Kanye Speaks On HomophobiaDuring his headlining set on the Glow In The Dark’s NYC tour stop, rapper Kanye West condemned homophobia, urging people to ‘open their minds’:

“Open your fucking minds. Open your minds. Be accepting of different people and let people be who they are. You know how many people came to me calling me gay cause I wear my jeans the fresh way? Or because I said hey, dude, how you gonna say ‘fag’ right in front of a gay dude’s face and act like that’s ok. That shit is disrespectful. Coming from Chicago, where if you saw somebody that was gay you were supppoed to stay ten feet away. It should be time to break out of the intuitions that I was sayin’, the steretypes, or the fear, the backlash that I would get if you don’t believe in what I believe in, acceptin’ people for who they are…they’re very talented and if they do something special in the world and they’re discriminated. I’ve flown across the world y’all, and I’ve come back here to tell you — open your minds and live a happier life…” {Source}

Your thoughts?

Despite the controversy that has ensued regarding Beyonce’s unrecognisable ad for L’Oréal, the French cosmetics giant have denied altering the shot:

“We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles. It is categorically untrue that L’Oréal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria’s hair color.”

A rep for the 27-year-old Knowles declined to comment beyond the L’Oréal statement.

The ad is appearing in this month’s Elle, Allure and Essence. So far the magazines have not said anything about possible Pantone issues. {Source}

Granted we all know that was a lie from the pits of hell (I mean, honestly now…), it was unlikely they’d own up to such nonsense. After all, that would allow for increased debate about the whole issue; they wouldn’t want that now, would they. SMH…

Any thoughts?

Rihanna & Chris Brown Rule The Charts As the press and public alike continue to speculate on the supposed ‘relationship’ between young stars Rihanna and Chris Brown, the pair are generating a buzz elsewhere – more specifically, on this week’s charts.
According to Nielsen Soundscan, Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’ jumps #4-#3 on the Billboard Hot 100 (hitting the top spot on the Hot Digital chart, after selling through 140,000 digital downloads this week too). Meanwhile Brown inches one spot closer to the top of the Hot 100 with ‘Forever’ climbing #3-#2.
While this is undoubtedly a major achievement for both, especially when considering this being a relatively early stage of their career, I can’t help but be left with a salty taste in my mouth. Pardon my bluntness, but both ‘Forever’ and ‘Disturbia’ are absolute garbage IMO. Both artists are capable (one more than the other) of much better material. Yet the masses seem to be eating up the rubbish served up to them. Will ‘real’…or better yet, half-decent, music ever get a chance in the contemporary musical climate? I hope so, though my thinking may just be “dum, dum, dee dum dum dum dee dum dum”. SMH…

Your thoughts?

Continuing along her promo trail here in the UK, Solange performed ‘I Decided (Part 2)’ on T4 recently. The few off-notes aside, I enjoyed this performance. I’m hoping we see more live performances of other material from her forthcoming LP ‘Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams’ soon, though.

What do you think of the performance?

Rapper Nas stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to perform ‘Hero’ from his #1 album ‘untitled’. Great performance; highly charged and Nas’ flow was as on-point as ever.

What do you think of the performance?

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Your Top 5 Songs Of The Moment?You know the deal; That Grape Juice, once again, wants to see what you all are listening to. Which 5 tracks have you got on constant rotation at the moment? Remember, it doesn’t have to be limited to Urban music; could be something new, throwback, even something you made yourself LOL. Drop a comment in the comments section. Mine are – in no particular order:

1) Like I Never Left (ft. Akon) – Whitney Houston
2) High Price (ft. Ludacris) – Ciara
3) Dance Wiv Me – Dizzee Rascal
4) Lions, Tigers & Bears – Jazmine Sullivan
5) Let Me Think About It – Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grande

What are your ‘Top 5 Songs Of The Moment’?
As many of you know, the video for Danity Kane’s latest single ‘Bad Girl’ premiered recently. A behind the scenes look at the making of the vid surfaced today. Check it out below:

Watching this kinda reignites my slight disappointment with the actual video (you’d think the finished product would have been better); it lacked that certain ‘something’ IMO. With summer in full swing, I’m still kinda holding out for a release of the oh-so-aft (for this time of the year) ‘Sucka For Love’. Then again, this is Bad Boy we’re talking about…

Your thoughts?

