Madonna’s Producer: “The Best Of ‘MDNA’ Is On Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune'”

Published: Sunday 27th May 2012 by Sam

Big-budget videos, a Superbowl Half-time performance, and a giant snowball of hype. All of the aforementioned preceded the release of Madonna‘s latest album ‘MDNA’. And yet the LP has gone on to become one of the star’s worst performing yet.

Indeed, after shifting an impressive 359,000 copies in its first week on sale in the US (a figure boosted by a tour ticket/album combo), the following seven days would see the set make history for all the wrong reasons – after sales dropped a whopping 86%. Since then, the ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” led collection hasn’t fared any better – disappearing from the upper, middle, and bottom echelons of the charts in many a country.

Naturally, then, the blame game begins and it seems first up on the podium is the album’s primary producer William Orbit. The 55 year old Pop maestro, who couldn’t stop professing the greatness of the LP before its arrival, has been rather vocal about why he thinks the album flopped into the fiery pits.

Check out his “interesting” rationale after the jump…

Via DM:

“(When creating ‘MDNA’) We were very pushed for time due to… various pressing commitment that took up the artist’s limited time such as perfume ranges and teen fashion contests and other such endeavors.

We had songs lined up that were breathtaking, you’ll hear some of them on Chris Brown’s new album, Kreayshawn’s (INCREDIBLE) new album and my own, recently completed Strange Cargo album.

Most of them, I believe, destined to become classics (let me know in a couple of months whether you concur with that). All of us fully committed to putting ourselves through extraordinary efforts to make MDNA the greatest album of the year, but alas the time wasn’t there.”

Orbit would days later back away from the comments (made to fans on Facebook), saying:

‘The MDNA comments. I should not have said them publicly. I see that and I regret that I said online. Not fair to M.”


Orbit may feel bad for pouring out that Lipton, yet his comments provide a certain degree of clarity as to why an album hyped by so many (including he himself) would go on be so poor and consequently deliver such tragic sales.

Yes, the 53 year old has been unable to promote due to preparation for the lucrative tour she’s set to embark on this week. Yet, the strength of her name, together with her (arguable) Queen of Pop status, called for much better material and a much better chart trajectory than the one ‘MDNA’ enjoyed. In reading between the lines, it appears time contraints and creative differences marred what was supposed to be an epic masterpiece. Instead, the whole episode is just an epic mess.

Perhaps the project would have seen sunnier days had the apt time and effort gone into ensuring the material was tight and right, instead of releasing a half-baked, soggy mess for the sake of using it to push a tour; a tour which’ll see Madonna get a whole lot richer, while loyal fans are left out of pocket due to extortionate ticket prices. It really is high time the masses demand more from their “faves”, rather than willingly being taken for a ride. An expensive one at that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MissImpartial May 27, 2012

    More like Madonna didn’t want the songs and then they were given to Chris and the other person. Producers wouldn’t choose Chris over Madonna. As for blaming Chris why is everyone blaming Chris for every little thing even if it doesn’t directly concern him?

    • Ugh May 27, 2012

      Publicity for his new album sweetie.

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      Wait ,someone is blaming Chris Brown? What did he say?…….EXACTLY NOTHING!! This has nothing to do with either Chirs Brown or KreayShawn <– whose name should not be mentioned in the same damn sentence! The producer might want to be careful because CB might not use his music on FORTUNE!

      I LOVE BOTH CHIRS BROWN & MADONNA so cut the crap! WTF is this dude anyway?

  2. Dunk May 27, 2012

    Blah blah blah, whats more important, The Quality of an album or how quick it sales? if where going on Quality MDNA is super, she delivered the rest is what it is, she will earn more money than any other artist from touring and the album will pick up

  3. MovieAmi May 27, 2012


    Madonna’s producer said no such thing. He said that Madonna PASSED on certain songs that wound up going to other artists — Chris Brown being one.

    You are worse than a sleazy tabloid when it comes to spinning s*** to the point of it becoming a total lie…just for the sake of instigating comments from your easily riled readers.

  4. Rocnar May 27, 2012

    TGJ is trying to bait comments with an extremely misleading headline.

    • DMWN May 27, 2012

      What else is new?

      • queenofthenavy May 27, 2012

        Erm. If you check the source you’ll find the pushed the story in the same way so TGJ were not reaching (this time)

        But this producer shouldn’t feel too bad, Fortune’s going to flop just as hard as Madonnas album did since everyone hates him now more than they did when Fame came out.

        How much do you want to bet new details from raz b and that phone snatching fiasco emerge nearer his release date. Gotta love Roc Nation eh?

