‘The Lion King’ Set For Huge $200 Million US Debut / Roars Past Early Projections

Published: Saturday 20th Jul 2019 by Sam

‘The Lion King’ is doing big business at the US box office.

Uncaged yesterday (July 19th), the Jon Favreau production is making quite the roar. For it’s set to shatter a number of records.

Full story below…

Based on new tracking data, the film – which stars Donald Glover and Beyonce – is now on-course for a three-day opening of $180 million – $200 million.

Initial stats had forecasted a $150 million – $160 million premiere.

This now sees Disney’s latest live-action remake poised to deliver the highest ever July opening – besting the final Harry Potter flick ($169 million).

It’ll also be the second-highest debut of the year, topped only by ‘Avengers: End Game’ – which with its $357.1 million launch is the biggest film opening of all-time.


Suffice to say, it’s a slay out of the gate for ‘The Lion King.’

Because while some reviews haven’t been the kindest, the numbers a) don’t lie and b) point to people power. Indeed, as at writing, the film has a CinemaScore of “A” – indicating that actual theater goers are loving.

We imagine this is just the start of more wins for this box office blockbuster.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #Formulation July 20, 2019

    Slay #

    • Fancy BISH July 20, 2019

      Come through KING ??? And I’ve really been laughing at Rotten Tomatoes ? this past week! Most of the classic, iconic, rewatchable movies of the 80’s and 90’s have lower scores than the newer, snoozefest, dry movies/Oscar contenders ? Ya’ll can go watch them wack asss perfect score movies all day, I know what I’mma see when I pull up to the theater ? ? ?, and I know what I’ll watch more than once! ?

  2. Tyty July 20, 2019

    Check on Clarkson he might just get a heart attack first the The gift slaying now this? ?? congrats the film was always going to be a hit. And I am watching it.

    • SMH July 20, 2019

      A heart attack for what? beyonce didn’t have anything to do with the success this movie was already going to accomplish.

      • Tyty July 20, 2019

        Did I say she did? Are you clarkson? That guy hates everything Beyoncé related and was predicting the film will flop because of her now stfu.

      • Danny Bey July 20, 2019

        B.itch shut up bc if it flopped y’all woulda blamed her. Imbeciles

      • ??? July 20, 2019

        lmaooooo so who’s fault is it that roach’s “gift” is set to flop with only 13k sales? Lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  3. Chili July 20, 2019

    I’m a little disturbed by how much people are giving credit to Neyonce for this movie. Sorry, but this is my favorite movie as a child.

    1. I really used to like Beyoncé (I have all of her albums except for Everything is Love), but now she’s full of herself. This movie didn’t make all that money because of her, it’s nostalgia! Stop gassing her up. Beyoncé, come off of your high horse please. Lion King is not about you. People would watch Lion King without Beyoncé, sorry stating the truth.

    2. My husband is Nigerian and this tribute to Africa which she calls is her album, or adjacent Lion King soundtrack, is a joke. Sorry, but if it is, allow these singers to get their shine they deserve. Many of them make music that is much better that is being played in America. Let them shine. Don’t rob their culture.

    • Chili July 20, 2019

      I spelled Beyoncé wrong. Sorry. Not intentional.

    • Danny Bey July 20, 2019

      Your husband is Nigerian but are YOU!? That statement was so irrelevant and very “my friends are black”. Shut up. My BLOODLINE is Nigerian and I’m half Ghanian and my whole family loves the album. Speak only on things you know about.

  4. Jasmine The Real Princess July 20, 2019

    But will the gift sell more than 14k? Lmao

    • ??? July 20, 2019

      lmaoooo, nope, its flopping with only 13k lmfaooooo ? ?

  5. C July 20, 2019

    People are going to see it because The Lion King as a brand has a huge following. From the broadway play, to the original movie, to the toys – there’s just a huge fan base that will go see the movie whether the reviews are good or bad. Also it is very similar to being a cultural event like Black Panther. Happy for Disney and every associated with true film whether it is actually a good film or not. People I’ve talked to personally have said the movie is alright, it’s a one time is enough type of movie and they won’t be spending their money to see it again. Normally films do huge business when fans do repeat business.

  6. SMH July 20, 2019

    LOL its Disney, it was expected.

    But of the course that girl’s brain dead fan base probably thinks she had something to do with the already established movie franchise’s success lol.

