Aubrey Talks Her Future With Making The Band recently caught up with Aubrey O’Day, who spoke on a number of things including her future with the entities that made her a known name – Danity Kane and Making The Band:

In October, Diddy very publicly kicked Aubrey O’Day out of Danity Kane during the season finale of “Making the Band.” It had many fans wondering if O’Day would be back for another season of the show — but for now, O’Day says she doesn’t see it in the cards.

“You never know if I’ll be involved in the new season, but as of now, no,” she told MTV News. “I’d really like to just move past ‘Making the Band’ and start making my own career. But you never know.”

While she’s continued to make headlines with talk about her sexuality and rumors of a Playboy pictorial, her musical plans for the new year are more vague, so making a cameo on the show that made her a star may not be completely out of the question. “I have love and respect for the entire situation and if I should need to go back and give a little love and respect to ‘Making the Band,’ then so be it,” she said.

O’Day admitted that she misses her former bandmates.

“I’m sad,” she said. “I think that Danity Kane is an amazing group and I think that we made amazing music. We had great albums.”

She added that things that might not have made it into the show or into headlines made it difficult for the group to go on as it was. “There’s always tons that goes on behind the scenes and that’s usually the part that matters most.

“There’s not much you can do about that situation,” she added. “Puff needed to do what’s best for him, and so now it’s my time to do what’s best for me.”

As much as I like Aubrey, I can’t help but be a little sceptical about her future. A lot of what she’s been making headlines for saying and doing, don’t necessarily fit the mould of one looking to be a big (respected) solo star – something she has expressed her want to become.

Anyway, I guess more light will be shed on what’s next for O’ Day, as she is set to make a special announcement on MTV News on January 14th.

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Lady GaGa Hits #1 It’s been a long and slow ascend to the top for newcomer Lady GaGa’s debut single ‘Just Dance’, (indeed the song was officially released last May). This week, however, the song finally clenched the coveted #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, jumping #2-#1 knocking off Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ in the process. What’s more, mid-week sales show the song to be on course to land the top spot here in the UK this week as well. {Source}
I’m real glad to see this young talent finally garnering the recognition she deserves. It kinda has me hopeful about the future of the industry; as in the face of the samey uniformity of many of the artists/acts that populate the music scene, a genuinely unique talent can emerge and be successful.

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Fantasia's House To Be Auctioned Off Next Week Rumors have been swirling for a while now about R&B star Fantasia’s financial situation, however it seems that things really aren’t going so well for the American Idol winner; her home is set to be auctioned off (to pay for her debts) next Monday:

CHARLOTTE, NC – Fantasia Barrino – who faces the loss of her $1.3 million home here in a debtor’s auction set for noon Monday – is apparently ignoring the looming legal threat, officials told The Post yesterday.

The inspirational “American Idol” winner owes a Florida credit company $65,000 – money she borrowed in 2006 to pay back taxes she owed the IRS.

The singer made a $10,000 payment in August 2007. But she never paid the rest, so the company won the right in court last month to auction off her house for the balance.

Mecklenburg County sheriff’s deputies, who are responsible for enforcing civil court orders, have tried at least a dozen times to reach Barrino at the home and by phone, said Sgt. J.W. England, a supervisor of civil judgments.

A deputy spoke a couple of times to Barrino’s mother, but never reached the star, who appears to be ignoring attempts to save her house, officials said.

“We try very hard and give the defendant every opportunity to pay,” England said yesterday.

Over the course of about a year, Barrino has never responded to court documents, and no lawyer ever appeared in court to represent her, said Larry Goldman, a Charlotte attorney representing the credit company, Broward Energy Management.

“I certainly don’t want anyone to lose their house,” Goldman said. “But as far as I’m concerned, we have a judgment.”

Barrino, 24, has made no payments and filed no documents since The Post reported a court-ordered lien on the property in Charlotte’s upscale Piper Glen neighborhood last month.

Goldman said he never heard from Barrino’s representatives until after the judge’s order. He said he has since spoken twice with reps who haven’t offered to resolve the debt but said they’d get back in touch before next Monday.

“My client has continuously asked me why they won’t just pay it,” Goldman said. “I just don’t have an answer.”

Barrino’s attorney, Gary Greenberg declined to comment yesterday.

“It’s my practice not to talk about client matters,” he said.

Barrino’s agent, Erin Culley, referred questions to the singer’s publicist but was unable to provide contact information for that person. {Source}

Ouch. Here’s hoping the situation is resolved ASAP. Though this does kinda have me wondering where all Fanny’s Oprah ‘Color Purple’ cheques and the money she’s made since hitting it big have gone?

Randomness: Is anyone else really anticipating Fantasia’s new album – whenever it is supposed to drop?

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Former 3LW star Naturi Naughton spoke with Black Tree Media recently about playing the role of rapper Lil’ Kim in the forthcoming Notorious B.I.G movie (due in theatres this month). I’m kinda iffy about her being chosen to play Kim and watching the snippets within the feature still has me feeling the same. I guess time will tell if she holds her own with the role in the movie.

Any thoughts?