      • mobwife May 28, 2012


        Please, more like queens & other unrecognizable creatures of a sinking vessel! Have several seats!
        Everyone hates him like who Flophianna queen of the howling goats?Chris Brown is the man. When you are on top all arrows are pointed in your direction! He knows that and has for 3 years. They can’t stop this boy’s shine no matter what they try!

        Neither Chris Brown nor TeamBreezy are phased by the Bullsh**! Always remember they have to PUT FORTH A MASSIVE EFFORT to try and STOP CHRIS BROWN! An effort that would CRUSH & DESTORY FLOPhianna! The greater the GIANT the more nonsense fools have to ty to bring him down. I DON’T CARE IF HE SELLS 2 CD’S PURCHASED BY ME, CHRIS BREEZY IS STILL MY BOY & I’M FOREVER PROUD OF HIM! #FWYHTS

  5. Me May 27, 2012

    He did not say it flopped because of Chris Brown wtf TGJ be pulling s*** out yall asses..what happens happened with every record ,songs get passed along to the next, im sure if Madonna wanted them she would have kept them

  6. Rihanna’sHairFlick May 27, 2012

    Better go and buy Fortune when it comes out Team Breezy or face the wrath of the Navy’s shade when it goes to #1 with a measly amount of sales.

    im just waiting for chris’ promo to begin so some fresh drama can start. What will it be this time? Iphone stealing? Chair dashing? Raz B booty thumping?

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      No one gives a RATS ASS if FLOPihanna’s fake followrs don’t buy Chris Brown’s music! Were you going to purchase his CD to begin with? I damn sure have never nor would I ever purchase a song of hers!……EVER!!!

      Had he stole a phone in Florida he would have been in jail unlike George Zimerman, a YOUNG BLACK MAN couldn’t commit a crime and slide the f**k on by! Russell Brand stole a phone in Cali and was arrested, if guilty CB would have been too, so kill that noise! I hope he does throw a chair right at Robin Roberts head. Now that would make for great theater! RazBerry is just pathetic. I didn’t think a person could be more pathetic than whining, scheme, lying, using RAGGEDY!…. DAMN, WHO KNEW 0_o?

  7. Queen Navy May 27, 2012

    Shut up TGJ. Seriously. There is no “blame game.” You took his comments and twisted them into something else entirely, just to sensationalize your wack article for hits, and I hope no one falls for it.

    And there’s nothing “arguable” about Madonna’s QOP status. No other b**** has accumulated as much commercial success as she has (and the way the music industry is dying no one else ever will). Both Guinness and Billboard cite her as the most successful female recording artist in history. Madonna could release poor performing albums from now on and no one will ever dethrone her as the one – and only – pop queen.

  8. QueenOfTheNavy May 27, 2012

    Who is this imposter b**** trying to snatch my name. Hand it back or prepare to be dragged like the mink on a Kanye’s floor heaux.

    • Queen Navy May 27, 2012

      B**** please. I been Queen Navy for the past year. Google my name and TGJ and you will see that I am hardly new here. [email protected] thinking anybody is impersonating you. LOL, no!

      The real question is: who in the F*** are you? Scratch that. I really don’t care, but you need to change your hitter. You ain’t the queen of nothing…lest of all the navy!

      Thank you.

      • naturalBEAUTY May 27, 2012

        @QueenNavy read that b****, Bey stan or not I remember you not so much the other c***.

  9. Ugh May 27, 2012

    Aint nobody checkin for THIS dude’s album soooooo

    I don’t see it for “Fortune” either, CB hasn’t been focused musically.


    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      LOL wishful think I see! Poor thing #SIT

      • Ugh May 28, 2012

        Fortune won’t do Fame numbers #YOUsit

  10. yeehaw May 27, 2012

    i did read this carefully. the only thing i get is madonna didn’t have time, and they dumped most of it. maybe that’s why it stalled that hard. just the junk was left. but hey. fake sympathy that is as they didn’t care to rip off the songs they needed themselves and could play and put it on their albums. so recycled nicely for the own profit. huh? so who cares what he says about her. we get it.

