Ciara At 'Class of 3000' Premiere
Check out Ciara at the premiere of Andre 3000 (of Outkast) play ‘Class of 3000’ last night at Atlanta’s Alliance Theatre. Stunning.
Ciara At 'Class of 3000' PremiereCiara At 'Class of 3000' Premiere
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Rihanna & Chris Brown Record 'Love' Duet
As if the media hysteria surrounding Rihanna and Chris Brown couldn’t get anymore, it seems the couple (who recently reconciled) are feeding into it all by recording a duet to affirm their ‘love’ for each other. Check out the report via TMZ below:
TMZ now has all the details about the secret late-night recording sessions between Rihanna and Chris Brown — and they were jam-packed with emotion and serious drama, with some playful touching — seriously.
The whole thing came together when they decided to reconcile shortly after the attack. Sources tell us music producer Polow Da Don convinced both Chris and Rihanna to get in the studio and record a love song stat, stressing that timing was important because the heightened emotions would translate powerfully into the music.
Both Rihanna and Chris agreed and snuck in a couple of “late night” sessions that we’re told were “very, very emotional … the feeling in the room was pure love.” Clearly, love hurts.
As for how they got along, they were “playfully touching each other.”
We’re told the song was originally written for Rihanna before the fight, but after the beat down the producer believed the track — which ironically focuses on overcoming difficult challenges as a couple — would be the perfect duet.
As much as their respective PR teams must think putting on a ‘united front’ will redeem Chris in the court of public opinion and ease the matter, I just don’t see that happening. I retract my statement on Rihanna coming out the winner in all of this. If the reported ‘media blitz’ the two plan on doing, which also includes a stop on Oprah, turns out to be true, I see many people being even more turned off – by them both. IMO the idealist of scenarios would be for them to sit down…fall back…lay low – at least for now. The media have kinda gone overboard with it all and many a folk are sick of seeing the issue pimped.
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Jackson To Release New Single / AlbumWith thousands of fans around the world desperately trying to secure pre-sale Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ tickets as I type, it being reported that The King of Pop will be releasing a new single prior to the first show, as well as potentially an album:

Michael Jackson will reportedly release a new single and album ahead of his comeback shows in July.

The singer has written ‘hundreds’ of songs since his last LP in 2001 and plans to premiere new music before his residency at London’s O2 arena.

“There will be a new Michael Jackson single before the first date,” concert promoter Randy Phillips confirmed.

“Michael has got some new music and he is looking for a new way of disseminating his material to his fans.”

Promoters AEG suggested that the star may give away a brand new album to fans at his shows, a measure used by Prince in 2007.

The ‘This Is It’ concerts, which kick off on July 8, are expected to feature state of the art visual effects throughout the planned 90-minute shows.

“He wants to use some technical effects that have never been seen before.” {Source}

The news just keeps getting better and better. As I’ve said already, this really is shaping up to be ‘the’ comeback of all comebacks.
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When a happy-go-lucky Diddy stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday to promote his Twitter page (can someone clue me up on what it’s all about, please), things became a little tense when the talk show host confronted the mogul about his role in the Chris Brown / Rihanna reconciliation. It has been reported the Bad Boy label head has loaned one of his homes to the troubled couple to lay low in – a fact he confirmed. Peep the vid above to see what went down.
While I can’t say I have a stance on the house-loaning thing, I must give kudos to Ellen for being gutsy enough to ask. Saying that, her a**-kissing after Diddy had his rant was a little annoying LOL.
Yet another day in this never-ending ChRihanna drama…
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R&B star Keyshia Cole stopped by the Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night to perform current single ‘You Complete Me’. While the singer turned in a pretty good performance, I must say neither this single or her album ‘A Different Me’ have any appeal to me. IMO she dropped the ball with the LP’s material and the label dropped the ball with the promotion (why is she just performing this now, when the video has been out for how long??).
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Beyonce's New Singles Are...
Beyonce has filmed the videos for her next dual release singles, the names of which you can find out below:
Beyonce has also finished two new music videos to keep fans happy while she’s crisscrossing the globe: “Broken-Hearted Girl,” from the ballad-heavy I Am… half of her recent double album, and …Sasha Fierce’s up-tempo “Ego.” Beyonce co-directed the latter clip with her choreographer. “My goal for [the ‘Ego’ video] is simplicity,” she says. “In ‘Single Ladies,’ I saw this old tape of Bob Fosse’s wife, and I used that as inspiration. I thought in this world, with all the technology and everything that’s going on, to strip everything down — great idea. So I kind of did the same thing, but glossy and black, for ‘Ego.'”
One thing that the video for “Ego” won’t share with “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” is a certain animatronic appendage. “I didn’t have the Sasha Fierce hand [in the video],” she laughs. “But I have it on the tour. It’s actually even more wild — I have to figure out how I’m going to perform with that hand!” {Source}
I’m not particularly a fan of ‘Broken-Hearted Girl’, although I feel ‘Ego’ sounds like a sure-fire radio hit – especially with the much-rumored Kanye West feature. 
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Day26 - 'Forever In A Day' Cover (Real)
Peep the official album cover for Day26’s sophomore effort ‘Forever In A Day’ (due April 14th). It turns out the previously reported cover that had been floating around wasn’t the real deal, which is just as much as it was disgraceful. Saying this is a million times better would be an understatement. MUCH better.
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The video for LeToya Luckett’s brand new single ‘Not Anymore’ premiered today. Directed by Bryan Barber (Outkasts”Hey Ya’, ‘Roses’), the Dreamgirl-esq clip sees Luckett play the role of a 1960’s singer, who catapults to success, ditching her no good boyfriend in the process.
While I have a kind of like-dislike relationship with the song, I must say that I’m really liking the video. Aside from the fact that it sees LeToya doing something different compared to her last time out, it’s a concept that stands out in an age of so-so, ‘run of the mill’ videos. A great effort. {Thanks Ced!}
LeToya’s sophomore LP ‘Lady Love’ hits stores May 19th.
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That Grape Juice recently caught up with fiery five-piece The Saturdays at the Universal Music head office in West London for a chat. The group (Frankie, Una, Rochelle, Mollie & Vanessa), who have taken the UK music scene by storm, spoke freely about everything from their success to their US plans to the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama. An entertaining watch, I must say (LOL). You can view Part 1 above and Part 2 below. Enjoy.

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Pint-sized star Lil’ Kim made her debut on the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars. The ‘Lighters Up’ rapper danced the Cha Cha to Janet Jackson’s classic ‘Nasty’ with partner Derek Hough.
Agreeing with the judges, Kim did great IMO.
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As the March 24th release of Keri Hilson’s’ In A Perfect World’ LP draws nearer, the singer has dropped this album-teaser video clip, featuring the track ‘Make Love’ (I say album-teaser as this is not her new single). You may recognise a certain Mr West in the vid too. Good stuff.
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