LeToya's New Single To Impact Radio February 3rd

With it being almost 3 years (yes 3 years!) since the release of LeToya’s debut album, it’s great to hear that things are finally coming together with her sophomore project. Now that her label Capital/EMI have ironed put their internal issues, it appears all systems are go for the release of Toya’s ‘Lady Love’ LP, which is tentatively scheduled for a March 24th release.

What’s more it has now ben confirmed that the set’s lead single, the Ne-Yo penned ‘Not Anymore’ will be impacting Rhythmic/Crossover radio in the US on February 3rd – meaning, in less complicated terms, we should be hearing it *very* soon LOL. In the meanwhile, you can listen to Ne-Yo’s demo version of the song, which is produced by Bei Maejor (Trey Songz, Mike Jones). I must say, I’m really feeling this one – especially the hook (“Stop, stop…”).

Click here to listen to Ne-Yo’s demo of ‘Not Anymore’

New Beyonce L’Oreal AdPeep Beyonce’s new print ad for L’Oreal. She looks great and moreover she actually looks like her – unlike ‘that’ controversial campaign they had featuring her before.

What do you think of the pic?

With the initial first single from 50 Cent’s forthcoming LP ‘Before I Self Destruct’ ‘Get Up’ causing the album to be pushed back due to lack of interest, the rapper is hoping ‘I Get In’ – the record’s ‘official’ lead single – will ignite the charts. However, I’m not sure how feasible such hope is with this one. Despite being produced by the increasingly elusive Dr Dre, it still comes across distinctly typical 50. Nothing new or particularly of interest here. It really is a case of ‘step your game up, or fall back’ here IMO.

Hit or Miss?

Mariah Carey Paid $1 Million For New Years Gig

Diva Mariah Carey rang in 2009 by being paid a staggering $1 Million for performing at a New Years party held by Colonel Gaddafi’s son in St. Barts:

Mariah Carey was paid $1 million to sing just four songs at a New Year’s Eve party.

The 38-year-old singer reportedly received the staggering sum from Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif son after agreeing to perform at the Nikki Beach Club on the Caribbean island of St Barts.

Mariah, who was at the event with husband of eight months Nick Cannon, shattered all pregnancy rumours as she enjoyed champagne and oysters during the party.

Other performers included hip-hop stars Jay-Z and Timbaland, who performed together on stage, before Jay-Z saw in 2009 together with his wife Beyonce Knowles. {Source}

Can’t hate on Mariah for getting hers. I am wondering though; has the Colonel’s son seen any of Ms. Carey’s live performances recently? Money well spent? LOL.

Your thoughts?

Despite the lukewarm sales of her criminally slept on LP ‘Human’, Brandy is pressing ahead promoting the record’s 2nd single ‘Long Distance’ – most recently stopping by The Today Show to perform the track. If there is one thing I have to hand it to the former ‘Moesha’ star this go around it’s her consistency. Performance after performance, she just nails it. Vocals are as crisp as the CD. Here’s hoping that in some way, ‘Human’ gets the chance to be heard by the masses. It’s too good a project to go unnoticed.

What do you think of the performance?

A new Rihanna cut, featuring boyfriend Chris Brown, surfaced today. Believed to be lifted from the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ soundtrack – a movie in which they both make cameos – the Polo Da Don produced track isn’t bad at all. Granted I cannot understand what Ms. Fenty is ‘singing’ on the chorus and Chris Brown’s ‘rap’ sounding a lil’ Vanilla Ice, the beat goes hard and Rihanna rides the verses well. Listening to this actually has me really interested to see what she’ll be serving up on her oh-so-important new album (the one in which she proves her current success isn’t a fluke).

Hit or Miss?

Aubrey Does Playboy for $500,000 Word has it former Danity Kane vixen Aubrey O’Day has agreed to pose for Playboy magazine for half a million dollars:

Musician Aubrey O’Day has allegedly agreed to pose naked for Playboy magazine.

O’Day, who was in the group Danity Kane, will earn £344,000 for appearing in the adult publication, according to the New York Daily News.

“Aubrey’s making about $500,000 to drop trou,” said a source. “For that kind of money, she was like ‘Why not?'”

The Making The Band star previously stripped off with her ex-bandmates for a PETA campaign in October 2008. {Source}

Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey. I’m almost certain the ‘it’s empowering’ line will be dropped by her at some point.

Randomness: For the same amount, would you do the same?

Your thoughts?
*With the holiday season well and truly done with, business is back to normal here. Expect all of you usually have from That Grape Juice and a whole lot more. 09′ means bigger and even better!*

With Mariah Carey’s former label Sony BMG set to release a new compilation titled ‘The Ballads’ in the US on January 20th (already available here in the UK), e songstress has released this new video for her classic ‘Hero’ (with re-recorded vocals) – which is features on the LP.

The video serves it’s purpose, in that it’s pretty much standard ‘music video in a studio’ fare. However, listening to this really does drive home how different (some would argue, deteriorated) Mariah’s voice has become. Yes, she sounds better than current industry’s vocal standard (which isn’t saying a whole lot), but touching one of her career-defining tracks and sounding a shadow of a shadow of her old self isn’t a good look. The restraint and croakiness in her delivery are un-ignorable. Sad. (Thanks Trent! You’re a star!)

What do you think of the song/video?