Saturdays Wordshaker

Peep the official album cover for The Saturdays’ sophomore LP ‘Wordshaker’, which hits shops in the UK on October 12th via Geffen. Can you say ‘work’!

Also, check out a snippet of the album’s title track, which judging by this clip needs to be a single ASAP!

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Preview Mario's 'D.N.A'
The folks over at Amazon are previewing the whole of R&B crooner Mario’s latest LP ‘D.N.A’.

Click here to listen

As one of those of felt his last album ‘Go!’ was a criminally underrated gem, these snippets aren’t grabbing me as instantaneously as I would have hoped; I’m not a fan of the first single ‘Break Up’ either. That said, I’ll hold my full judgement until hearing the record in entirety.

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

Sugababes and Jade

Amidst all the drama surrounding the Sugababes, the group visited BBC Radio 1 yesterday to premiere the new version of their latest single, the Red One produced ‘About A Girl’, with new vocals by their latest addition Jade Ewen.

Without slinging mud Jade’s way, I must say, I prefer Keisha’s version by a mile. Something about this re-recorded version conveys a generic and rushed aura. Take a listen to each version, and let us know which you prefer:

Keisha’s version:

Jade’s version:

Hit or Miss?


In other Sugababes news, check out their interview with Radio 1’s Scott Mills yesterday, in which they discuss Keisha’s departure and more.

Part 1

Part 2

While Jade came across well, I can’t say the same about Amelle and Heidi. If either were as media-trained as they should be at this time, they would have ascertained that it is not in their best interest to come across defiant or nonchalant about the past week’s events (especially Amelle); as, regardless of what was popping off behind-the-scenes, Keisha essentially was the Sugababes and should never have been booted.To think two people who weren’t even there at the group’s conception are the one’s lobbying for her ejection is disgusting. We don’t know what went on behind the scenes, yet if it was that volatile, surely the group could have just disbanded with their credibility in-tact – after this album. Instead, they are largely considered a joke by most now, and will have the utmost of up-hill struggles trying to claw back any notion of respect they once had. IMO, Heidi and Amelle seem so comfortable in the group, so much so that forcibly ousting the founding (and let’s be realistic, most talented) member was the only way forward. Heidi mentioned that she had to make the right decision, yet anyone with half-a-braincell (which makes me wonder about their management too) would have foreseen the backlash they’d receive after all this and let that factor into making such a decision. It’s actually all quite a shame, as – take away the group’s history etc – the current line-up do look great and, if  they were a new group, would actually stand quite a chance (particularly as we don’t have anything like them in the UK). However, the reality is that poor Jade has been thrust into a pretty sh*tty situation and it feels as if the group’s days are numbered.SMH….

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R&B star Ashanti stopped by the Early Show on CBS earlier this week to promote her stint as Dorothy on the Broadway adaptation of The Wiz, performing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’.

Like I’m sure Ms. Douglas is herself, I’m pretty fed up with her improved vocal delivery going so unnoticed. IMO, Ashanti really is underrated.

Any way, as one of those quite looking forward to her next studio effort, I’m still quite perplexed as to what the hell is going on with her label-wise. That moose, Irv Gotti, a few months back, insisted on telling the world Ashanti had been dropped from The INC / Universal Motown; yet reports later indicated she is still signed with them?

What do you think of the performance?


After a somewhat tumultuous few months, a period which saw him sign and severe ties with Timabland and Lil’ Wayne’s labels, Omarion today announced that he has signed a new deal with EMI. Check out the report below via MTV:

The former B2K frontman announced Thursday (September 24) that he signed a new deal with EMI to create his own imprint StarWorld Entertainment. Through the pact, the Los Angeles native will release his next project, Ollusion, due November 24. Just last month, Omarion united forces with Lil Wayne and joined the rapper’s Young Money roster. However, shortly after the news broke, the singer mysteriously parted ways with the camp.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for the genius of Lil Wayne and the entire Young Money family,” he said in a statement. “I asked to be released from the label to pursue other opportunities that were recently presented to me. Because of our relationship, Lil Wayne had no issue with us ending our business relationship and released me from the label.”

Prior to linking with Lil Wayne, O partnered with Timbaland in 2008, but the union didn’t result in any material being released through the producer’s Mosley Music Group.

Omarion will now ready his third solo album, which will feature collaborations from Tank, Fabolous and Gucci Mane on the first single, “I Get It In,” set to debut October 5.

“My style has evolved so much on this album,” Omarion said in a statement. “I was able to express truly who I am from a creative and artistic standpoint, which allowed me to share a personal side of myself with my fans through my music. This is my masterpiece, and I can’t wait for the world to hear my new album.”

