From The Vault: Nelly & Christina Aguilera – ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’

Published: Sunday 19th Mar 2017 by Joe

This week, From The Vault salutes two of the most notable artists of the 00’s.

Today’s pick comes courtesy of Nelly and Pop princess Christina Aguilera and their collaboration ‘Tilt Ya Head Back.’

Issued as the second single from Nelly’s ‘Sweat’ LP in 04, the track was developed as a duet with Britney Spears which never materialized because of her management.

It was then shopped to Janet Jackson and eventually Xtina – who would end up the Hip-Pop star’s female counterpart on the single.


The horn-heavy number was produced by Dorian Moore and Tegemold Newton and samples Curtis Mayfield‘s ‘Superfly’.

Only reaching the 58th position of the Hot 100 (after being overshadowed by Nelly’s own  ‘My Place’), rumor has it promotion for the track was cooled because of Aguilera seemingly outshining Nelly on his own song.


Little X directed the 1940’s inspired video which depicted Nelly as a dapper gangster who falls for a Marilyn Monroe esque Aguilera. The visual, together with the pair’s MTV VMA’s performance, led the press to believe that the pair were an item.

[Sidenote: It’s safe to say this was the very first musical and visual indicator of Aguilera’s next move, which turned out to be the ‘Back To Basics’ era.]


Today, both names remain relevant in their own right – a testament to their respective staying power.

Musically, though…

We are salivating for new Christina material in a special kind of way.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Truthtea March 19, 2017

    Fun fact: Nelly’s label pulled this from radio and haulted further promotion bc Xtina overshadowed Nelly on his own song. That’s how you know you’re that b*tch everybody loves to hate!

    • Meteorite March 19, 2017

      Oh I believe that, because it later came out that Britney and Madonna had Christina’s microphone turned off after she sung her part because they didn’t want to be outshined by her. And if you go back and listen to that VMA preformance you’ll notice that you can’t hear her after her part. Sips ☕️

      • AmbeRussell March 19, 2017

        I always noticed that, after watching it on YouTube years later. That is probably why she was so bitter afterwards; she dissed their song/music video and the performance. I would be low key tight too. Yeah she performed again that night, but don’t take my shine away BC yours isn’t bright enough. They. Knew what having Chris up there, what that meant, so why not just have Madonna and Britney?

  2. AmbeRussell March 19, 2017

    There is a Britney leaked track online where she performs this song, as his labeled wanted her 1st, but jive felt the song was too urban. (Dumb BC she was going that route with in the zone). Curious how she would have faired out the whole. Christina embodied the character and style of that 1940s jazz singer where Britney would if just wore the costume and did her own 00s pop vocal.

  3. Erica March 19, 2017

    Yeah this is meant for Britney she was too busy at the time so he went for Christina

  4. Suicide Blonde March 19, 2017

    I totally forgot about this song.

  5. mr.m March 19, 2017

    underrated song.
    It could’ve been so big if it wasn’t for nelly’s flop label

  6. Truthtea March 19, 2017

    they only get the best of the best so they went with Xtina!

  7. Mimi Carey March 19, 2017

    Never heard this song a day in my life.

    • Mariah Carey March 20, 2017

      You’re an imposter! I’m the real Mariah dahhhling!

  8. Fake loooove March 19, 2017

    Reminds me of 2002’s Joshua Crenshaw “Not Down Fa Ya” featuring Nelly.

  9. eric March 19, 2017

    LOL. I forgot all about this. It definitely seems more Christina’s song than Nelly’s. I can also hear Britney singing it, but not Janet; this has never been Janet’s style.

  10. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017

    Lol next

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