Drama: Justin Bieber “Attacks” Paparazzi / Police Called (Pics)

Published: Sunday 27th May 2012 by Sam

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They say all publicity is good publicity, however we’re not sure that rings true for a certain Justin Bieber.

For, the teen pin-up was caught in quite the ruckus earlier today with a paparazzi while en route home from a date with girlfriend Selena Gomez. This coming merely weeks before his third album ‘Believe’ hits stores on June 19th.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy at present, yet the shots below tell a compelling tale.

See for yourself below…

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For better or for worse, this will sure go some way in aiding the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s on-going quest to delve into adulthood. Sigh.

Your thoughts?

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  1. virtuoso intellect May 27, 2012

    yass justin show em u really not to be effed with . but one shoe and facecap wont do. the pants shsoulda comin off to then those paps will know u meant business. A slap is cute but if could master how throw a tinny winny punch..you’ll get em shook up…well done kiddo 😉

    • HeavyHeavy May 27, 2012

      loool if the pants came off the pics would tell a whole different story…Selena got made cause she didn’t get any lol

    • Sydney May 28, 2012

      Justin does not deserve any of this! he just wants to be a normal teenager which is something EVERYONE deserves to do! Justin would NEVER punch someone without good reason and he obviously did it because the paparazzi offended him in some way. So this is exactly what the stupid paparazzi gets! oh and selena looks UGLY!

    • courtney edwards June 26, 2012

      well done justin, and if anyone says that he did wrond he did not he was just pratecting his self i would of done the same i have done worse than that and i am only 12 and i know that i am not famouse but is i was i would of done the same and the only reason that he did is because the paparazzi were interfering in things that dont consern then at all so they should just leave him alone he did not even have 1 shoe on and u can see that justin was very angry and i dont think that he is a d*** at all and i would sit in prison with him because i love him so much and i dont care what he does he will always be the best on my list i am just like him i can stick up for my self and i will not ask someone to punch someone for me i will do it for my self i will have a fight with someone
      love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • courtney edwards June 26, 2012

        i agree with sydney he doesnot deserve it at all

  2. HeavyHeavy May 27, 2012

    loool interesting snaps, am guessing JB kicked that guys ass for what reason i don’t know. These papz deserve it sometimes doe, I’ve seen them really put the camera all up in your face. talk about invading personal space Look forward to the full details!

  3. Craig May 27, 2012


  4. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud May 27, 2012

    omg another Chris Brown 🙁 P-S-Y-C-H-O -cries- ok forreal tho. Was this necessary????? no!!!!!!! why cant ppl learn to ignore

    • HeavyHeavy May 27, 2012

      sorry didn’t know you knew the whole story but OK…

    • darren May 27, 2012

      What does Chris Brown have to do with Justin beating the paz ass. He’s young and probably want some kind of private time to himself & his girl. For him to jump out of the truce something had to have happened. You don’t know what happened . Also he’s human just like Chris Brown. If anyone is Psycho it’s your childish ass for making that comment but hay everyone is intilted to their opinions but yours we could do without.

      • darren May 27, 2012


    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      STFU, you have no idea about any of these celebs or what is really going on in any given situation. All a tool like you knows is what the biased media tells you. They always script stores for you non-thinkers and as usual you “swallow” everything they tell you! smdh

  5. hOnestly May 27, 2012

    honestly, i like this kidd.. and im glad hes showing hes just a regular dude, instead of some whiny ass kid. . def a good look.

    • BritneyBiatch May 27, 2012

      How sad that your definition of a regular dude means attacking people. And people wonder why jails are riddled with men doing time for things they could have avoided.

      Grabbing your crotch, getting into fights and flexing your muscles doesn’t feed mouths, hard work and grafting does- THAT’S what makes a regular dude.

      Justin is a teen pop poser who is MIMICKING a stereotype to appease fools like you.

      • HONESTLY May 27, 2012

        DUMMY–– what im saying is, hes not a little whinny p****,
        when someone goes too far, he wont just act like a b****, because hes famous, hence he went off on that dude.

  6. Bryant Walker May 27, 2012

    Haha what a d***!

  7. FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud May 27, 2012

    o and follow me gurls #ifollowback

  8. truegirl May 27, 2012

    first of all somebody should have call the police(fashion police) on justin for wearing those socks LOL

  9. yeehaw May 27, 2012

    lol. dunno. it was obviously not about something they said. just a snap. not something to snap. yeh.

  10. Sleazy May 27, 2012

    Lol it looks so stage . You wana tell Justine bieber with her lil arms attacked that hairy ma O HELL NO!

  11. Sleazy May 27, 2012

    Lol it looks so staged . You wana tell Justine bieber with her lil arms attacked that hairy ma O HELL NO! I love the pic where he runs like his in some super hero movie STAGED I’m telling you HEFFER NO

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      Hahaha……. I Love Justin, but that’s was funny!!! Run Forest, Ruuuun!