    • Tyty July 20, 2019

      Nobody but you are saying it so using your logic you’re brain dead? When the negative reviews came through and it was looking like the film wouldn’t be a hit people were quick to assign blame to the casting of Beyoncé but now it’s a hit Beyoncé has nothing to do with it? You haters are a joke!!!!

      • The Disrespectful Poet July 20, 2019

        They hate to see it. ?

    • SMH July 20, 2019

      Lol save your lies for someone as delusional as your fan base. That’s all you roaches have been saying since it was announced that she was gonna be in the movie. Not only is the roach hive dumb, but you also have selective amnesia.

      • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 21, 2019

        But I thought you said the down fall would be Bey’s fault…
        What do you have to say for yourself now that the movies a huge success ??

  7. Lewey July 20, 2019

    People are stupid. This article did not say anything about its success being with Beyonce. And you are stupid if you think Disney did not think Beyonce would be a great marketing tool for the movie. More people talking about Beyonce in interviews about the lion king than any other person. We all know they wanted her attention to spark more interest in the movie. Beyonce is not full of herself. She is aware of herself. Something a lot of yall don’t have. She knows that her star power is huge and the attention will be on her, which is why she only did one interview and is not promoting it. She is trying to allow everyone else to get their shine.

    Whether you like it or not, if this movie flopped yall would have been like “HAHAHA Beyonce flopped”, but since it isn’t flopping, yall mad and pressed. Stay in your struggle lol.

    • Kourthney Banks July 20, 2019

      Could you post this in all caps?

    • The Disrespectful Poet July 20, 2019

      Exactly Lewey.

      People are mad at Beyoncé for doing two videos in tribute to Black People, one interview (after skipping all others), in support of the film and producing an admirable piece of work to accompany the film.

      To produce something in collaboration with Nigerian, Cameroonian and other African artists rather than merely stealing their musical stylings without credit (see Drake) seems like something to be admired. She had fourteen African artists in contrast to Kendrick’s four on the Black Panther album by the way. Let that sink in.

      How funny that her fans giving her credit somehow makes her full of herself. Disney gets what it wants without an original script, and Beyoncé provided folks with the original soundtrack they “didn’t know they needed”. To find something beautiful to hold onto with a remake that didn’t need to happen is more nuanced than we’re giving her credit for.

      Beyoncé did one interview, and she produced something that has made many African Americans weep with joy. Aside from East Africans, much of the online response too, has been rather kind.

      Most African Americans have roots in West Africa as a result of Chattel Slavery. A love letter to the ancestral home makes sense coming from her, Rihanna and many an artist of the Diaspora. The disconnect has long been one of tension. Pan Africanism, however, could be approached through a cultural exchange such as music when handled with respect. Who else did we want to make a move to do so?

      • Lewey July 20, 2019

        YES!!! ALL OF THIS!

    • IAMME July 20, 2019


  8. Manchester July 20, 2019

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  9. QueenJanet July 20, 2019

    The movie is really expected to make big on the screen just because it’s Disney. Beyonce is no special. She just jump in the wagon and join the ride. She can’t fool the people.

  10. olusheyi banjo July 20, 2019

    I saw it,it was pretty good. I would see it again with someone else. Not because of Beyonce,but because I liked the original and I fell asleep on some parts(I went to the midnight showing)

  11. Danny Bey July 20, 2019

    Notice how the articles says nothing of the success attributing to Beyoncé yet all you mad dogs are….. mentioning Beyoncé. That’s exactly what they want you to do and why the movie is getting even more buzz than it already would. Your unsubstantiated hate for this woman makes y’all look so damn stupid ?????

    • ??? July 20, 2019

      lmaooo so now you roaches are gonna cling to the movie since roach’s gift is flopping harder than #HomeFLOPPING right lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  12. JOHNVIDAL July 21, 2019

    Credit to the ORIGINAL, which is the reason of this success LOL This new thing is a blatant and blander copy, said by everybody including critics. New music is poor too. Except for the new Elton John song if anything. Congrats to the creators and musicians of the original.

  13. JOHNVIDAL July 21, 2019

    People know very little bout the industry it seems. It obviously was going to do 200M from the moment it was announced and Beauty and the Beast already did almost 200M. Lion King is the most successful of all animated films of the last 40 years adjusted to inflation. so it was obvious. But the only thing they have done is a basic copy like I said, just a cash grabber. Nothing exciting about it, except the visuals maybe. But we have seen a lot of that too the last few years too including Jungle Book. Disney just take the money and leave for the next forgettable remake please 🙂

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