Chart Check: Wiz Khalifa Continues Control of Hot 100 As Rihanna Notches New Top 20

Published: Friday 24th Apr 2015 by Rashad
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2014 proved that girls really did run the world as the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 consistently listed more female tenants than their male counterparts for most of the year.  2015 is looking to show otherwise with this week bringing the first time since June 2013 that no female singer was listed in the Billboard’s Hot 100 top 5.

After an impressive 14 week tenure at the #1 spot, last week shared news that Bruno Mars’ monster hit ‘Uptown Funk’ moved downtown to #2 – dethroned by Wiz Khalifa‘s newest hit ‘See You Again.’  A fitting title as this week’s refreshing of the tally sees him again holding tight to the #1 spot, a career highlight unknown to the rapper since his monster 2010 hit ‘Black and Yellow.’

Leading an all-male top 5, Khalifa may not want to get too comfortable in his #1 position as recent gains from the likes of The Weeknd, Jason Derulo, and Rihanna may prove themselves viable threats.

Via Billboard:

 Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 12.29.44 AM

Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 12.30.01 AM


Speaking of moves by Rihanna, if you were looking for proof that the Bajan beauty’s reign really has no intention of letting up, this week may provide just what the doctor ordered. For, with the ascension of ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ to the #17 spot, the songstress nabbed her 37th entry in the top 20 of the Hot 100 and could very well be a few steps closer to snatching Madonna’s historic 38 top 10 singles record.

After besting Madge for ‘most top 10s collected in the shortest amount of time,‘ Ri is just three top 10 singles away from surpassing nearest competitors – Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey – to lay claim to second place on the list of “most top 10 singles by a female” in Billboard history.

Rihanna’s Top 20 Singles

Pon De Replay (Peak: #2)

SOS (Peak: #1)

Unfaithful (Peak: #6)

Break It Off (Peak: #9)

Umbrella (Peak: #1)

Shut Up & Drive (Peak: #15)

Hate That I Love You (Peak: #7)

Dont Stop The Music (Peak: #3)

Take a Bow (Peak: #1)

Disturbia (Peak: #1)

Rehab (Peak: #18)

Russian Roulette (Peak: #9)

Hard (Peak: #8)

Rude Boy (Peak: #1)

Only Girl (Peak: #1)

Whats My Name? (Peak: #1)

S&M (Peak: #1)

Cheers (Peak: #7)

We Found Love (Peak: #1)

You Da One (Peak: #14)

Where Have You Been (Peak: #5)

Diamonds (Peak: #1)

Stay (Peak: #3)

Pour It Up: (Peak: #19)

FourFiveSeconds:  (Peak:  #4)

Bitch Better Have My Money:  (Peak:  #17)

Live Your Life (Peak: #1)

Run this Town (Peak: #2)

Love The Way You Lie (Peak: #1)

All Of The Lights (Peak #18)

Fly (Peak: #19)

Take Care (Peak: #7)

Princess Of China (Peak: #20)

Just Stand Up (Peak: #11)

Stranded (Peak: #16)

Monster (Peak:  #1)

Can’t Remember To Forget You (Peak:  #15)

Your thoughts?

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  1. blue April 24, 2015

    Haters seething in 3…2…1

    • The Beysus Impact April 24, 2015

      Why would we seethe??? American Flopygen??? This era is a mess…

      • SMH April 24, 2015

        Yeah, just keep clinging to that one single while Rihanna continues to make history with the rest of her hits. The insecurity from beyonce fans is truly real.

    • Naomi April 24, 2015


  2. GAslickmouf April 24, 2015

    No flex I can fux wit DA bbhmm, just a perfect visual will do it for me. This song been out, just really feeling it today.

    Not to much a fan but her singles do be hot, I think bbhmm will make it. Some do some don’t but good luck, just because I like it now. Besides we need some kinda b**** to run it wit run it type music right??

  3. Khan-Gay West April 24, 2015

    Serve! Can’t wait for the video. She will slay!

  4. Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

    Partition could never, XO could never, Flawless couldn’t, Pretty Hurts?

    • BYE April 24, 2015

      R8 could never be a Universally Acclaimed Double Platinum album.