  12. MissImpartial May 27, 2012

    The boy is still young and needs his space from Hollywood when he is not on stage. The paps don’t care for anyone but their money. Look how they ran after Britney when she was ill and how they chased Princess Diana to her death. It was only a matter of time for Justin to lose his cool as he is followed constantly without having a day off from these money hungry paps.

    • Gaaglooo! May 28, 2012

      Agree With You, The First Time! Lol

  13. Elvis Madore May 27, 2012

    What a f****** sin! I hate how people start off so sweet but turn into something so negative in the end. They only wanted to take a picture.

  14. lmao May 27, 2012

    not so swaggy

  15. Mischief May 27, 2012

    That bieber thing is staged to give him the edgy look for his new urban sound Girl have a seat rihanna is more of a thug than you

  16. QueenOfTheNavy May 27, 2012

    Have a SEAT!
    This is so staged. Clearly his team are trying to push this bad boy angle and that ‘swaggy’ song didn’t do the trick.

    You expect me to believe that Justin Bieber is out and about WITHOUT security and then flips at a member of the paparazzi? B**** please, NOBODY is fooled.

    These celebrities make it their mission to be photographed and spoken about so this ‘f*** the paps’ b******* can take a hike because they ALL (including Beyonce) love the attention.
    The smart ones just know how to be subtle about it.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 27, 2012

      one word : GAGA !!!!!!!!!
      now this is how you deal with Papz !

  17. BritneyBiatch May 27, 2012

    Im sorry but anyone who believes this is a real should be slapped.

    They REALLY want us to believe this puny little punk tried to fight this big guy? Try again. And as for Ms. Selena… I expected more from you young lady,

  18. JER May 27, 2012

    following in Chris Brown’s footsteps already? Or is this another “PUNK’D” prank

    • darren May 27, 2012

      As I said before:darren Replied:
      May 27th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

      What does Chris Brown have to do with Justin beating the paz ass. He’s young and probably want some kind of private time to himself & his girl. For him to jump out of the truce something had to have happened. You don’t know what happened . Also he’s human just like Chris Brown. If anyone is Psycho it’s your childish ass for making that comment but hay everyone is intilted to their opinions but yours we could do without

      • mobwife May 28, 2012


  19. soulmusiclover May 27, 2012

    LMAO! this kid is funny! i understand it can be annoying to have paparazzi following you all the time, but they’re just doing their job! maybe he should have thought about it before he decided to become a singer

    • darren May 27, 2012

      Look Rihanna hates the paparazzi also. She is always telling them to get out her way. Willow Smith said that she wish she was not famous because of these pap following her around. So it’s not just Justin

  20. BritneyBiatch May 27, 2012

    the paparazzi are not psychic, someone told them where he was and i get the feeling it was his management.

    oooh and I see he was wearing knee pads. Off to Usher’s crib after Justina?

  21. beliber#1 May 27, 2012

    I don’t belive this is true but if it is I dought that Justin would do something like this!! N 2 all those people who keep sayin “followin after Chris brown” shut the f*** up that was then n this is now!!!!

  22. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 27, 2012

    why ppl treat paparazzi like this ?! like they are not bugs , right ?

    and they do their job , right ?

    those people are famous and did their best to be on magazines and newspapers every second. then why they get upset by papz ? just why ? you chose to be a celeb then you gotta accept it’s advantages AND disadvantages ! like it is the case with every decision we make !! right ?

    and what did this man did to get slapped and humiliated like that from a girl like justine ?! does he think he’s above everybody just because he can sing and dance “arguably” ?!!!!

    seriously , those celebs are too much !! and part of me think this is a publicity stunt to get ppl’s attention to know about his upcoming hopefully flop album.

    i wonder why lady gaga don’t have such troubles with papz ?! 🙄

    and calling the police ?! welcome , attention w**** !! 😡

  23. Scott May 27, 2012

    Why does the pap have a different camera in the 2nd pic?

  24. Malaysia Gipson May 27, 2012

    umm kinda looks like he has been doing drugs and looks a bit deranged

  25. Nick May 27, 2012

    I don’t think it’s real.

    but this kid should already no if he wants to be in show biz now days it’s required especially when you have little talent you must be followed by the papz to keep your exposure and attention or else without papz your nothing. he should no his fans want to see him on people magazines every week. so he should just ignore the papz and go by his business or find another way to keep yourself away from them a lot of celebs do who hate the attention!

  26. QueenOfTheNavy May 27, 2012

    well looky here. Why does the pap have a different camera in the second picture. Where did he have time to switch cameras between brawling with Justine eh?


  27. NatiBiebs May 27, 2012

    Wanna know the difference about Chris Brown and Justin? Chris beat his girl, Justin beat the asshole who disrespected his girl.

    • JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 27, 2012

      how u know justine disrespect selena??!! plzz shut up

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      Chris Brown defended himself from what’s her name as well all have a right to do (male or female maked no difference, keep you hands to yourself) so STFU!

  28. ERIC May 27, 2012

    Staged. He wants desperately for people to buy into his new bad boy image.

  29. lolax May 27, 2012


  30. CH May 27, 2012

    This is staged Justin read that no one was buying his new adult image that he and the label had to do something to up his street cred. (so Id like to believe)

  31. uh May 27, 2012

    …wtf is coming out of his pants?

