LeToya and Matthew Knowles Reconcile On Stage

Published: Thursday 8th Mar 2007 by Sam
Former Destiny’s Child member LeToya and Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles embraced each other publicly; apparently showing that there is no bad blood between them. Contrary to what some may think, I believe this display of unity at Russell Simmons Hip Hop Summit last week was genuine. LeToya has carved out a successful solo career and Papa Knowles has made Destiny’s Child and Beyonce into global superstars, so its all good.

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  1. Anonymous March 9, 2007

    Matthew is da DEVIL!

  2. Anonymous March 12, 2007

    Dear LeToya,
    I saw you in Las Vegas doing your thing.I went to the Mary J.Blige concert.I want to take a picture with you.God has bless you in so many ways.They did you wrong and you manage to make a come back.I wouldn’t have reconcile on stage.Because he probably didn’t mean it.If I was you I wouldn’t be friends with Beyonce or Kelly.Friend like that you dont need.God bless you

  3. Anonymous March 18, 2007

    Excuse me, but I don’t know what is wrong with you writing letters to LeToya , do u think she will read it? And also I hav no clue y u sed that letoya shouldnt be friends with Beyonce, i mean is there anthing wrong wit her, she even sed that she has nothing against LeToya.

  4. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    Thankyou. But anyway letoya’s doin her thing and beyonce’s every where u turn doin her thing. They r both blessd and if they can b happy 4 each other then y cant u. And Please Miss Le toya is not gonna read your dumb ass letter. And 4 ur information neither beyonce, kelly or letoya for that would want you to be there friends anyway. Destiny’s Child Foreva!

  5. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    By The way i meant to write that neither kelly, beyonce or letoya for that matter would want to be your friend.

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