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        Fleaoncé’s year has come and gone. Deal with it. When #R8 drops you’ll be on it. Oh but didn’t you hear? The P I M P is making his H O E do a joint album with him and they’re putting it on tidal. Talk about a flop waiting to happen

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        Beyoncé is still relevant as ever. Without having to promote herself on the cover of every magazine in existence or on every award show stage. The joint album is already more of a hot topic than R8 and its not even confirmed yet. When it is released it will destroy Rihanna’s little buzz that she is ruining with flop singles and delayed release dates. The tidal release could possibly work for Jay and Bey but as American Oxygen proved, rihanna has no pulling power. That reign is coming to an end as we speak.

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        What singles are flopping? American Oxygen is taking off slow ONLY because of that Tidal crap. Rihanna did that as a FAVOR to help out JayZ and his failing app program. BBHMM is climbing with no video and 45S is still hanging in the top 20 unlike Flawless, Pretty Hurts, XO and all that other crap. Rihanna never mentioned a release date for the album so what’s being pushed back? you’re just MAD. She doesn’t have to scrap her whole album and re record it like Beyonce did in 2012 when she launched the Mrs Carter Show world tour. Jay and Beyonce are in their late 30’s and 40’s and have to use gimmicks to stay ‘relevant’.

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        Did you seriously just ask what singles are flopping, when AO with all of the hype, video iTunes release and NCAA performance only debuted at 90 something on billboard and fell out of iTunes top 100 in hours? BBHMM is not slaying when it’s playing hide and seek with the top twenty after the I heart radio performance, Jimmy Kimmel and IG teasing the day before release. FFS didn’t fairly well but its still mediocre in reception and wasn’t a big enough hit to carry her era. The rest of your comment is full of lies. The Mrs. carter show didn’t launch until 2013 not 2012. Beyonce is 33. Only six years older than your fave and is still the most relevant star in the world. Rihanna said last year that her album was nearly done and here it is six months later and she’s released three singles to iTunes and is still recording music for her album. She has no release date because her team is fearing the flop that is ahead. Since when has she waited this long to release an album? She better hurry up though cuz Queen Bey coming to steal her shine. Btw what gimmick did Beyoncé use to stay relevant?

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        Are you smoking??? Everything she does is a gimmick? The ‘surprise album’ so that she could have an excuse for the poor performance of her singles. She knew she was no longer the star to get a consistent hit with any of her singles.

        The Elevator incident
        Gimmick to boost the sales of that concert tour and keep people talking about her and her old A S S husband.
        I really could on and on but you get the gist.

        Here you go again with American oxygen lol you’re so redundant it’s elementary. These are hardly the last singles of the era. Rihanna can release 5 more singles and they will all chart high. (Beyonce never could)

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        You’re not making sense. So you mean to tell me Beyonce knew that releasing her album as a surprise with no lead single, release date or traditional promo would be a success and her singles would flop? Where is the logic? I don’t understand gore that ead avgimmifk. If Britney Spears, J.Lo Iggy etc decided to release a a surprise album, it would be a guaranteed success by that logic? Please! Drunk in love peaked at #2 and is 3x platinum. She had three other platinum singles from her “flops” and the album is 2x platinum and Thea album is over 5 mill WW. That’s all without having to promote like Rihanna is doing. I wonder how many more magazine covers she will grace or award shows she will perform at until she decides to finally release that chronically delayed album. Rihanna could never release an album first and still go double platinum and chart high without promoting. I can’t wait to see these album sales.

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        What do you mean? Look at the singles from 4. Party, Run the World, Best Thing I Never Had? She couldn’t get a hit to save her life. THAT’S what I’m talking about. That’s why “she didn’t care about charting singles and doing interviews”. I’m not saying it didn’t work in her favor, what I’m saying is that IT WAS A GIMMICK. You’re making it seem as if Rihanna doesn’t have any platinum and multi-platinum albums. YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE. You’re bothered And you’re letting it show.

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        Stay on topic. 4 still went platinum. With it being R&B and not having any commercial hits. It outsold TTT and UNa in the “hot 100” United States and 3M WW. #POW R8 better do the same or more. Releasing a surprise album is not a gimmick, its a risk that not everyone can do. Especially someone who is true “washed up singles flop”. Beyonce still gets platinum and multi platinum albums without topping the charts. The point um trying to make. You are the one not making sense. You’re so mad that rihanna is flopping now and the navy will be dragged. Talent and good Grammy award winning music always prevails. Not little simple chart stats that the GP don’t even care about.

