As many of you guessed correctly, it was Michelle Williams who I caught up with at the Sony BMG UK head office in London last week.

In what serves as a part 2 of sorts to our interview with her back in May, Michelle spoke candidly to That Grape Juice about a number of issues including the recent push-back of her ‘Unexpected’ LP, future plans for the record and label issues. What’s more Michelle, offered a surprising response to that age-old question: “Will we see another Destiny’s Child reunion?”
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Missy Elliott: 'I Want To Adopt'Missy Elliott has expressed her wish to adopt a child in the near future:

“I most definitely want kids, but I’ll probably adopt kids,” the 37-year-old tells PEOPLE. “I don’t know if I can take that kind of pain [of labor]. Maybe in the year 2020 you could just pop a baby out and it’d be fine. But right now I’d rather just adopt.” {Source}

Interesting (which I say with good reason)…

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Peep the preview of the video for Cassies new single ‘Official Girl (ft. Lil’ Wayne)’ below:

While the song has grown on me and vid looks pretty good, I’m left with other things on the mind. Evidently, Bad Boy have pumped the dollars into this video, yet their more successful and promising artists i.e. Danity Kane, Day26 and Cheri Dennis are rewarded with bargain bucket videos and promotion (I still can’t fully watch the atrocity that was the ‘Damaged’ video…terrible). SMH…

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Mary J. Blige  - 'Supernatural'Some of you may remember ‘Supernatural’; indeed, the track, which surfaced a few months back, is slated to feature on Ciara’s forthcoming LP ‘Fantasy Ride’. Interestingly, Mary J. Blige has put her own spin on the song, which surfaced today. Though Mary’s version is far from poor, it surprisingly doesn’t offer much in the way of improving on the original; if anything, Ciara’s offering (which you can listen to below) is better IMO.

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Ciara’s version:


That Grape Juice To Interview SolangeThat Grape Juice has received word that we will likely be sitting down with Solange in the coming week(s).

With the her current single ‘I Decided’ generating a buzz on both sides of the Atlantic, and sophomore LP ‘Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams’ out this month, the singer/songwriter looks set to be one the year’s breakout stars.

Do you have any questions for Solange? As usual, drop them in the ‘comments’ section. Remember, only appropriate questions will be considered. Thanks guys 🙂


Interview Updates
Ashanti: Still awaiting slot. Bear with me guys 🙂
Ne-Yo: Will be posted shortly; there’s a very specific reason why it has yet to be – which you will learn of soon. Once more, please bare with me.
The Pussycat Dolls took to the stage at the MTV Asia Awards last night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Nicole and co performed ‘Buttons’ and current smash ‘When I Grow Up’. See the performances below:

Good performance. I’m still no fan of their one singer/ 100 dancer format, yet there’s no denying they did their thing.

Randomness: Wasn’t it this time last year Nicole was inflicting her appalling, ill-fated solo material on us all? I guess this goes to show, PCD is where she belongs (which isn’t a bad thing).

What do you think of the performance?

As some of you may have noticed, it’s a bit of a slow news day today lol. That said, check out Chris Brown’s new commercial for Wrigleys Doublemint (above). The commercial features Chris’ current hit ‘Forever’ (which I still maintain is the pits). More power to him.

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This week’s From The Vault journey’s back to 1995 with Brownstone’s smash ‘If You Love Me’. The R&B trio rode high on charts with this now classic R&B cut. Deservedly so as well; despite being 13 years old, the song still goes hard, bringing back memories of when talent was the most important aspect of the industry, unlike today. Anyway, enough of my rambling…check out the video:

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The first single from Ludacris’ forthcoming album ‘Theatre of The Mind’, ‘What Them Girls Like’, surfaced a few hours ago. Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, the cut also features both Chris Brown and Sean Garrett. Though the chorus is a lil repepitive, I must say I’m overly liking the production on this one (it’s a club banger, no doubt). Luda may just have a hit on his hands with this one.
‘Theatre of The Mind’ hits stores October 21st.

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Bow Wow To Retire?In a recent interview with MTV, Bow Wow spoke about possibility retiring from the rap game in the near-future:

“I wanna be the next Will Smith,” the 21-year-old recently said, restating his growing passion for acting while sitting poolside at L.A.’s Le Montrose Suite Hotel. “After the eighth album, I’m done. I already feel it. I love acting. I love my music like I said, but I feel it. After this one, probably one more in me and that’s eight. Like, I’m one [album] behind Nas, and that’s crazy.”

LP number seven comes out later this year. It’s called The Pedigree.

Reading this, you’d think he’d sold albums by the truckload or was held in any kind of critical regard. Unfortunately for Shad, none of these apply lol. I’m guessing it’s more the fact that next to no one is checking for him on the music tip anymore, so acting is his new ‘passion’. That said, I can’t down him on this one; get in where you fit in, I say.

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Review up shortly…

In the meanwhile…

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Diva Mariah Carey performed a set at the Samsung AT&T ‘Summer Krush’ series in Hollywood, California last night – portion of which was aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out her interview with Kimmel above, as well two performances including her first ever televised performance of ‘Side Effects’ with Young Jeezy below:

Loving U Long Time // Touch My Body

I’m not really a fan of ‘Side Effects’, nor ‘E=MC²’ for that matter, so I’m not surprised the performance did little to move me. The ‘Loving U Long Time / Touch My Body’ medley was better. Overall, an improvement on some of the truly cringe -worthy performances we have been subject to this go round. Decent.

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