That Grape Juice reader Chelsie sent along these videos of Alexandra Burke performing at the Little Noise Sessions (for chairty) in Islington, North London earlier this week. During her rousing set, Ms. Burke offered an acoustic rendition of first single ‘Hallelujah’ (which you can watch above), as well as ‘The Silence’, ‘Listen’ and Jackson 5 classic ‘I’ll Be There’, which you watch after the jump.  (She did perform ‘Bad Boys’, but the quality of vid isn’t hot LOL).


Vocal vixen Shakira performed a rendition of the Christmas classic ‘Santa Baby’ at last evening’s at NBC’s 12th Annual ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’. The event was held at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City and also featured Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys and The Roots. The special will air on NBC on December 2nd.

A lot of people criticise Shakira’s singing because they don’t understand her unconventional technique. However, there is no denying that she sounded amazing in this performance. Just imagine if certain other singers tried their hands at that song; it definitely won’t be a very merry Christmas.


Pop Icon Janet Jackson‘s eagerly anticipated ABC special aired in the US a few hours ago. In this revealing interview with Robin Roberts, the youngest of the Jackson dynasty spoke candidly about the passing of her brother Michael Jackson, no longer being with Jermaine Dupri, her career and so much more. A great interview, I must say.

Your thoughts?


Controversial rapper Eminem has just announced that he will be re-releasing his hit album ‘Relapse’, which has sold over 1.5 million units to date. Mariah Carey’s biggest fan collaborated with partner 50 Cent and producer Just Blaze on the double-disc ‘Relapse: Refill’ project which will feature seven new songs. The LP will serve as a replacement to the previously announced ‘Relapse 2’ LP that the rapper promised to hit stores by the end of the year. ‘Relapse: Refill’ drops on December 22nd.

Eminem has managed to remain a major sales force on the charts since his debut almost a decade ago. However, with his new material becoming less inspired with each release, I find it incredible that he managed to sell as many records as he did this year. Maybe he ought to share his secrets with 50 because it is evident that he is in desperate need of a hit.



According to popular chart analyst site HitsDailyDouble, UK singer Leona Lewis‘ second studio album is set bomb on next’s weeks US chart tally. The record, ‘Echo’,  is projected to sell a dismal 60, 000 units, completely missing the top spot. In stark contrast, Leona’s first LP, ‘Spirit’, debuted on the Billboard 200 with over 205, 000 units; more than triple the numbers that ‘Echo’ is expected to ship in it’s first week.

I am in no way shocked by this news. There has been almost zero public interest in the album, with the first single, ‘Happy’, failing to even get pass #50 on the Billboard Hot 100. Leona did experiment with a few new sounds with this project but with the lack of passion in her music and being frankly devoid of an actual personality, I found myself bored with almost the entire record. ‘Brave’ is the only interesting track on the entire album. I sense that it’s high time that her label stops trying to recapture the magic of ‘Bleeding Love’ and trying to create the next Mariah Carey. Rather, they should focus on allowing her to find her own voice in the industry.



According to Hits Daily Double, rapper 50 Cent‘s album ‘Before I Self Destruct’ is on course to sell just 150, 000 copies first week, enough only to secure a #3 or #4 debut.

While decent numbers for some artists in this current climate, this has to come as a disappointment to ol’ Fiddy considering a) how much he trash talks other folks and b) how much he’s sold in the past. There’s no doubt in my mind that these sales will be blamed on the leaking of the album several weeks ahead of release; however the last time I checked, everyone and their mother’s record seems to hit the wonderful world of the Internet prior to hitting shops.

It seems as if Curtis is set to have his Ja Rule moment…ouch.

Your thoughts?


Toni Braxton has finally opened up about her recent split with her husband Keri Lewis. The sultry singer spoke with popular UK newspaper ‘The Voice Online’, an excerpt from which can be seen below:

The Unbreak My Heart hitmaker has two sons with her spouse, and she revealed in an exclusive interview with The Voice that she’s not entirely sure why the marriage broke down.

“I’m newly separated – no-one really knows what went wrong,” Braxton said. “My husband and I are still cool – we get along great. But that could become challenging. If things go further, you may read about some things… things will have to be split and all of that.”

However, the US songstress is hopeful that the split won’t become a messy battle that’s played out in the public eye.

“Oh, it’ll nothing like that,” she said. “We were friends for years before we started dating and we’ve been married for almost nine years. I’m a little sad about it and I can’t see anything down the line because it’s all so new. We’re sorting different things right now.”

Good for her. It’s great to see that she is remaining focused and not allowing this situation to consume her. I hope that she keeps this same attitude when it’s time to promote her new album, ‘Pulse’, when it hit stores in February 2010.



Leona Lewis held a release party for her new album ‘Echo’ in Hollywood, Los Angeles recently. Yes I know this is post is supposed to be a Leona post but Ciara looked so FIERCE that she needed to get the top spot!


O yeah, Justin Timberlake made a stop at the party too!



Hip-Hip/Soul Queen Mary J. Blige has decided to rename her forthcoming album, changing the title from ‘Stronger’ to ‘Stronger With Each Tear’. The record is preceded by the singer’s new song ‘I Am’ which she is expected to perform for the first time at this Sunday’s star-studded American Music Awards. Blige’s new LP hits stores on November 22nd.

Am I the only who has lost interest in this album? Both Blige and Usher are releasing albums on the same day yet there has been little buzz about either of their projects and neither have managed to achieve blockbuster success with their first singles. As two of R&B’s premier artists, I would have expected such direct competition to garner a lot of media hype but with the average material that both have released, I can’t blame the public for not being engrossed in the situation. It is a complete gamble on which act will have higher sales, or if they will even ship large numbers at all.

R&B songstress Alicia Keys premiered the sequel to Jay-Z collaboration ‘Empire State of Mind’, the aptly titled ‘Empire State of Mind (Part 2)’ during her set for iHeartRadio today. The song is set to feature on her forthcoming ‘Element of Freedom’ LP (due December 15th).

Some may jump on me for saying this, but I’m thinking I like this better than the original. (Sam runs out of post with the swiftness…LOL)

Hit or Miss?


You can now preview Beyonce‘s ‘I Am…Yours’ live tour album, due out November 23rd. The LP was recorded during Beyonce’s intimate show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Click here to preview the album

Sounds awesome!

Tidbit: Click here to watch Beyonce sing to yours truly in London this past Sunday.

Randomness: Notice I didn’t post the album’s cover, not trying to get shut down again LOL…

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