Must See: Rita Ora Shoots ‘Shine Ya Light’ In Kosovo

Published: Sunday 9th Sep 2012 by David

After arriving to a heartwarming welcome days ago, Rita Ora gave the people of Kosovo a lot more to love for her when she shot the video for her new single in the country.

Yes, in keeping to her word, the starlet took to her homeland to shoot the video for her forthcoming single ‘Shine Ya Light‘. A video, you can catch a glimpse of in footage below…

Many thanks to ‘Nana Applehead’.

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  1. Are You Serious? September 9, 2012

    Her album has already fallen out of the top 10 on iTunes after 1 week and Emeli Sande is STILL in the top 10. If that isn’t failure, I don’t know what is.

    • BLUE REAL HIVE September 9, 2012

      her single still there just like r**** she never sell more albums than her singles h**

      • kelly September 9, 2012

        Music of the sun went gold in America in 4 months. It also went gold in the UK in four short months, add the two platinum singles she had – now you know why LA REID refused jealous jayz and beyonce’s request to drop her.

        Yea, as if LA reid is gonna drop a 17 yrold who can go gold and platinum with he demo in four months. Rihanna at 17 has outperformed Frank ocean and many other older and more ‘ talented’

        People lie……..numbers don’t

      • kelly September 9, 2012

        I will be watching Rita Ora’s four months sales tally.

      • kelly September 9, 2012

        She went gold in America and THE UK without youtube, facebook, twitter and selling LP’s for £ 4.99 – which is what Rita ORA’S Album is selling for on amazon.

        She also did not need any celebrity or Beyonce to endorse, she sold on pure star power alone. At 17.

        People lie…….numbers don’t

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      It is failure, considering Rita Ora was touted as being uber talented and promoted, heavily, more than Emeli Sande and many other – even an 18 yr old britney, was heavily promoted like this woman.

      Not only has her LP crashed out, Emeli Sande’s LP came out in FEB and has already sold over 600k, which means she is double platinum in the UK. Lana Del Ray has the second biggest LP in the UK. She sold 50k IN ONE DAY – RITA DONE 41 in one week, Lana has sold 500K by june and her LP came out in January,

      Rita’s big songs were the DJ fresh and the RIP with tinie tempah. Her own song HWD is the worst performing song, I am sure wiley will outsell her singles too. HWD AND RIP have been released globally, Rita even advertises them on her twitter with 1.2 million followers. RIP was cancelled in America and HWD peaked at 62 – in terms of what they done worldwide? NOTHING!

      Same with HOT RIGHT NOW, that flopped worldwide too. Even in Europe, where dance music rules. 3 flops singles and a poor selling Album

      After a year of being shoved down throats as the biggest thing to hit pop since Britney.

      • RIH is Queen September 9, 2012

        Jay z wanted to drop Rihanna?

  2. jermany September 9, 2012

    Cant she live her dream without being ridiculed..she’s such a sweet girl

    • BLUE REAL HIVE September 9, 2012

      she is not rihdiculous ur r**** is

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      It is cos they built her up as the biggest thing to come from the UK since Adele, who was gonna dethrone Rihanna – a Proven A list superstar. None of that happened. So, it is embarrassing on her part.

      They built her up, all year as being more talented than everyone ; having a better voice than everyone ; be more fashionable than everyone, and that she has to be a superstar because JAYZ and BEYONCE demand it.

      This has not been done in the music game before, hence why she is a joke.

  3. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 9, 2012

    Rita Ora reminds me of that ugly girl in movies that you kind of like that keeps making moves on somebody way out of her league and you feel bad because you don’t understand hwo she doesen’t notice that she is very unnatrctive.

    Rita Ora should try wearing the traditional islamic women’s outfit because then we would see less of her horrible body, and boy-ish face. #POORDAT

    • BLUE REAL HIVE September 9, 2012

      f*** yo motha

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 9, 2012

      Benron , don’t ever Use “islam” (or any kind of this talk) ever again. u could have told her to cover up her body , why resorting to ugly s*** ?!!

      • Rihanna Navy September 9, 2012

        HIs comments always disgust even tho we are stan for the same person. he, monsterebel and kelly (the crazy b****) need to take a f****** hike. I can’t believe i’m in the same navy as these hating ass fuckers.

  4. That B*tch (would you like a rihfund with that)? September 9, 2012

    This is a nice photo of Rita. I like her with light makeup. When she wears heavy makeup she looks like a man.

    • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 9, 2012

      I’ve been saying that for months.

  5. kelly September 9, 2012

    Today, The UK album charts come out. We will see who the UK pop princess really is.


    wake me when rihanna releases a new single ……. i mean just google kelsnetwork ….

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 9, 2012

      WAKE up b**** and Suck My cockiness …..