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        What would I be mad about? Btw you chose to begin replying to my comments and I’m not making sense? You’re as thirsty as Fleaonce. You have yet to explain how two singles currently at #16 and 17 is a flop? That hoehive sure is persistent tho. I stated the obvious which is that everything beyonce does is a gimmick but yet when I point out the facts I’m “going off topic and not making sense”. Yet you’re bringing up Britney Spears and J.Lo and drugs and tv show performances all to skip around my point. You should be a Beyonce fan. They’re what the most influential fanbase for what being illiterate and constantly repeating the same irrelevant points. All I did was answer your questions. You went pretty much everywhere and your points are all kinds of invalid as well as irrelevant to my initial point. Oh but I’M mad cause Rihanna is flopping. This era got your pantie-boxers all in a bunch. I’m pretty much done with you little boy-girl because you’re as redundant as a parrot.

  5. BYE April 24, 2015

    “Speaking of moves by Rihanna, if you were looking for proof that the Bajan beauty’s reign really has no intention of letting up, this week may provide just what the doctor ordered. For, with the ascension of ‘B**** Better Have My Money’ to the #17 spot”
    LOL.That’s with all of the promotion she’s done. It should be top ten by now. 7/11 debuted at #13 without half the effort. This thing is done!

    • Hi April 24, 2015

      Sorry but it debuted at #18 and peaked at 13 kii a simple google search was all you needed to do Beyonce still slays though.

      • BYE April 24, 2015

        Still debuted higher than this flop, at #23, with no effort. Which is the point. Beyonce does slay. I’m waiting on R8to see if it’ll reach double platinum status. That reign right?

  6. BYE April 24, 2015

    Rashad and David stay posting posts praising Rihanna at that crack of dawn while Sam is sleeping. Lol Sit down!! This mess still ain’t poppin and the album will flop harder than Art Pop.

    • Stephon April 24, 2015

      This is so true! Sam, gon’ wake up & snatch this article down. lol

      • BYE April 24, 2015

        Lol You noticed this too?

  7. Stephon April 24, 2015

    One Sweet Slayage record still remains UNBOTHERED

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan (FD’s Album “Jackie” Is Now On iTunes) April 24, 2015

    Hold up! Where the hell did Wiz Khalifa come from? I ain’t know dude got a new single… psh. Congrats are in order!

    And what is going on with Rihanna? Which single are the fans suppose to support? Is it “American Oxygen” or is it “B*tch Betta…..”? Jay Z done messed up Rihanna’s promo for that single with the tidal single. SMH.
    P.s I don’t know why she hasn’t made a single about her OWN country instead of America but it’s a cute song. 😉

    And don’t even reply to me with your PRESSED comments. Ok let’s keep all the way nice in hurr.

  9. Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

    A Tennisshoe fan??? Why even bother? How can you not be ashamed to Stan for that F U C K I N G NOBODY?!?!? that’s embarrassing.

    • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

      Rihanna will be lucky to see Tinashe’s 20k debut numbers with all these flops and delays. Pink Print stall at 600k teas or nah?

      • Barb-wire April 24, 2015

        Ho stfu, The pinkprint is gold with a multi-platinum single, platinums singles and a few gold ones so she’s still winning.

  10. What? April 24, 2015

    No one talks about this song anymore. It was hot for a day. After she performed it twice. Everyone is talking about Jay and Bey album right now. Rihanna is only killing her own hype and anticipation. Nothing has been interesting and her team knows it. Why else would the album be so chronically delayed, when the navy claims Four Five Seconds smashed WW? As the days go by. Interest in her album dwindles.

    • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

      People are only talking about how money hungry they are and how jayz is pimpingg this country Texas H O E. They will do anything to increase their wealth even it means putting a crap album on an app that is flopping harder by the minute just for their uneducated fans to eat it up.

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        Your fav has cosigned her support to tidal though and has even exclusively released music on there. Sounds like she is money hungry too. Jay z can never pimp a boss. Beyonce is just as rich as him and together they are a billionaire couple. Rihanna is the one being pimped and she might even release her album on tidal exclusively as well. Speaking of uneducated fans, the navy supports a crack head with the vocal ability of a goat.

