Khloe Kardashian Attacks Jordyn Woods / Social Media Claws Back

Published: Friday 1st Mar 2019 by David

Khloe Kardashian has been criticised for supposedly launching a smear campaign against the 21-year-old African-American entrepreneur Jordyn Woods.

Full story below…

Without verifiable proof, an army of Khloe fans launched a digital attack on the young lady after a gossip blog accused her of seducing Khloe’s other half Tristan Thompson and luring him into bed,

The heartbroken girl was forced to defend herself so sought help from Jada Pinkett’s ‘Red Table’ platform so she could clear her name and shed light on the truth.

This enraged Khloe.



Then, after receiving a wave of tweets blasting her for attacking Woods publicly, she added…


Twittter had this to say…


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  1. gina March 1, 2019

    khloe needs to sit her moon faced man shoulders tf down. she banged tristan when he was with his last woman, now she wants to get mad cuz karma caught up to her ass. lmao girl bye.

    • i hate whytee bitchess , and blackk bitchess both not sht March 1, 2019

      thank you darling, man shoulders I was tryna figure out why some females are so husky it called man shoulders , ok got it

  2. Really March 1, 2019

    Wow so now it’s all Jordans fault? No ma’am that will not fly for me she is definitely wrong for being there but this red table talk definitely helps a few out there in the public side with her, I for one actually believe her maybe I’m gullible I don’t know but to come out against her like that and then say Tristan is the father of my child so what? Come at him as strong as you’re going to come at her … is there really a such thing as a friend out there? #random

  3. Rico March 1, 2019

    The funny thing is Khloe really thinks Tristan does no wrong!! He could have tried to seduce kris and she would blame Kris??‍♂️

  4. i hate whytee bitchess , and blackk bitchess both not sht March 1, 2019

    khloe did jordyns wig come off…?

    look at the pic you can see the lace front pealing up…around the hair line…hahaha wow…..khloe show tristan a pic of her without that glue

  5. Lynn Green March 2, 2019

    Khloe K is the dumbest woman on the planet. U got with Tristan while another woman was pregnant. U were stupid to get involved with a man that had someone pregnant. How did u sleep at night knowing another woman was pregnant broke up nor not. Ur a desperate pig. U never blamed Tristan . He don’t want u. The woman he cheats with are whey prettier than u. Leave Jordan alone and go find ur Baby Daddy. U ain’t his wife. S***

  6. Kurtz March 2, 2019

    All for ratings for the show.
    All the families are in on it
    And on Kris Jenner’s oh role
    Kris is a genius period!!!

  7. King March 2, 2019

    Lets just be logic here. Man is always in media for cheating rather than his actual celebrity/job. You’re man is a huge factor. u took him back. are we surprised? No. I believe khloe is trying to save face. Instead of pointing the blame (which is really herself tbh) she should focus on the solution. Figuring out who is at fault does not fix anything. SO many ppl waste time and energy on pointing fingers and public ridicule, instead of putting that energy into fixing the problem. The solution is the only thing that matters.

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