Watch: Kelly Performs ‘My Country Tis Of Thee’ At President Obama 2012 Inauguration

Published: Monday 21st Jan 2013 by David

Kelly Clarkson served a rousing rendition of ‘My Country Tis Of Thee’ moments ago, in celebrating President Obama’s second Inaugural event, celebrating his second term in Office.

How did she fare?

Watch below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. BEYSUS CHRIST January 21, 2013

    F*** THIS POST BEYONCES NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CHUDDS January 21, 2013

    Her and Bey were both GREAT!

    • BEYSUS CHRIST January 21, 2013

      Kelly was good

      Beyonce was Phenomenal

  3. Lax January 21, 2013

    BUT, BACK IN 2007,,,,,


    • oh baby (b****** will Deal) January 21, 2013

      Chile Whitney sang that national anthem in the 90’s not in the 21st century!

    • Sleazy January 21, 2013

      @LAX bey slayed! When will rihanna? Never! That b**** can’t even hold a note

      • fuzzy wuzzy January 21, 2013

        Rihanna could never and will never because she is not American….. besides the fact that she cant sing.
        Kelly didn’t a better job than Beyonce, i was feeling this more.

      • Diego January 21, 2013


      • SIP YOUR PEPSI AND WATCH YOUR B**** FLOP IN 2013!!! WHILE RIHANNA SLAYS!!! January 22, 2013


    • CHUDDS January 21, 2013

      Back in 2007? Really honey? Don’t you mean ’91? Smh…

    • mob: that chick Elaine Brown January 21, 2013


      PREACH!! No one has been able to come close to WHITNEY HOUSTON’S rendition. No matter what the fake media and delusional stans have to say!!

      Kelly & Beyonce did well though! IMO!!

  4. SHA (I have DESTROYED Rita WhOra now PAIGE THOMAS) January 21, 2013


  5. oh baby (b****** will Deal) January 21, 2013

    I liked it but I thought the music was louder than her voice. My girl BEYONCÉ ON THE OTHER HAND. MY MY MY. SLAYED WHILE LOOKING LIKE CLASS PERSONIFIED. goodjob to kKelly though!

    • BEYSUS CHRIST January 21, 2013


      • oh baby (b****** will Deal) January 21, 2013

        I know girl and she looked stunning, sounded amazing…Ahhh damn near perfect! Goosebumps for days

  6. Touché January 21, 2013

    She sounded good.

  7. beafan January 21, 2013

    lads and gents

    this is how you do it

  8. mob: that chick Elaine Brown January 21, 2013

    She did well IMO! The soulful Kelly is the one I like best! That country music sh** she can keep!

  9. Girrrl January 21, 2013

    She slayed and actually sounded better than Beyonce.

    • @PEGGYHYLS5 on instangram January 21, 2013

      Where is R****? Duh

      • Jeffery January 21, 2013

        Don’t worry Riho will do something stupid for the attention. Getting high,Take off her clothes all on twitter.

    • Kevin January 22, 2013

      Bigger fan of Beyonce, but Kelly Clarkson slayed it. No doubt.

  10. @PEGGYHYLS5 on instangram January 21, 2013

    S*** boring basic b****

    • Likica January 22, 2013

      She sings better than ur fav and Breakaway has outsold your fav’s best selling solo album to date, Dangerously In love.

  11. jj January 21, 2013

    To be completely fair and impartial, her performance was better than beyonce’s..

    • jjenn January 21, 2013

      i agree

    • jason January 21, 2013


      • Jeffery January 21, 2013

        Hi Kelly sounds like she was singing through her nose.

    • Kevin January 22, 2013


  12. Yawn January 21, 2013

    Beyonce was dope, but Kelly Saaaang!!!!

  13. Nichole January 21, 2013

    Kelly did GREAT.

    She had the best vocal performance.

  14. Music January 21, 2013

    I am fans of both Beyonce’ and Kelly, but let’s keep it 100: Kelly SLAYED Beyonce’. You know you’ve done an excellent job when the Congressman AFTER you says “WOWWWWWW….”.

  15. jjenn January 21, 2013

    beyonce did good..but to be fair and un biased kelly was soul full just amazing..amazing

  16. pat January 21, 2013

    the range, the power…..this b**** owned

  17. Gigi January 21, 2013

    Sounded way better than Beyonce. Beyonce is sooo overrated.

  18. Chillin January 21, 2013

    I actually thought Kelly KILLEDDD it..the band was loud..but her vocal skills were amazing..Beyonce kept it safe

  19. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ January 21, 2013

    I like it, I think she did well.

  20. You Wanna Bey Me January 21, 2013

    Kelly did great! But bey Gave me what I wanted, sorry

  21. lol January 21, 2013

    I’m blown away !

  22. JOHNVIDAL January 21, 2013

    Wow. Not a fan of hers but she did 10 times better than Beyonce, and LIVE lol. Is in moments like these when you clearly see how much Beyonce fans like to overrate her voice (and I´m saying Beyonce fans cos nobody else considers her that iconic vocalist or something)

    • irene46 January 21, 2013

      i’m not a big fan of bey’s voice but imo she did an amazing job. she had great voice control. kelly was good but sounded like she was straining at times.

  23. dboy6 January 21, 2013

    u sound good but was so informal… they should have pick someone else u made his inauguration look cheap as hell gurl… but u sound great… work on how u present yoself in a formal occasion u been in the game for a minute now act like it

  24. HoneychildPlease January 21, 2013

    Wow she sounded wonderful! Great job kelly!

  25. DJT January 21, 2013

    Much better thab Beyonce’s performance. And what was that self indulgent diva moment that Beyonce had at the end of her performance. Girl, this day wasn’t ansd still isn’t about you… Get over yourself. Amazing (and humble) job Kelly!

  26. irene46 January 21, 2013

    kelly sounded a bit boring at first then really started bringing it. but better than bey…no! however, whitney spanked them both.

  27. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. January 21, 2013


    WHALEonce was just AVERAGE

  28. KingBey January 21, 2013

    Did you guys expect Beyonce to “SANG” the national anthem at the inauguration ? She knows the event wasnt about bringing the attention to herself, which is why she kept it safe, we know she can bring it with this song ie: 2004. Usually y’all are mad about her stealing the show, now she’s not doing enough ? Pick one .

    • all4u1 January 23, 2013

      For your information, Beyonce lip synched the National Anthem.

  29. Angela Wesley January 21, 2013

    At first you couldn’t hear Beyonce voice, but once the sound came out of the
    microphone. You could she was singing in her normal high runs but
    place it safe by singing low – key. Beyonce did good but Kelly has
    the better performance.

  30. Angela Wesley January 21, 2013

    You could tell that she was not singing in her normal High runs.

  31. antertain January 22, 2013


    By the way this is not American Idol, both Kelly C & King Bey did great jobs.
    On point singing and no flops.

    Kelly Clarkson is a singer with a rich soul in her tone.

  32. tits mcgee January 22, 2013

    Kelly rocked!

  33. MyPenIzFresh January 22, 2013

    Kelly was amazing! She truly has a powerhouse voice.. she just doesn’t opt to use it as often. I love the fact that she has truly made a name for herself outside of American Idol.

  34. cocobutta January 22, 2013

    Great job Kelly !! THE END!!

  35. 80s Baby January 22, 2013

    Yes Lord!!! Kelly slayed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of her best performances. Girlfriend can SANNNNGGG!

  36. Ancha February 1, 2016

    Beautiful Indonesia

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