Hitmaker Ne-Yo serves up another taste of his ‘R.E.D’ LP today with the video premiere for its latest single – ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)’.

What are you waiting for? Peep the visual after the jump…


Get your first look at TV One’s highly anticipated new reality series ‘R&B Divas’.  Highlighting the day ins-and-outs of 5 noted female R&B vocalists – Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt, Syleena Johnson, Nicci Gilbert, and Monifah Carter – the show is set to land on screens August 20th.

Once also including ‘Oops Oh My’ maestra Tweet, the aforementioned five are set to shed light on their time away from the limelight as well as show the behind the scenes action of their family lives, recording sessions, and more..  With LPs also reported to be in the works for each artist, here’s hoping that the show acts as a well deserved springboard to put these ladies back on charts where they belong:



She just may have the whole world in her hands.  For, despite the recent arrival of multiple lawsuits against her, ‘Celebration’ singer Madonna may have cause to do just that as reports indicate the Pop queen is ruling tour charts across the globe.

Leaving her nearest competitors, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, in her rearview…


Brandy may be The Vocal Bible, yet she proved that she knows how to ‘Put It Down’ on the dancefloor. Case, point, Access Hollywood‘s behind the scenes look at the singer’s rehearsals for an upcoming promotional appearance.

Watch Ms. Norwood pop it and drop it to the lead single from her ‘Two Eleven’ LP below…


Can you guess who was spotted soaking up the sun with her billionaire boyfriend in Italy today? Find out after the jump…

Hint: We interviewed her in May.


Get very excited!

Tonight, JoJo released a brand spanking new song ‘Demonstrate’, a released teased by the belter earlier on in the week.

Without further delay, get into ‘Demonstrate’ below…


Ever the innovator, today saw 16 time Grammy winner Beyonce whip her ‘Beyhive‘ up into a frenzy like never before.

For, at the launch of event for Nas’ new LP ‘Life Is Good‘, the maestra unveiled a fresh new do- seemingly inspired by her ‘Get Together‘ belle Solange.

As we’re sure you can’t wait to see what we’re talking about, hit 0:52 mark on the clip below and let us know what you think…


Despite being seven months into the year, music lovers still have a lot to look forward to as far as LP’s released in 2012 go.

From Rita Ora‘s ‘ORA’ to Ciara‘s ‘One Woman Army’, Leona‘s ‘Glassheart’ to Azealia’s ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’, it’s safe to say the world is a little spoiled for choice this time around… especially now production of Rihanna‘s seventh effort is underway.

So, ever eager to gauge your interests, That Grape Juice asks:

Which 2012 LP are you looking forward to?

And more interestingly…

Which of these are you actually planning to buy?


Boy you got my heartbeat runnin’ away...”

After numerous attempts to dethrone reigning Rap Diva Nicki Minaj, it seems Lil Kim has decided to become a lover…and not a fighter.

For as evident in the snap above, the ‘Crush On You’ Royal seems to have found love with aspiring star Mr. Papers, who recently came head to head with  the Rapper’s fans-  who accused him of delaying her long awaited comeback.

Uploading the ‘interesting’ pics on social networking site Twitter, the pair are reported to have begun work on her new release, which fans have been expecting since Christmas 2011 but are yet to receive any news on.

It also arrives after she came under fire from Talk Show Queen Wendy Williams and ‘Fantasea‘ darling Azealia Banks.

Williams’ remarks below…


Without a doubt, Fergie remains one of Pop’s more gifted vocalists.

However, in what we’d say is her only flaw as a belter, she has a habit of ‘oversinging’… well-screaming her songs.

Unfortunately, this trait is all too evident in her new song ‘Feel Alive’, released in aid of ‘Step Up Revolution‘ featuring Euro Pop maestro Pitbull.

Listen below…


Meet ‘Pretty Wicked Things‘, the sizzling new track by ‘Armor On‘ firework Dawn Richard.

Launched before the release of her debut album ‘Goldenheart‘, the Druski produced number sees Richard croon of of “the beautiful things in life that get ruined by the wicked”.

Get into the buzz cut below…


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