Anthony Mackie and his wife have finalised a private and peaceful divorce.

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Alexandra Shipp is to star in new a movie alongside Andrew Garfield.

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Season 12 of the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ has been back for a mere matter of days and the drama is already boiling hot.

Kenya Moore is once again in the mix and it seems to have stirred foe Nene Leakes the wrong way.

Because, according to the new mother, the Leakes tried to spit on her. Yes, SPIT.

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As we reported here,  the November 1 arrival of ‘Harriet’ to movie theaters across America was greeted with controversy even before its official trailer dropped in July.

With the titular role awarded to British actress Cynthia Erivo, some voiced great disapproval at a non-ADOS (American descendant of slavery) actress winning the job.  Elsewhere, others complained about yet another film “limiting representation of Black history in film” to slavery.

And, while those plagues of controversy (and others) may have preceded the premiere of the star-studded movie (which also features Janelle Monae and Leslie Odom), the flick not only managed to earn an A+ CinemaScore from audiences but also opened to very solid figures.

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Will Smith was one of the many stars invited to celebrate the unveiling of Tyler Perry‘s iconic movie studios.

The space was built to serve the entertainment industry’s cinematic needs and is the first black-owned business of kind.

Only right then that Will celebrates his friend’s hard work by documenting his first tour of the creative zone.

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Apple TV is determined to give Netflix a run for its money with content it hopes will see it soar in the streaming arena.

One of the tools in its weapons chest is a picture named ‘The Banker’ which stars Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie.

It is based on a true story and tells the tale of two businessmen who devise a plan to help other African-Americans work around America’s racist real-estate and banking system.

What happens next will stun you.

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is back and blazing for its 12th season. And despite over a decade on-air, the Bravo smash is losing none of its scorching steam.

Already delivering on its promise of shady twists and turns, the latest instalment of the ensemble title is proving a must-see.

Want to know what Nene, Kandi, Porsha Cynthia, Eva and the returning Kenya served for the premiere episode?

That Grape Juice and Bravo have you covered, because the first episode is available to watch in FULL right here.

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As the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preps its return tonight on Bravo, one of the shows its popularity inspired may be on the brink of destruction after two of its stars seemed to tell its viewers to stop watching.

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Malaysia Pargo rose to fame when she became one of the ladies enlisted to lead the ‘Basketball Wives’ spinoff ‘Basketball Wives LA’ for VH1 in 2011.

During her time on the show, the entrepreneurial Wife‘ became a revered and respected Reality TV staple after her series eclipsed its Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada-fronted predecessor with help from Draya Michele and Jackie Christie.

Unfortunately, when O’Neal’s version of the show was cancelled because of ratings fears, a number of its Wives emigrated to Malaysia’s territory and colonised ‘LA’ by forcing Brandi Maxielle, a bold and beloved fan favourite, out of the series to make way for themselves.

The final result? A crossover series led by members of the ‘Miami’ franchise and the ‘LA’ wives who fell in line with O’Neal’s vision for the platform.

This week Pargo has responded to the criticism she is facing for the part she played in the show’s bullying and colorism horror.

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Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s colourful past.

Today, we’re honouring Baz Lurhmann‘s visual feast ‘Romeo + Juliet‘, a movie based on Shakespeare and Arthur Brooke‘s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Quindon TarverHarold Perrineau and Christina Pickles.

In it, Lurhmann offered audiences a stylised version of the story powered by a universe which, in many ways, has helped to shape Pop culture in the years following its release.

Ready to step back in time?

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Mark those calendars, because next Valentine’s Day brings with it the release of ‘The Photograph’ – starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield.

The film unpacks a multi-layered love story, one which centers on forgiveness and finding the courage to seek the truth, regardless of where it leads.

It takes its title from a mysterious photograph Mae Morton (played by Rae) finds in her deceased mother’s belongings. That discovery uniquely aligns her path with rising journalist Michael Block (Stanfield) and ignites quite the narrative.

Ahead of its February 14th arrival, check out the first look trailer for the flick (which Rae is co-producing with Will Packer) below…


Matt Barnes, one of ‘Basketball Wives: Miami‘s first stars, has claimed the show’s producers (said to be led by Shaunie O’Neal) used dubious means to force his ex-wife Gloria Govan to remain on the show….even after she requested to leave to focus on raising her family.

Gloria and her sister Laura were invited to join the series to drive ratings because the latter was accused of bedding Shaunie’s husband Shaquille O’Neal. Ostracised by the infamous Miami group, the sisters were then sent to launch the successful  ‘Basketball Wives: Los Angeles’ which would go on to be colonised by Miami’s wives after their show was cancelled by VH1.

This week, Barnes has revealed why much of the show’s success came at the expense of his marriage and his ex-wife’s happiness.

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