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        Rihanna is not giving her all into this failure of a Tidal app. Like I said she did jay z a favor. Tidal is not her investment. She may partially own it but only because Mr Camel is using her name to get it off the ground or should I say, off the floplist. And Crack head??? Have u missed all of the videos and ms perfect Beyonce high as a kite twitching and everything else so many different places in public? Rihanna smokes weed and owns it. Beyonce? A lying disgrace

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        When have you ever seen pics of Beyonce high are rolling blunts? Beyonce likes to drink alcohol and is occasionally seen wasted.Rihanna is a weedhead and crackhead. We all saw the video of her snorting and grabbing her nose like a junky. She’s a known party girl industry s*** and cocaine is the drug. Keep making excuses for the that thot. Jay Z doesn’t need any favors from her. She released new music exclusively to Tidal. Sounds like she was using Jay for exposure but we all see how that went. As AO is flopping off the charts. Everything you’re typing us pure propaganda. Smh

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        It’s sad that your only defense is American oxygen is flopping. You must really be mad that the majority of Beyonces singles since Single Ladies have flopped. Did you miss the chart at the top? 2 singles sitting next to each other is hardly a flop. But I guess since all you can brag about is 7-11 peaking at #13, you would be mad. It’s also sad that you assume that because you see a video of rihanna holding her nose and a cigarette, she must be snortin coke. But you know what they say about Beyonce stans, their either still in middle to high school, or just stupid. Which one are you? And when did rihanna ever need Jay-z to keep her relevant? You must have also missed the list of her singles in the top 20.

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        Why would I be mad about a simple single chart when Beyonce still gets platinum and multi platinum albums with little to effort. All of Rihanna’s singles are flopping for her standards. Where is that #1 y’all were so sure she was going to get. Even after calling Drunk In Love a flop when it’s outpeaked and outsold everything from R8. Iy wad also the song of 2014 without going #1 and won a grammy. Rihanna is a coke head and a known drug addict. Only a dummy would deny that after watching that video, but Rihanna fans are dumb, tone deaf, blind and very delusional. No surprise. Beyonce has 23 top twenties and is in the list of women with the most top twenty hits. She just didn’t have to bulk release in desperation to get there. She will get more when the new album is released and everyone forgets about Rihanna

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        Actually only a child or a loser with no experience could watch those videos and ASSUME she was doing coke. You probably never seen it though I mean judging by how bothered you are, I could guess you don’t get out much. You could very clearly see in all of the videos that she’s holding a cigarette and rolling a blunt. You claim not to be bothered by a singles chart but your comments say otherwise. Even Beyonce took a few notes out of the Rihanna book. It’s ok. She influential even to Ms 3rd Ward. Lmfao. And beyonces star has never been a threat to Rihanna. If anything Bey makes sure not to release anywhere near the time that Rihanna drops. The majority of Beyonce’s music is forgettable. Which is why her fans cling on to her first 3 albums and those eras.

      • Killer Bey April 24, 2015

        You can be a delusional imbecile if you choose but the whole world saw what that druggie was doing. Its not up for debate you’re delusional and the world knows the truth. I’m not bothered by singles chart. My fav has platinum albums without it. While others have to cling to hits to sell. Still waiting on a #1? Is that why there is still no release date? Beyoncé has never been scared to release around Rihanna. The lies. Bey has released in the summer twice and in Dec. While rihanna has to cling to annual black Friday releases and still flops. Why is she so scared do release. She literally has no competition. Until Beyonce releases that album and stops the world again. Lol

      • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

        She clearly has no competition but look at you standing at attention. If she has no competition then who has your a**hole clenched so tight. Obviously you believe otherwise. My advice for you would be to get out more. Nobody’s even talking about the ‘coke’ video anymore because it’s so obviously not the case. You proved my point though. You’re a kid, I can’t be mad at that. Anyway I wish beyonce and jayz and their Tidal Exclusive album the best of luck. They will need it. And if she has any sense she won’t drop it anytime soon cause that Rihanna Reign?!?! Oh boy!!!

  11. You wanna love it right better then my money April 24, 2015

    Congrats to wiz khalifa beat out others artist

  12. Mark111 April 24, 2015

    Rihanna is the newest legend. No other new artist done this since MC and that was over 20 years ago.

    • BYE April 24, 2015

      So chart stats make you legends now? Is disgusting that Rihanna might surpass Mariah

      • Mark111 April 24, 2015

        Chart stats like this does. Stats like this only comes around every 20 years.

      • BYE April 24, 2015

        But when you’re only breaking single chart recorda then that’s when your artistic credibility is going to be questioned. What happened to talent, acclaim and respect making legends? Not irrelevant chart positions and single sales.