  7. StarBey September 9, 2012

    Rita looks amaing in that oic she’s giving life!!!! RIHwhora fans are tooo damn much

  8. Hilly September 9, 2012

    That’s a smart move to go back to her roots and leaves a good image of her country. I hope the video won’t look like “Man Down” so people will stop comparing her with Rihanna. Also I hope it will be more interesting than “How We Do” ’cause the song is fine but the video was boring and déjà vu!

  9. Out of Eden September 9, 2012

    I can see this post is going to turn ugly very quick. Let the queens of vocal harmonies Out of Eden take you to church this sunday afternoon

    • Haute Hottie September 9, 2012

      Yes GOD I loved me some Out of Eden HONEY, that reminds me of days as a carefree youth. <3

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 9, 2012

        Absolutely!!! Have every last one of their albums! Out of Eden slayed and continues to slay even after they decided to retire! Lisa is my girl. She wrote every song and produced or co-prduced every song as well since their second album. This is Your Life is definitely my favorite album of theirs. This is what music is missing these days! Miss OOE

  10. Auntie_Jackie September 9, 2012

    People are forgetting that RIHANNA came out in a much LESS competitive time–when people were still actually BUYING records regularly. You b****** are just hateful, and that’s the end of it. Reggae-island music was all the rage when she released that album. It was decent, but Music of the Sun was successful because she was ‘On Trend’ and she continues to switch her music to whatever it popular for that moment. Anyone could do that if they don’t have integrity, write or produce their own music.


    • kelly September 9, 2012

      excuses, excuses, excuse. Now you wanna blame it on her being signed in 2005 – so now it is 2005’s fault

      lol peep the UK album chart.

      • StarBey September 9, 2012

        @Auntie_Jackie CO f****** sign gur right on point.. ALL rihanna does is sing the damn songs people write for her she cant perform to save her life its torture to watch her on stage… YOU HEAR ME TORTURE

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 9, 2012

      Rihanna came Out in Less competitive time ?!!!

      she came out in 2005 -2006, we had “amerie , destiney’s child were stll relevant , ciara was having it big , cassie , Beyonce was dominating , shakira , etc … ” , it is one thing to hate on rihanna , but to talk lies ………………….. NO.

      and “Music of the sun ” wasn’t successful to Me. with No promo , no hype , no one knew who the f*** is a rihanna honestly , she only had a hit ” PDR” and a semi-hit ” if it’s lovin that u want” , she didn’t have what rita is having now.

      and not everyone who’s talented can be a star , it wasn’t meant for all hun. SORRY

  11. RitaBot3000 September 9, 2012

    if ORA goes to number one in america rihanna will face great shame.

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      Oh sam , you never mentioned the album charts. Rita ora has dropped to number 3 – she got whupped by the vaccines and two door cinema – who did not have the highest sales opening themselves.

      LOL LOL Rita ora is such an overrated non motherfcuking factor. Go on the daily mail and see what the comments. are about her: overrated and rihanna wannbe.

      Now she is trying to do a reagge song and video like shut up a drive, only, she is not west indian or can she make a song as hot as shut up and drive.

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      If Rita Ora gets dropped, Rita will face great shame.

  12. Dalmat September 9, 2012


  13. MC September 9, 2012

    “After arriving to a heartwarming welcome days ago” but there were like 7 girls there to welcome Rita. It takes time to build a fan-base and a brand no one becomes a superstar by night, Sam gosh.

  14. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 9, 2012

    hmmm , Let’s Just Explain :

    This B**** Is KIND of Dominating the UK ATM just like When every Uk act show up in UK ” see one direction”, AND we all know UK is where Rihanna’s Hardcore fanbase’s habitat ! cuz US’s Navy Is the weakest and No one use them , European NAVY >>> , so I do Understand Why Some of The navy have problem With Rita. She’s attacking the navy at the core !!!

    This was for the ppl Who were wondering why some of the navy go In on Rita ….

    another thing is , how many singles she have now At the moment ?!! is she doing as beyonce , pulling many singles and see what sticks the most ?!! ” R.I.P , how we do , Roc The Life , Radioactive , and now Shine ya light ?!!!! 😯 ” MAAAAN , i know it is tough , but enough is enough !!!

  15. StarBey September 9, 2012

    Haterz shut the f*** up !!!!!!! Rihanna didnt start at the f****** top , she became known/mega star on her third album/the chris brown fight. Yall act like she was always the way she is now Rita is a f****** new artist she have to get all the promo and hype she can get to get her name out there. The industry is more competitive than ever and Jay z know what the f*** he is doing, ONLY a dumb c*** would think he is ruining this girl’s career he is going to make her a star and I shall laugh in the haterz face

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      Why the f*** do u keep comparing 17 yrd olf Rihana to Rita Ora?