Mary J. Blige Sued For $2 MillionThe Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul Mary J. Blige has been hit with whopping $2 Million fine over the ‘illegal’ placement of a track from her most recent LP ‘Growing Pains’:

Producer Theron (NEEF-U) Feemster wrote the music for the song “Work That,” but the tune is owned by Dream Family Entertainment Inc., according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

The court filing claims the New York-based firm never gave Blige, Feemster or Geffen Records, the distributor, rights to use the song.

“Mr. Feemster created the music while he was under contract with Dream Family. Dream Family then owned the music, yet the music was used without permission in a Mary J. Blige release recording,” said Dream lawyer Brian Caplan.

“It was released as an album, a single and in a commercial,” Caplan said.

Rights to the lyrics of the song – which was featured with Blige in an iPod commercial – are not in question.

Geffen Records, Feemster and representatives for Blige didn’t return calls.

Caplan said it was unclear if Blige knew the music belonged to someone other than Feemster, and said the producer “had no rights to the music he used.” {Source}

It’s always somewhat baffling to see issues like this arise with such renown and high-caliber artists. You’d think all the ‘formal stuff’ was tended to prior to the album dropping. Randomess: ‘Work That’ wasn’t even all that great IMO anyway lol…

Any thoughts?
New Kelly Rowland Promo Pic Peep Kelly Rowland’s new promotional shot with French singer Nadiya. The pair teamed up for a duet called ‘No Future, No Past’, which is being released in France. Awesome pic.

What do you think of the pic?
Word has it Jay-Z’s final Def Jam LP, ‘The Blueprint 3’, is set to drop sooner than we many had anticipated. Peep Jay performing the Kanye West produced ‘Jockin’ Jay-Z’, from the new album, at his recent Madison Squared Garden show in New York city:

Good stuff.

What do you think of the performance?
Joe: 'R. Kelly Tried To Sabotage My Career'R&B crooner Joe, seemingly, out of nowhere has taken aim at R. Kelly, blaming the singer for trying to ruin his career. Check out the report via Contact Music below:

R&B singer JOE has accused R. KELLY of pressuring radio DJs not to play his records – in a bid to scupper his growing stardom.

The Stutter singer released six albums with Jive Records over an 11 year period, but left the label earlier this year (08) after the company pushed back the release of his 2007 LP, Ain’t Nothin Like Me, several times.

And the Grammy-winning star believes his rival labelmate Kelly was to blame, insisting he would call Jive bosses and radio stations and urge them not to promote the singer too strongly.

Joe says, “R. Kelly was very instrumental in making a lot of decisions when it came to my records being played on the radio.

“He would make a call to the radio station or to the label and say, ‘Hey, this Joe record is too hot right now. Y’all (sic) need to pull that back.’ And they would oblige. It’s incredible that now I get the opportunity to, I don’t know, maybe pay (R. Kelly) back in some sort of side bar kind of thing.”

And Joe, who left Jive to release his forthcoming LP New Man through Kedar Entertainment Group, insists he is still a prevalent musician despite R. Kelly’s alleged intervention.

He says, “I’m still very relevant in the game. But yeah, he did try to make some decisions when it came down to my records being on fire, and climbing up the charts and on the radio stations. He felt like they should pull back because he felt he was more important. And with their loyalty to him, they obliged.”

Though I do support Joe, it does kinda seem like he’s a little bitter about being…well…not all that relevant in the contemporary music scene and is taking aim at R. Kelly because of it. I mean, I find it a little odd that he’s only coming out of the woodwork now. Anyway…

Your thoughts?

Check out this behind the scenes footage of Nelly’s new Sean Jean Underwear shoot:

Your thoughts?

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