    • Stephon April 24, 2015

      Actually, what Rihanna is doing at really special no more. Considering the fact that we live in the SINGLES ERA. Also, Mariah Carey chart success for 20 years not OVER 20 years ago. Idiot. Katy Perry will soon have 1,000 top 10 hits too along with Taylor Swift. They just need to release albums every year like Rihanna & Mariah did.

      • datreddone23 April 24, 2015

        Katy and Taylor release like 6 songs a album what’s the difference?

    • TheElusiveLamb April 24, 2015

      2008 was not 20 years ago…

  13. The Beysus Impact April 24, 2015

    And how many of these “hits” will actually be remembered??? I only see 9 of 37 and that’s being generous….

    • Mark111 April 24, 2015

      How bout you wait 20 years and see while we enjoy these hits NOW.

      • The Beysus Impact April 24, 2015

        Clearly you’re not enjoying them if R8 is flopping and 24 of those “hits” didn’t reach #1…

    • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

      9 is a decent number coming from a salty Flea fan. Either way you’ve been impacted.

      • The Beysus Impact April 24, 2015

        Impacted by what??? Microwave hits????

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 24, 2015

      They will be, as soon as they come on then you will sing along. Your drag makes no sense boo, we remember music by hearing it

  14. datreddone23 April 24, 2015

    But I thought the hive said BBHMM would fall out of the top 20 lol

    • Naomi April 24, 2015

      Honey please it’s tumbling down itunes. You try to discredit 7/11 for peaking at #13 because of streaming when clearly this is the same situation.

    • The Beysus Impact April 24, 2015

      And I thought the Titanic said it would be her 14th #1… *plays 7/11*

      • datreddone23 April 24, 2015

        It was at 24 on iTunes now its at 22 its slowly picking up speed it will be another platinum record for her the navy is not bothered

  15. Naomi April 24, 2015

    Crying at the Navy thinking anyone’s seething and calling her a legend because of a Top 20. This is thanks to streaming, the same thing you dragged 7/11 for which charted higher by the way.

    • datreddone23 April 24, 2015

      7/11 had a video that helped with streams and a higher chart position.

  16. Stephon April 24, 2015

    DEAD @ Mark calling Rihanna a “legend”. Negro please, call me when Rihanna gets a 5x Platinum selling album. Or even Write/Produce a #1 hit with just one writings partner. Goodbye

    • datreddone23 April 24, 2015

      Rihanna will be a legend sweetie she’s accomplished a lot at the age of 27

      Excited for the Peter Berg documentary on Rihannas life and career!

    • TheElusiveLamb April 24, 2015

      OK! What makes it hilarious is how the bitter Marsha is too quick to call others delusional, yet that’s the s*** she types… #FixItJesus

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 24, 2015

      You’re really pressed. Rihanna is NOT Mariah nor is anyone really pulling in 5x platinum albums anymore. Did Janet have her record in order to be legend? Does Mariah have Madonnas? What about MJ or the Beatles? The only females in music right now that are growing into legendary status are Beyoncé and Rihanna, we are not in the 90s anymore it’s time for you to stop living in the past.

      • Stephon April 24, 2015

        RIHANNA IS NOT A F****** LEGEND PERIOD! Beyonce, yes.

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 24, 2015

        Is there another female other than her with her sales, presence, fashion accolades -and huge fa base internationally? B**** Rihanna may never reach Mariah in sales but she is in the same class as Mariah with owning their masters, fan base and catalog. Stay Living in the 90s, they all had their shine, let the new gen have theirs and so on

  17. Naomi April 24, 2015

    Swap Rihanna with Wiz Khalifia (which it should be) and that’s a reason for celebration. Why could none of the singles of Home Soundtrack do it?

  18. Love Life April 24, 2015

    LOL. congrats WIZ KHALIFA.

  19. datreddone23 April 24, 2015

    Wow look at Rihs catalogue of hits so versatile! Beyonce could never

    • BYE April 24, 2015

      Wow look at Beyonce’s twenty Grammy’s. Rihanna could never.

      • dateddone23 April 24, 2015

        the grammies are very biased please dont try to shade with them because Rih is doing just fine with 8

  20. Yeah I said It April 24, 2015

    Flopanna. My how the mighty have fallen.

