‘Killing Michael Jackson’ To Air On Discovery

Published: Monday 3rd Jun 2019 by David

Michael Jackson‘s death is to be placed under the microscope in a new documentary named ‘Killing Michael Jackson.’

Full story below…

Discovery purchased the rights to the documentary from the United Kingdom’s Zig Zag Productions and have revealed that it explore his death and the series of tragedies which led up to it with commentary from some of the characters who were closest to him.

This film focuses on the intriguing circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, giving audiences a fascinating insight into the final moments of the pop star’s life and the criminal process that led to the arrest and conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray.

The doc also promises to unleash never-before-seen footage from the case as well as never-before-heard stories they believe will shed even more light on the tragic matter ten years after it occurred.


It will touch down following the release of the controversial and disturbing release ‘Leaving Neverland.’

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


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  1. Tyty June 3, 2019

    Yeah is it another documentary with a biased view attempting to tarnish his name? Personally, if his family or estate are not involved I will pass. Sick of every tom d*** and harry attaching themselves to this mans legacy good or bad.

  2. Jeans June 3, 2019

    Leave Michael and Whitney alone damn! Let them Rest In Peace!

    • Maxx June 4, 2019

      Best comment. Let the dead rest.

  3. eric June 3, 2019

    Michael and Janet have spoken so much truth about the parasitic nature of the American press. It just doesn’t stop; the media is constantly looking for some piece of controversy to feed on.

    • Jasmine June 3, 2019

      The most parasitic and evil documentary made about MJ was From the UK…Martin Bashir.

  4. Keith June 3, 2019

    No bueno….just leave him alone

  5. I hate blaccck n whyte June 4, 2019

    The drug Whitney Houston took, is it off the market, why didn’t her family sue the drug company

    • I hate blaccck n whyte June 4, 2019

      Then her daughter died of same drug, it’s was not overdose,

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