More power to him; it seems ol’ Omari has more lives than Super Mario. Here’s hoping all this label bouncing will result in a worthwhile album. The void Chris Brown has left in the young male R&B/Pop market has been left open for seemingly so long, so this really could be Omarion’s time to shine – providing he ditches the uber nasal singing and the material is half-way decent.

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With all the hysteria surrounding the UK’s #1 girl group, the Sugababes, we here at That Grape Juice were perhaps most surprised by recent events. For, just one week after interviewing the ladies back in August, we filmed our debut ‘That Grape Juice: Rising Star’ episode with Jade Ewen – who a few weeks later would go on to replace the group’s last founding member Keisha Buchanan.

Like just about everyone else, we have our own take on the drama that lead to the ousting of Buchanan; that said, with Jade now set to be thrust into mass conciousness in a big way, there’s no time better than the present to premiere her ‘That Grape Juice: Rising Star’ episode. The 21 year old East Londoner speaks candidly with That Grape Juice about her stint on Eurovision, her journey in the industry so far, her influences, being a carer for her parents,  Mariah Carey’s voice, her now-uncertain (solo) debut LP, and eerily enough her take on the Sugababes! All this and much more. A very interesting watch, if I must say so myself. Enjoy!

Your thoughts on TGJ Rising Stars: Jade Ewen?

That Grape Juice Update


Welcome back to That Grape Juice! Hopefully, it’s not necessailry a welcome back for most – as I’d like to think most of you came to join us over at our temporary home over the last week or so. *It pretty much goes without saying now, that you can now access That Grape Juice via our normal address – again*

Now, you’re probably wondering ‘where the hell is the new design Sam was blabbing about?!’ LOL. Well, please do hold tight as it will be ready any day now (literally!). Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that That Grape Juice is now hosted on WordPress! While you probably aren’t noticing much of a difference; I’ll just say, that you will very soon!

Words cannot express how thankful I am for your baring with us. It really is a testament to the fact that thousands continue to enjoy the work we’ve been putting in for the last 2 and a half years. You are all very much appreciated.

In the meanwhile, you know where to keep it locked – your favourite site and mine – That Grape Juice!

Review up shortly…
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Peep Mya doing her thing on the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars. More power to her!
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The latest incarnation of controversial group the Sugababes filmed the video for their new single ‘About A Girl’. Judging by these pics, it looks like new girl Jade Ewen will feature quite prominently in this one.
This whole situation doesn’t sit well with me at all. SMH. Check out a full report via the Daily Mail on the latest on the group after the pics…
These are the pictures that will break axed Sugababe Keisha Buchanan’s heart.
Dressed in sexy bondage-inspired outfits, her former bandmates Amelle Berrabah and Heidi Range and her replacement Jade Ewen were spotted shooting the raunchy video for their next single About A Girl.
Hours after announcing the news on Twitter, the 24-year-old headed out to the Red Bull Fashion Factory party in London on Monday night.
But after attempting to put on a brave face, she was reduced to tears in the middle of the party and had to be comforted by Oritse Williams of JLS.
Just two weeks ago, at a gig in London’s Movida, Keisha talked exclusively to MailOnline about how she had been preparing to shoot the new video, which was being filmed yesterday without her in the Santa Clarita desert just outside of LA.
The founding member of the group revealed she had given up junk food and her love of KFC to get in shape to shoot the song, produced by RedOne who has also worked with Lady Gaga.
It was on that night that rumours of a rift between the girls surfaced after Amelle failed to show up, leaving Keisha and Heidi to sing as a duo.
At the time Keisha said Amelle’s no-show was down to a close friend of hers being involved in a car crash.
But the rumour mill went into overdrive and just days later reports suggested that Amelle had quit the group following a bust-up with Keisha.
According to reports, the Sugababes’ management had this week been auditioning new members behind Keisha’s back and re-recording her vocals which feature on the group’s upcoming album Sweet 7.
It is expectedly to be hastily re-worked with Jade’s vocals before its release on November 23.
Reports in today’s Sun newspaper also suggest that Heidi was the chief plotter behind the events which tore the band apart.
The publication claimed the 26-year-old brokered a secret deal with Amelle, 25, to see off Keisha over fears her headstrong nature could cause problems as they promoted their music Stateside.
A source told the newspaper: ‘Keisha clashed with Amelle since she joined. Heidi did not want to be in a position where a big bust-up might arise while they’re promoting their material Stateside.
‘So she persuaded management a less headstrong character would be better suited to the group.’
Speaking of Keisha’s breakdown on Monday night, a source at the London Fashion Week party, in New Oxford Street, said: ‘Michelle Williams [of Destiny’s Child] was the first to share words of encouragement.
‘But it all got too much for Keisha, who started to cry in the middle of the party and Oritse from JLS had to comfort her.
‘It was heartbreaking. She felt devastated about what happened and thinks everyone thinks she’s a b***h when she did everything she could to make it work between her and Heidi and Amelle.’
Keisha’s Sugababe replacement, 21-year-old Jade Ewen, was poached from her own record label a week ago, despite releasing her single My Man only yesterday. Jade will join Amelle and Heidi Range.

