Lil’ Kim Cooking Up Documentary, New Book?

Published: Tuesday 15th Nov 2011 by Rashad

Paypal champion Lil’ Kim may have slayed the competition with her best-selling Paypal release ‘Black Friday’, but now it appears the Queen Bee has her sights set on another best sellers tally.  For, despite being sued in 2008 by publishing company Simon & Schuster (for a $40, 000 advance on a memoir never manifested), the rap pioneer is pressing forward with ‘The Price of Loyalty’ – a biographical tale detailing her 2005 imprisonment.

MTV News reports:

Both projects will explore Kim’s life, pre-and-post prison, detailing the effect that her sentence of one year and a day had on her career and personal life. Lil’ Kim was incarcerated in a Philadelphia federal prison for lying to a grand jury about details surrounding a shooting outside of Hot 97’s New York City headquarters in 2001.

No release dates have been announced for the book or the accompanying, yet-titled documentary.

Your thoughts?

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  1. White girl mob November 15, 2011

    Oh s*** my girl lil Kim.. Good to hear can’t wait for you & kreayshawn to hop on a track together it’s a bout time TGJ post somebody eles shout out to teamkim ya should come mob with us & kreayshawn

  2. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011

    Lil kim who? why isn’t this post about rihanna or nicki minaj? somebody we actually care about

  3. BIANCA B**** November 15, 2011

    I’m still waiting for the major ablum that was going to put Kim back at the top of the charts I’ve been waiting for like 5 yrs now…….Damn 2011 is almost over and still no major release from Kim…..please girl don’t run your mouth anymore.

  4. Kreayshawn mobbing on Nicki, beyonce, Rihanna November 15, 2011

    Oh I got another kreayshawn stan on here.. Hey what up yea i agree i respect kim a lot and she do need a major album out

  5. Bmoreallday November 15, 2011

    Go kim keep doing your thing. When haters stop hating then you should worry.

  6. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 15, 2011

    LOL. Sam you need to top gettting these stans riled up with all this shade!! Lmfao….

  7. michelle November 15, 2011

    @ Kerry Johnson u must be a Lil Kim fan u stayed long enough to place a comment, and u read the post so thanks hunnie (-;

  8. Kerry Johnson November 15, 2011


    Your welcome babe 🙂

  9. Jamesson Marshall November 15, 2011

    Now this should be interesting, get it Kim. #TeamBlackFriday

  10. Bey Fan… November 15, 2011


    Oh I got another kreayshawn stan on here.. Hey what up yea i agree i respect kim a lot and she do need a major album out

    Noooo you’re the same person posting under different names…..

    On topic: Why is everybody trying to write a book??? Ughhh, but with it being Lil Kim it may be interesting

  11. James227 November 15, 2011

    You go Kim

  12. HoustonGirl November 15, 2011

    I can’t wait.Get it Kim.

  13. Lea November 15, 2011

    @BIANCA B**** Her album is coming out around March of next year.

  14. skintightjeans November 15, 2011

    Kim sit your tired ass down somewhere and go fix that busted face of yours!

  15. Layla November 15, 2011

    Sam Nicki will never give you an interview.Stop throwing shade at Kim.

  16. Kia November 15, 2011

    This site love to throw shade at Kim and Rihanna.

  17. maria November 15, 2011

    @SKINTIGHTJEANS Shut your @ss up.I been seeing all over worldstarhiphop throwing shade at Kim.You a Kim fan deep down,stays on her cl*t.

  18. Julia November 15, 2011

    Sam with with all the shade?Is it because Kim killed Nicki with that warning remix.

  19. Sheltop November 15, 2011

    2012 yeah of Queen Bee.

  20. Sheltop November 15, 2011

    year *typo* lol.

  21. Queen Kim”The Black Erica Kane” November 15, 2011

    Kim bought to own 2012.She got a book coming out,a documentary,a TV show,and a new album.People are going crazy over her new tracks,”Warning remix” and “I’am not the one.”Kim is a strong women and a perfect example of what hard work and motivation can get you in life.

  22. RelleBlanco November 15, 2011

    oooo let’s get it poppin!! #TeamLilKim

  23. Kreayshawn mobbing on Nicki, beyonce, Rihanna November 15, 2011

    @bey_fan do I know you??? How am I tha same as tha other kreayshawn Stan I got a different picture you dumb ass. Plus this is my first time commenting on here but everytime I come on here I see Rihanna & beyonce so that’s why you see my name like that and I just threw Nicki in tha mix for tha hell of it…

  24. RDK November 15, 2011

    o….k….?! on the other hand i an’t knocking no ones hustle in the music game,no matter who it is so props to her.

  25. Army of aaliyah & lil kim November 15, 2011

    Damn I See MANY Haters On Here ! Let Kim Make Her MONEY !

  26. Miss Thang November 15, 2011

    Show em’ who’s the real queen, Kimmy!

  27. skintightjeans November 15, 2011

    @Maria, b**** how the f*** you going to make me shut up? You can’t. Just sit behind your keyboard and keep being a warrior online dumb b**** and what the hell are you talking about world star for? I don’t even go on that site. Shut your tired dumb ass up and stop trying to get my attention you stupid trashy c*** b****.

  28. SHAWTY November 16, 2011


  29. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 16, 2011

    @Julia Sorry saying “ohh” in every line isn’t killing somebody. Anybody can do that. “Ohhh you look stupid.” Really? She already said she was having fun recording that so I don’t think it’s that serious AND I don’t think kim is in the position right now to kill nicki with a paypal flop. So let’s NOT.

  30. Malibu Barbie November 16, 2011

    Im ready kim.. when nicki and her fanbase STOP being pressed.. start to worry kim. but right now you got ALL THESE H*** mad. so ur doing good !!!!

  31. Michael Gonzalez November 16, 2011


  32. nicegirl November 16, 2011

    Should be interesting. But please release music Kim!!

  33. no time November 16, 2011

    This is actually gonna be really interesting. I really wanna know the life of Kimberly Jones since Biggie

  34. Str8media November 16, 2011

    It’s about time!

  35. RHI RHI IS QUEEN November 16, 2011


  36. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 16, 2011

    malibu who’s pressed when you’re always the one shading nicki on a constant basis?

  37. swagg November 16, 2011

    i want to see Kim come back and be even bigger than music but can we start we with the music…i want the cd first!!!!!! I think i speak for most of Kim fans we want music first!!!!! we need videos!!! she needs to go on 106 and debut some s*** not just youtube ( dont have to be on the album ppl go to 106 and release mixtape videos)…we at least need a buzz single for the album that will hopefully get her more interviews..and the side stuff can come maybe a reality show or something to boost sales and awareness but out more music !!!! i want to hear new Kim on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!

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