  11. Suicide Blonde May 27, 2012

    I want to post this the other day but thatgrapejuice delete my comment, as for those songs, i heard one song and it’s not a good material, “MDNA” is Madonna best album since “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, fake fans who say the album is not good, try again b******, the album was bad managed, i think Madonna didn’t care too much about it, American Life Flop in the US but it has sold 4,000,000 worldwide, b****** AMERICA is not the only country, “MDNA” has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide and will probably surpass the 2 million with the promo tour, Madonna will make 500 miilion with the “MDNA” tour no bad for a 53 years old woman right, better than Adele’s sales with “21”, of course i would like her to sell records like she used to do, but it’s what it is, William Orbit’s time has passed, i doubt that Chris Brown’s “Fortune” became a Masterpiece like “Ray of Light”, when i heard that Orbit was involved in “MDNA” i was really happy, after i heard his songs, it was a big surprise that the best songs on the album are not from William, the big surprise to me was the Benassi brothers, they’re songs are hot, Madonna did not wrong with this record, the wrong part was released “Give Me All Your Luvin'” after it was leaked months ago on internet and still the song performed better than “Girl Gone Wild” on the Billboard Hot 100, it was top ten, I think “Girl Gone Wild” pay the consequences for choosing “Give Me All Your Luvin'” as the first single of the album, “Girl Gone Wild” is a hot song, my choice would have been:
    1- I’m Addicted: it has a fresh sounds and the title of the song fits with the album title, drugs, drugs, drugs…
    2- Gang Bang: on of the best songs of the album, i’ts like the second part of “Thief of Hearts” from “Erotica”.
    3- Tun Up The Radio: i’ts radio-friendly even if i’m not crazy about this song.
    4- Girl Gone Wild: it would have performed better than “GMAYL”.
    5-Love Spent: is one of the fan favorites from the album.

    The album is great, nobody does Dance songs like Madonna, there are some silly and unnecessary songs on the album like “GMAYL” and “B-Day song” and “I Don’t Give A” but there are some great songs like “Masterpiece” and “Falling Free”, so i’m pleased with the album, The Queen never disappointed.

  12. DMWN May 27, 2012

    I noticed you changed the headline after being called out. lol

  13. Ratedxxx(TEAM “REAL” BAD BISHES) May 27, 2012

    her album didnt do great AND? all her albums can flop for the rest of her life, none of yall favs will ever be on her level..britney is next to the throne, thats it

    she’s the queen of pop, what else she got to prove to people who will never be on her level…..

    i swear i laugh my ass of when i see somebody come for the QUEEN OF POP, when it comes to album sales…like it actually means some s***

    • Suicide Blonde May 27, 2012

      Some say It’s all a big plan..this Gaga/Madonna war, Gaga poses wit a giant MDNA display with stacks of MDNA cd’s in her paws and now this…they planned this whole thing and it’s genius.

    • Teacher May 27, 2012

      LOL @ the shade from the Queen of Pop!!! Yasssss

      • Suicide Blonde May 27, 2012

        On the picture, some say this: On the right side, you can see approaches to Madonna as a cheerleader, but on the left side… it is to see something like this: (only express my point of view, I’m not saying anything.

  14. naturalBEAUTY May 27, 2012

    “Chris made Forever about how long it will take for F.A.M.E. to go platinum”

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      If it never goes Platinum so what?

      Any fool knows the effort that has been place upon moving Chris out of the music industry. They have tried 10 different schemes over the course of 1 week. See the BS from the last 7 days (lip syncing, fighting, blah, blah)! Chris Brown is like Thomas, the LITTLE ENGINE THE COULD. It really doesn’t matter what you hater’s say, he’s going to make a way out of noway!

      #TeamBreezy 🙂

  15. theman May 27, 2012

    The album is asically gold already, she needs to release a few more singles. Just because an album doesn’t perform well doesn’t mean that it was bad in quality. The album has only been out for a short period. It can bounce back.

  16. Tbozfan10 May 28, 2012

    For real though this was really unprofessional of this producer I mean who does that on Facebook dissing an album you produced while its still on the charts, albeit barely.

  17. Marcus May 28, 2012

    Well the album is not good, and it has nothing on Confessions.

  18. Jer May 28, 2012

    Whatwver. The album is great. One of Madonnas best. And after 30 years. Your fave never could.

  19. the real xoxo May 28, 2012

    just proof that neither of these artists have significant input into the songwriting process.

    • darren May 28, 2012

      I beg to differ. Chris Brown writes songs also. Chris & Ester Dean and others were a team of writers.

      So if someone gives Chris a song that he likes he’ll take it.

      • mobwife May 28, 2012

        This person is a REAL HATER! They always say something unnecessary on a CB post!

        Anywho, Chris writes alot with Ester Dean & Keri Hilson. He co- wrote Rude Boy for what’s her name, but they don’t want to hear about that (Dean leat that slip! He also writes alot with Andre Merritt, who I think he’s 1/2 of the Runners! Hater’s are so busy runninf off at the mouth and never knew what the hell they are talking about!

        Chris loves great writers and has an idea/concept for each one of his CD’s. He knows who he wants to work with and when. Dia-BLOW had wanted to contribute to Fortune but Chris turned him down that’s why he was running off at he mouth a few weeks back!

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