A source said: ‘Jade was approached by the Sugababes’ record label Island last week and pretty much bundled onto a plane to LA on the same day, where they were shooting the next video.’

Jade represented the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, singing My Time. The source added: ‘Her profile’s pretty big since Eurovision, but she felt she couldn’t say no.

‘Her own record label didn’t even know she had gone, so were getting panicky.’
Posting a message on Twitter, Buchanan, who has been in the band for 11 years, said: ‘Although it was not my choice to leave, it’s time to enter a new chapter in my life.’


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Much is going on behind the scenes (don’t fret, it’s all good stuff!). In the meanwhile, check out this special ‘Making of’ episode MTV aired for Janet’s recent VMA tribute to her late brother, The King of Pop Michael Jackson.
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Breaking: Keisha Leaves The Sugababes; Gets Solo Deal
In a shocking new twist, Keisha Buchanan has left the Sugababes – not Amelle – and has been replaced by Jade Ewen This confirmed on the group’s official site:

Sugababes Statement
Monday 21st September

The current line-up of the Sugababes has disbanded.

Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah will continue as the Sugababes and will be joined by new member Jade Ewen. They release their album ‘Sweet 7’ on November 23rd through Island Records.

Keisha Buchanan will continue to record for Island Records as a solo artist. {Source}

*UPDATE* Keisha has taken to her Twitter to address her departure from the group:

Dear Friends,

I’m sad to say that I am no longer apart of the Sugababes.

I’ve had a great time and have achieved more then I ever thought I would.

Although it was not my choice to leave, it’s time to enter a new chapter in my life
I have nothing but positive things to say about the girls and I wish them the best of luck.

I would like to state that there were no arguments, bullying or anything of the sort that lead to this.

Sometimes a break down in communication and lack of trust can result in many different things.

I would also like to point out that I have always supported the girls and they have also supported me.

Remember my drunk pictures out with Amelle, supporting her on her success with Tinchy Stryder… Oh the shame… But what a fun night we had

Now I’m going to take some time to focus on me. I’ve been in this band for 11 years and I have achieved so much.

I have a great family and friends who are behind me 100% and at the age of 24, I’m now going out into this world on my own…

Although im nervous… I’m still very excited on what lies ahead. 🙂

I want to thank the Sugababes fans and my fans for all your support and all who have never judged me, but excepted me for who I am…The feisty, funny, professional, fearless, motor mouth… lol

This is not the end… but the beginning!!!!

Thank you always… Keisha xxx

*UPDATE 2* The plot thickens… News of the World editor Dan Wotten has taken to his Twitter account to spill the beans on some of the behind the scenes drama that has been popping off:




Keisha was booted out of her own band. She is the voice of this band. I feel her treatment has been DISGUSTING. She did EVERYTHING she could.

The Sugababes management were auditioning members and re–recording the album in LA this week BEHIND KEISHA’S BACK. WTF???

She reached out to both Amelle and Heidi. Attempted to find out how she could change to make this work. She had never been cautioned before.

Keisha was told that Amelle is now the Sugababes. How deluded is that? She’s the voice of the band, she wrote the songs. This is WRONG.

I can report Island Records have bn supportive of Keisha. That’s the good news. This was driven by Heidi, Amelle and the band’s management.

Keisha stayed in LA to try and work this out. She was prepared to make compromises to the girls so the line-up could stay in tact.

I must stress Keisha was NOT lying to me on Saturday evening when she said Jade was not joining the band. She did not know at that point.

The management didn’t want a member who could speak for herself and would not be muzzled. That does NOT make her a bully. I know that.

I believe management were not happy with my interview with Keisha telling the TRUTH about Amelle’s disappearance –

Keisha caught the plane to LA with Heidi. They kissed at the airport. But Heidi did NOT stick up for her after all these years.

Keisha is best mates with Leona Lewis. We all know Leona would not be friend with a bully, no way.

Keisha stayed the night at Amelle’s house just three weeks ago. Why would you let your ‘bully’ stay the night?

OMG! To say this is shocking would be an understatement. The sole original member of the group leaves. Wow…I’m kinda speechless. Check back for my full take on this a bit later…
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