ghuyrsd October 4, 2018

    Lol #FakeNews if there was a tape it would have been released already. People are desperate to take him down, no way they would hold on to something like this. She is a liar and is run by liberal morons.

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