  21. BYE April 24, 2015

    A bunch of top twenty hits. Majority of them people don’t remember and the grammys don’t even recognize them. Microwaved hits that she doesn’t even think are timeless.

  22. Slay_Hive April 24, 2015

    “Anyway I wish beyonce and jayz and their Tidal Exclusive album the best of luck. They will need it. And if she has any sense she won’t drop it anytime soon cause that Rihanna Reign?!?! Oh boy!!!”

    LMAAOOOO BITCHHHH I’m going to remember this one. #BookMarked Ms. GAYvyy Gravy. 😉 😉

    • Navy Gravy April 24, 2015

      Hehehe I just hope you have your Tidal subscription Lmfao.

      Chao Sweety

  23. Slay_Hive April 24, 2015

    The navy are so damn delusional. I’m reading these comments and bookmarking at the same damn time. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. UPGRADEBOY April 24, 2015

    Is the Titanic celebrating a top 20 song now?? Well i guess times are harder

  25. Barb-wire April 24, 2015

    Are we celebrating Top 20 now? Here I thought anything that’s not a number 1 is a flop… #CarryOn

    • datreddone23 April 24, 2015

      After 3 million singles and features Nicki is yet to see a number one that’s the real shade. How did wack Iggy come in and score one over the supposed queen of rap lol

      • Barb-wire April 24, 2015

        Those things generic and way over rated… Any s**** with no talent can get that shitt but Queen Onika slays billboard still with no #1… Exit to the left

  26. Barb-wire April 24, 2015

    And deadT at Rashad not posting Mexican Oxygen’s chart position, embarrassed are we?

  27. Keri Qween April 24, 2015

    Death@onika still struggling for 600k with a 2x platinum single

    This album won’t sell a million copied just like her previous one

    However..slay Rih bbhmm rising with no promo no video, 45 at 1.7 million will be 2x platinum soon!

    Drop the video for bbhmm!

    • Barb-wire April 24, 2015

      When will Skeri get a Platinum album? Ever?

    • Special Delivery April 24, 2015

      Its thanks to streaming sis. No double standards now.

  28. Rihicon April 24, 2015

    why are barbz in here discussing anything. your fav hasn’t had a platnium album since when?

    • Tyler Makivelli April 24, 2015

      Speaking of platinum albums, when was the last time Rihanna’s had one of those her damn self?

  29. TheElusiveLamb April 24, 2015

    Congrats to all.

  30. No favs, just here for the music April 24, 2015

    Congratz to Wiz! It’s a beautiful song and deserves the #1 spot

  31. SMH April 24, 2015

    And like clockwork, the beyonce fans are in their feelings and seething hard with their insecurity.

  32. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 24, 2015

    It’s funny how the barbs, hive and Delusional two C squad members are clinging together to drag rih and if you add up all their record sales they still cannot outdo rihs sales, not to mention that she owns her masters now and none of their faves own theirs. Too funny, I would be seething too if my fave is not able to sell her music or get a ‘hit’ lol

    • Special Delivery April 24, 2015

      ‘Add them all together they still cannot out do Rihs sales’ Um yes they with ease lmao. The Lies.

    • Tyler Makivelli April 24, 2015

      Why are you celebrating Top Twenty’s? According to the Navy, anything less than a #1 isnt a hit…..
      Why’d you come for 7/11’s streams with the only reason why BBHMM is at #17 on BB is primarily because of streaming. Elaborate…

      • Tyler Makivelli April 24, 2015


  33. Special Delivery April 24, 2015

    Lol! Looks like Navy can’t use streaming excuse anymore either. God is snatching all their reads as the weeks go by.

  34. Casual-T April 24, 2015

    I see no immediate threats to Wiz’s reign at the top.
    One Sweet Day still holds the record, but let’s compare apples to apples. OSD was #1 nearly 20 years ago when the Hot 100 didn’t figure streaming, which didn’t exist then, in to the tabulations. Wiz’s See You Again has been posting record-breaking streaming tallies. W/o those numbers in the equations, the #1 single for the past 2 weeks becomes a toss-up — Uptown Funk #1 in airplay and #2 in sales v. See You Again with a huge lead at #1 in sales and almost no airplay.

  35. robyn April 24, 2015

    Congrats to wiz, congrats to my queen Rih. Guys let’s stop shading one artist to better the other. Rihanna and beyonce are good at what they do. They are the 2 top most female artistz in the world right now so haters/stans just congradulate n move on

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