      The buck stops at Rita Ora. It has nothing to do with Rihanna or what Rihanna done at 17.

      • StarBey September 10, 2012

        @Kelly Cause its the f****** same you ass, dont you see it doesn’t matter about what age Rihanna was the point is she had to start small in order to make it where she is now and Rita is doing the same damn thing gosh You people act like Rihanna started out as a mega star .. Rita is a new artist and it will f****** tke time for her to break the US, Rihanna cant get a #1 album after 7 yrs in the game an she is big . Rihanna’s first #1 in the UK was in 2007 Rita has #1 singles in the UK so far she is f****** doing good If she continues to so good in the Uk she could cross over like Adele did…

  16. StarBey September 9, 2012

    @Kelly Shut up Ora is at #3 on Uk chart so shut up and let the gurl be, stop f****** worrying about rita an worry about when Rihanna will finally get a #1 album in the US or help her pass 210k in the first week.. Maybe if you wasn’t worrying so much about Rita TTT would have been Platinum by now nor BattleShit wouldnt be a Flop and Styled to Flop wouldn’t have gotten bad ratings b**** take a several seats right over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  17. Nick September 9, 2012

    This song is fire honEy yesssss

  18. i’m not throwing shade, but… September 9, 2012

    What exactly is a “must watch” about the video clip?

  19. Arie September 9, 2012

    If only she would distance herself from all this Rihanna comparison. It would have been fine if this was her second album atleast then she would be chalenging for a title. She is always gonna play second as long as the Rihanna/ Chris thing is still out there in the Headlines.

  20. kelly September 9, 2012

    Rita personally wants to be ROBYN fenty.

    • Love on top September 9, 2012

      You my girl need a life you have a rita ora obsession

      • kelly September 9, 2012

        And Rita Ora has a Robyn Fenty Obession, even walking around trying to speak in her accent.

        POOR DAT!

      • Love on top September 10, 2012

        Girl Rihanna stole rita look I can pull up all the photos b**** don’t embarrass yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna wants to be madonna!!!!!!!!!! And to top it the b**** Can’t sing a b**** Can’t hit a note a B**** can’t get a number 1 album a b**** just cant

  21. Love on top September 9, 2012

    Why are poeple comparing Rihanna sales to rita? Rita is on her 1st album and ri is on her 6th? People forget rihanna debut peaked in the top 40 on the UK charts? How pathetic is the navy the girl has just released her album and they all on her d***? Threatened much

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      OK. We will all compare Rita Ora’s 1st LP to Lana Del Ray’s first LP.

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      Threatened by who? Emeli Sande? No, she has done selling nearly a million albums in the UK in 7 months.But She will not be on Rih’s level.

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      Threatened by who? You ar talking about an act who has managed to sell at least half a million records, right?

      Cos I know you are not trying to compare Rih to some basic b**** with leas than 100k of LP sold?

      • Love on top September 10, 2012

        You dumb fat low Self esteem having C***!!!!! Less than 100k? She released it 3 countries 2 week ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hiting the top 2 in all 3 (2 #1) how on earth are you coming for someone album that’s not even a month? Did you forget how poor rihanna debut sold? You forget outta that 6 albums only 2 actually sold!!!!!!!!!!!! You call rita s*** yet compare her to rihanna? You need to check yourself and Let me remind of how rihanna stole rita look I’ll pull up that pics as fast rihanna opens her leg for a rapper don’t temp Fat h**

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      But she sold 500k in 4 moths in the USA – GOLD

      100K in the UK in four months – GOLD

      We will see what Ora sells in fours months. One month down, another 3 to go.

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      Lana del rays first ever album/. UK; 50K in one day, over 100K in week

      Rita Oar – 41K in one week

      Even less in week two – HA HA HA HA HA WIG SNATCHED!

  22. Love on top September 9, 2012

    RANDOM: something is wrong with this post? Why is half the comments rihanna fans #SadPathetic just low man yall are just………….. #icant

    • kelly September 9, 2012

      In the same way, 90% of post on Rita ora’s fan club are about rihanna and there envy, that she is a star and rita is not.

      #SadPathetic just low man yall are just………….. #icant

      • kelly September 9, 2012


      • Love on top September 10, 2012

        No honey Rita stans are not on rihanna post If your ass would go check you will see that you KELLY aka LAX aka Honestly speaking is all over that post and beyhive . Katycats b**** have a seat you just a sad mother f***** Rita ora obsession lol #sad

  23. Dann September 10, 2012

    I am sure KELLY is a Serbian b**** that writes against Rita in every site possible thinking that their propaganda works outside politics too. Stupid Serbs still watching the world through Slobodan Milosevic ( the balkans slaughter ) ‘s glasses..!

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