  32. badgirl May 27, 2012

    lil boy get yo @ss back in that truck and just drive off. The paps aren’t going anywhere when will these idiots realize this. Now u just leave yourself open for a lawsuit, dummy!!!

  33. KD May 27, 2012

    I blame Chris Brown

    • oops May 28, 2012

      @kd and I blame your stupidity… smh

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      Actor Sean Penn, who BEAT WIVES Madonna and Robin Wright-Penn yet won an Oscar and is currently the Ambassador to Hati, has smacked up and kicked more Paparazzi than he has years on this earth. If you want to blame someone – because of course Bieber can’t be held resposnible for his own actions – then blame SeanPenn!

  34. JoArmy&CarrieUnderwoodArmy May 28, 2012

    it cant stand dis b****…omg……….dis b**** and his lesbian fren need to get back in the van

  35. QueenSize May 28, 2012

    You put your hands on me white boy…your checks are mine.

  36. lola May 28, 2012

    If this is real, Justin is stupid because now he’ll go to jail or get probation. His bony, feminine looking ass needs to stop trying to act all hard! The only time you hit someone is if they hit you first, was about to hit you, or got in your face. He and Selena have been prancing around the beach groping each other and they are not new to the paparazzi! If they’re getting on your nerves… you call the damn cops, not hit them and then they call the cops. I think paparazzi should be illegal, but if you think about it, skanks like Kim Kardashian, the Jersey Shore crew, Rihanna, and even Paris Hilton wouldn’t be famous! I think he got inspiration from that jerk Will Smith! Will Smith got away with slapping a dude just got greeting him with a peck. Um…. Pushing him off was good enough and the right thing to do, but to just give him a weak ass slap like “take that” was so damn stupid! The guy obviously backed off when you pushed him off asshole.

  37. michael May 28, 2012

    This is a publicity stunt setted up by his pr. They tryna market him as a bad boy. Which hes not. Come on nobody got scared of justin. This whole thing is staged. He has a deal set up with diffrent photo agency. Where they will stage pics. Sell em to weekly magazine and gossip sites. Justin split the earnings 50/50 with the photo agency. I cant wait tull this bieber fever faze to go away. Where is justin timberlake when you need him. I cant wait until isiah hurts takes justin bieber place and shuts him down.

  38. mr.m May 28, 2012


    I swear if Justin wasn’t THAT famous .. that paparazzi would kick the s*** out of his ASS!!!!!
    The paparazzi acted weak and Justin believed it
    and at the end of the day he will sue him and get his $$$

    FLOPtin beiber

  39. Juize May 28, 2012

    OMG he looks like a superhero on the second picture haha

  40. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 28, 2012

    I don´t like paparazzi. I mean, yeah they do their job but all the f****** time? It´s too much, it´s normal that a celebrity gets out of control once in a while cos of the persecution. I can´t blame them. Here in Spain they focus on certain people and they don´t stop until something happens, they provoke the celebrity
    In this particular case, I don´t know if it was a publicity stunt, but if it wasn´t I understand him
    That said… does anybody care about J Beiber musically? haha

    • mobwife May 28, 2012

      They hound and abuse certain people in the biased American media all of the time. Chris Brown is the latest in a string of entertainers that included Michael Jackson and Whitny Houston, to constantly be harrassed! Whitney litereally was hounded up until the DAY SHE DIED! Then they continued to denigrate her & her NON-CELEBRITY daughter for weeks after her death. Anna Nichole Smith was another that the media hounded into an early grave! I just don’t blame celebrities and entertainers for going off when they are constantly abused by the paparizzi & press!

      As an enterainer JB is as exciting as a root canal! 🙂

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) May 28, 2012

        Total agreement then LOL

  41. Blackman May 28, 2012


  42. Jade May 28, 2012

    The HULK unleashed!!!!

  43. piinghua May 28, 2012

    How come there’s no picture, video or whatsoever bout’ the fight? :/

  44. mobwife May 28, 2012

    Details are sketchy my A$$!

    Justin Bieber simply got tired of being hounded and had a human moment. I’m tired of people acting like celebrities aren’t human beings. Today’s paparazzi are savage and mean. They will do anyhing for a picture. Media is equally savage and hateful. They will do and say anything to sell a story to a public willing to believe anything negative about a person they can find. Either way both Justin and Selena are MEDIA DARLING’S so this will soon be forgotten trust in that if you believe nothing else in life!

  45. OpD2 May 28, 2012

    the m papz are mad annoying they are like f-cking roaches,it bet it,s not wasy for them celebs to keep there cool all the time,sometimes they snap.

  46. She’s s***. she’s back. she’s lasha. May 28, 2012

    S.T.A.G.E.D. (:

  47. James June 15, 2012

    I love how people get into arguments on here and nobody knows how to spell, or use punctuation, or, much less, proper grammar. Pop rots the mind apparently. PEACE

  48. TOp June 21, 2012


    Justin Bieber

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