Lady Gaga Makes History With First Oscar Win as ‘Shallow’ Nabs Best Original Song at Academy Awards [Video]

Published: Sunday 24th Feb 2019 by Rashad

Paws up, Little Monsters!

Mother Monster Lady Gaga took the Best Original Song category for ‘Shallow’ – the first single from the 2018 remake of the classic film, ‘Star Is Born’ (starring Bradley Cooper and Gaga).

Having already taken home the Golden Globe for the same category as well as earning Grammy nods for ‘Record of the Year,’ ‘Song of the Year,’ ‘Best Pop Duo/Group Performance,’ and Best Song Written For Visual Media (winning the latter two), the Oscar addition will come as a suitable fit on the singer’s mantle.

Curious to hear her acceptance speech?  It awaits inside:

Reports have it the win makes ‘Shallow’ the most awarded song in history and makes Lady Gaga the only artist to ever win a Golden Globe, a Grammy, a BAFTA and an Oscar in a single award season.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pops mother February 24, 2019


    • Truth February 25, 2019

      Payola works…. 🙁

      • Gotta say it February 25, 2019

        Ikr. She be over acting I knew as last year when the track was released it will an Oscar. Industry politics plan, it ain’t left to natural events to determine who wins. She knew she would win long time ago. No hate. Haha got real talent though.

      • Well…. February 25, 2019

        So gaga wants out but she wants to remain famous.. ? You can’t live in both worlds. If you are famous it is because you made a deal… if your not famous.. then you passed on the offer. That is just how it works. Because all of these celebrity types have nothing more to offer than you or I… they are just people. But when you sell your soul and honor their code then all of your egos dreams and desires are at your finger tips with compliments of the dark. If you want out… they take you out. 🙁

      • Holllywood Night Satanic Agent Exposed February 25, 2019

        Not suprised basically all is illuminati but this industry is in their hands technically. Certainly even if you are an except but if you study how satanic lodges and cults evolve, you will soon realize these celebrities usage of symbols, words and behaviors indicate that they are into some sort of satanic group.

    • Tyra B February 25, 2019

      You are 100% correct. Though these girls dont seem to be taking this subject matter all taht seriously (right now, they are young) this “devil worship” is VERY real. I do not claim to know the exact way this religion operates HOWEVER sacrifice seems to be a huge part of it….as well as raping children in rituals, drinking their blood, cannibalism, injecting Andrenochrome (the hormone excreted from a dead body) everything that is the opposite of Jesus Christ is what these lost, weak and pitiful souls succumb to….And Lady Gaga is clearly one of them….Was it worth it Gaga? You seem sick and vile to most now! No one takes you seriously. You are joke! What did the Devil do for you really? He made you famous for a minute then savaged you with DISGRACE!!! WAS IT WORTH IT??? You are so talented yet you are NOT admired. At a young age you are a wash up! …you are vapid; Evils little b*tch! You are so Broken that no one is even interested in your talent; your God Blessed talent; which you squandered…. God gave you much but you did not use it wisely….you spit in Gods face to enjoy the very temporory emrace of teh Devil. The Devil does not “LOVE” you He hates you!!! The devil is the opposite of God. So when you sell your soul: the DEVIL’s FAVORITE thing is to HATE YOU and Humiliate you!!! God gives you very little in this World yet promises you Heaven. The Devil gives EVERYTHING in this world then forces you into Hell! Gaga gave herself to demons….we will watch this once super star totally degrade into madness (Hell). she will not make good choices nor have children or a family or love in her life. She has made her choice. Gaga is going to Hell…..Like a lot of the celebrities. Gaga is truly a piece of garbage.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ February 25, 2019

        Nobody cares about your dumb conspiracy theory

  2. eric February 24, 2019

    No surprise. The song has a strong melody.

  3. Theelusive1 on IG February 24, 2019

    She is humble, talented, sang LIVE and deserves this award;

  4. Fancy BISH February 24, 2019

    She did that! ??⭐️

  5. Latinissima February 24, 2019

    She is the icon star of our generation and thats a fact! Gaga desearves it all. PAWS UP BIATCHES

  6. Lol February 24, 2019

    It’s what she deserves!!!

  7. Gurlwepa99 February 24, 2019

    Having Gaga was a perfect choice because Beyonce could never. Congrats Gaga, well deserved!!!

  8. stan February 24, 2019

    halfway to that EGOT status. yas gaga.

  9. Pedonika February 24, 2019

    Weren’t her fans so sure she would get one for her acting too? LMAO

    She also looked very ugly as usual.

    • Gurlwepa89 February 24, 2019

      Ugliness from your own inner reflection per se. Seek help, negativity is bad for the body.

    • NotoriousTruthTeller February 25, 2019

      People like you are so petty its unbelievable. People have called her ugly for years honey, years.. look what she did the past decade.. she thrived even tough half the world wanted her to fail…because she was too weird for the GP or too ugly for the straights. Did she crawl behind a screen and put people down online like you do? NO! She licked her wounds and expanded her talents – because that is what winners do, and this night is proof of that.

      So go on, call her ugly etc. It won’t make a difference to her, to me, to the people that read your disgusting comment.


      • Pedonika February 25, 2019

        Shiitga looks very ugly ?

    • Karter February 25, 2019

      Just congratulate her and go, why be so negative?! Ugly people usually search for, and find, the ugliness in others in order to make themselves more comfortable in their own ugliness. Projecting much??

      • Pedonika February 25, 2019

        So now it’s my fault she looks ugly AF? ?

  10. Beam Me Up Scotty February 24, 2019

    Grats Gaga 🙂

  11. Karter February 25, 2019

    Congratulations! She deserved this!

  12. Nata February 25, 2019


  13. move on already…. February 25, 2019

    get done with it….
    everyone knows a star is born just hype just hype compared to bohemian rhapsody… 🙁

    • Sandra February 25, 2019

      I have to agree, this version of A Star is Born was like a too long lifetime movie that wasn’t original in any of its elements, I personally found the music uninspiring also. I’m surprised that that song won so much awards at once, especially after soundtracks like The Bodyguard and the songs that featured on that.
      Congratulations I guess.

  14. Gotta say it February 25, 2019

    Ikr. She be over acting I knew as last year when the track was released it will an Oscar. Industry politics plan, it ain’t left to natural events to determine who wins. She knew she would win long time ago. No hate. Gaga got real talent though.

  15. Holllywood Night Satanic Agent Exposed February 25, 2019

    once you make a deal with the Devil ‘ thier is no turning back once a blood pact made , if you claiming to be Christian and think the lord will forgive you , you are absolutely wrong and you need to read ur bible more often

  16. Nico February 25, 2019

    Satan is controlling the music industry and Hollywood. This whole thing is so demonic. Wow its so heartbreaking to see so many celebrities selling their souls and only to enjoy fame and fortune for a short time, and for all those who follow them and listen to their music, may God have mercy on them and turn them away from this satanic music as he has done for me!! Jesus Saves!!! ?

    • Pedonika February 25, 2019

      Maybe the icon of ugly rats

  17. Debi August 11, 2019

    There is not one person that deserves the awards for the song “Shallow” better than Lady Gaga. It is shameful to think that she would even begin to steal the “Almost” song just because of the chords! Go Gaga get him!

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