In an age where talent isn’t a prerequisite for commercial success, Lady GaGa has always been a welcome exception.

So, in what is a testament to her work ethic, vocal ability, vision and skill, last night saw her duet with the iconic ‘Rolling Stones’ in New Jersey, where they arrived on the latest date of their ‘50 & Counting’ outing.

Watch the legends at work below…


She’s the Pop Princess with the voice of an angel, and now, in celebration of her ‘body’ of work, Beyonce has been named the ‘Hottest Female Singer’ of all time, weeks before the release of a brand new single.

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This week’s From The Vault comes courtesy of En Vogue and their overlooked home-run, ‘Riddle’.

Serviced as the first single from their lastest LP  – and second as a trio – 2000’s ‘Masterpiece Theatre’, the radio mix of the track was helmed by hit-factory Stargate and incorporated elements from their 1992 mega hit single ‘My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)’.

Unfortunately, the song didn’t catch on with the audience the same way ‘My Lovin” had almost a decade prior. Indeed, missing out on a Billboard Hot 100 placing, it only managed to reach #32 on the UK tally and chart inside the Top 40 of a few European countries.

Nonetheless, the track’s epic accompanying video ensured it remains a staple in the minds of many an EV3 fan. Crafted by Len Wiseman (of the Underworld series fame), the visual sees our dynamic trio play the role of vindicative scorned women who give a whole new meaning to the concept of “male-bashing”.

A great video which, without a spec of doubt, has aged astonishingly well – so much so that would not look out of place next to similar-themed visuals of today (see: ‘Telephone’, ‘Cry Me A River’ or ‘Caught Out There’).

En Vogue’s current situation is literally making our hearts break, because we firmly believe that out of all the acts who were super-popular in the 90’s, they (original line-up) are the ones who – on the merit of their ability today – could make somewhat of n impact with a comeback. Of course, any such return would be unlikely to yield  consecutive Top 10s”, but they could be a solid and celebrated Urban/AC fixture. For, something about those voices, harmonies, and ever-energetic routines renders the  En Vogue a timeless class act that could never go out of style.

Fingers crossed that the New Year will see the Funky Divas will let bygones be bygones and start focusing on sharing that magic with the world again.

Your thoughts?

She’s the Pop Princess renown for her outlandish fashions, but we’re sure even some of her fans had to pull a double take in NYC yesterday- when Lady GaGa stepped out dressed in the above.

Still hard at work on her third album ‘ARTPOP’, the ‘Starstruck’ singer hit the city with what we can only described as a ‘caged face’, signing autographs for fans as she left her hotel.

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‘Take You Home’ hitmaker Bow Wow took to ‘Sway In the Morning’ to share his thoughts on a number of rumors surrounding his once famous name.   For, the last few weeks have seen Mr. 106 & Park’s name parked atop headlines for his remarks regarding his sexual past as well as the news of his “baby mama” moving on to date rapper HitBoy.

The two topics were just two of many hit by Sway and crew, who also quizzed Bow on his new movie ‘Allegiance’, former relationship with Ciara, and thoughts on other “chicks he’d like to smash”.  As always, intelligent Bow Wow banter ensues above.

We wonder how Ciara feels about this…

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Kim Zolciak made many a headline during her dramatic “exit” from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta recently. And with a confirmed Bravo spin-off titled ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ due to air next year, it seemed all but confirmed that the wig lover had left the franchise behind for good.

Or has she?

In a new interview with, the original cast member sensationally revealed that she could well be back on the show next year:

“If RHOA gets picked up for Season 6, I would consider returning. My priorities were different [this season], but we’ll see what happens.”

Promising fireworks should such an occurrence take place, the 34 year old added:

“I won’t be pregnant! I’ve been pregnant for the last two years. I can handle my own over the five years [of taping the show], but when I’m pregnant I try to keep myself calm because I have another life to take care of. If I’m taping and I’m not pregnant, I’ll be back to my fiery self.”


With Kim’s initial Tweet about leaving the show stressing that it was her “last episode this season”, we were shocked so many took her “departure” at face value. For us, it merely translated as “should my spin-off show bomb, I’ll be back”.

As per our good sis Funky Dineva, the actual cause of friction between Kim and the rest of the cast was the fact that she was getting paid a similar check and doing a fraction of the “work” (see: excuses, no legit “storyline” etc) – behaviour likely due to the season two pick-up of her ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ spin-off.

In any case, the Bravo checks are reportedly sporting many a zero these days, hence should the network deem her return good for ratings, we can’t see Kim, Kroy, and Sweetie turning it down. As for us, we’d entirely welcome it. The Kim/NeNe drama never ceases to serve up the LOL’s.

We’ll be watching how this unfolds.

Your thoughts?


Ever keen on keeping the masses abreast of fresh and/or often underrated talent, That Grape Juice presents ‘The Spill’ – a renewed look at not-so-new, yet active, acts.

Much like its ‘Freshly Squeezed’ sister segment, this revived assay aims to put the magnifying glass on talents who may not appeal to the buying public on a broad scale yet are still serving material that could easily spin side-by-side with some of today’s top hits.

Covering a kaleidoscope of genres, ‘The Spill’ is set to feature some names you probably know and love as well as some you’ll (soon) be glad to know.  Click below to find out the spill on hit R&B singer/songwriter Johnta Austin


 ‘Bad Boy’ beauty Cassie is back!

Indeed, after drumming up modest buzz for her Young Jeezy-assisted ‘Balcony’ a few months ago, the model-with-a-mic is back to strut her multi-octaveless vocals across another mid-tempo number.

Lifted from her mixtape ‘RockaByeBaby’, will ‘End of the Line’ signal an end to masses sleeping on the ‘Me & U’ maestra’s music?  You tell us below:



Guess which chart topper was snapped meeting fans in NYC early this morning.

Hint: Her resume includes a duet with Madonna, a stint on ‘American Idol’ and the launch of her very first fragrance, released earlier on this year.

Find out who it is below…


It seems Trey Songz has more than low album sales to worry about.

For, according to new reports, the R&B star was arrested for assaulting a woman…with money.

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Soulful crooner Luke James stopped by BET’s 106 & Park this week to promote his hot new mixtape ‘Whispers In The Dark’ and video ‘Make Love To Me’.

The free eight song set has been drumming up buzz aplenty since hitting the ‘net on Tuesday, a fact which will no doubt give the New Orleans even more to smile about since scoring his first Grammy nomination.

Watch below as the ever-chilled Luke chats it up with hosts Paigion and Miss Mykie.


TLC‘s T-Boz is gearing up for the debut of her new reality show, ‘Totally T-Boz’.

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