Ciara Explains BET Awards ‘#25’

Published: Saturday 30th Jun 2007 by Sam
Following Ciara’s performance at the 2007 BET Awards this week, speculation has been mounting as to what the singer was trying to convey with her robe. Similar to James Brown, at the end of her set, a robe was thrown to the ‘Promise’ singer – baring ‘#25’ across the back. Explanations ranging from her affiliation with 50 Cent (half of 50?) to her alleged romance with NFL star Reggie Bush (The Saints player #25) have been cited. However, she has revealed to MTV that the number was to poke fun at her placing at #25 on BET’s Top 25 Dancers list – below Diddy, Beyonce, Prince and Missy Elliott:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen the Top 25 Dancers countdown on BET; I acknowledged that,” she admitted, quashing the other rumors.

I couldn’t agree with her more. On the one hand, it may seem kinda egotistical on her part, but we all know the deal- she’s one of the best dancers out now in the music business. BET know they were wrong for that.
Do you think Ciara was right in doing what she did?

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  1. Anonymous June 30, 2007


  2. Anonymous June 30, 2007

    I question the legitamacy of any list with Beyonce’s name in it. She can’t dance, act, and is a mediocre screamer, I mean singer. Missy’s and Diddy’s was all about the benjamins, and Beyonces is typical BET payola favor-for-a-favor ranking. Janet, Michael, Chris Brown, Ciara, Usher, Aalyiah, J Lo, and even veteran Debbie Allen qualifies. lol. Shake it off Ciara. Shake it off. We got you on this one!

  3. Couture.Kick June 30, 2007

    ^^^I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t know how Ciara lost the best video or should I say how Beyonce won for best video when Irreplacable’s video was not entertaining or “different” at all. BET always gets two thumbs down from me anyway.

  4. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    U know wat, I am so sick of all these mothafuckin people hatin on Beyonce!!! How dare somebodies dumbass to say they question the legitimacy of any list with Beyonce on it!! Beyonce is the hottest female out……..she can dance, act, and sing! Who’s dumbass said that she be screamin??….Dat s*** was real crackish! She was even on da news for rockin da BET Awards! Was Ciara? Hell no!! She was talkin on her performance! Quit hatin!!! I can’t express that enough! And if u ain’t, why not like her!? She ain’t a h**, she is classy and smart, she is nice and respectful, she is a true Christian who loves the lord………I mean just stop hatin!!

  5. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    I rebuke all of these people on here bad-mouthing and downing Beyonce. I rebuke you right now.

  6. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Bottom line, is that BET and other people in higher authority than u people on here think that Diddy, Beyonce, and Missy dance better! Sorry!!! 🙁

  7. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    I think beyonce brings nothing special to music, she is so OVER THE TOP… screaming, jumping, copying, overacting xDD. she is so overrated and overplayed right now, she should take a rest, reinvent herself and comeback with something new than the mediocre b’day (it is a hit album because of her name not for it’s music).

  8. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Ciara is one of the best dancers in the biz right now along with Janet, Jlo and i have to say Beyonce is a fantastic dancer as well. Also Solange is great at dancing if any of y’all seen her but anyway Ciara should be way higher then that and i’m glad she knows that herself.

  9. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Ciara is in no doubt a better dancer than Beyonce tbh.
    So good on Ciara for the #25 thing.

  10. Elegantmiss July 1, 2007

    Yes i think she was right, she is much better a dancer than most of the people named in the list overall. i feel she should have been in the range of 1-5 not 25 come on.

  11. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    I agree with Ciara 100% she’s one of the most banging dancers and they placed diddy and missy e. above her BET? please. Bet is messing up everything. The BET awards wasn’t even hot.

  12. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    I can’t see how Ciara came in behind some of the people she did. I would like to know how they rated the dancers. Diddy use to be a good dancer … Missy has great dancers in her videos but she aint’ one of’em … and Beyonce … well Beyonce can shake her ass.

  13. Jelena July 1, 2007

    Missy a better dancer than Cici? Those people straight trippin, that’s b*******, must b a joke

  14. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    She is way better than beyonce in dancing

  15. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    yes, beyonce shakes her ass but so does ciara, is just ciara’s ass is smaller! should ciara have been #25 no, but i guess when all you can really do IS DANCE you want the highest position you can get!

  16. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Wow , this has nothing to do with Beyonce, yet her name is being brought up. lol. Beyonceitis. Ciara should not have been #25 she should have been higher, and that’s all I’m saying. But she knows she can dance so does she care?

  17. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    who the f**K WAS talking about beyonce the topic was about Ciara, yall dame fanatics make me sick, god just choke already.

  18. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Ciara can dance her ass off but the b**** can’t sing

  19. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    Why the f*** ya’ll worried about Beyonce” she killed ciara at the BET awards just as she has done before and ya’ll cant take it, and seemingly she cant either. For all the haters, beyonce may scream,shake,copy(thats laughable seeing that ciara is a direct janet jackson rip off) and she still that B****. Dont be madd. lol

  20. Anonymous July 1, 2007

    I agrre that Ciara should not have been #25 in regards to some of the other people that made the list. However she does a lot of ass shaking and grinding (I don’t consider that dancing). Besides she hasn’t been in the business that long, she should take what she can get…be happy that she even made the list. Enough said.
    By the way, some of the people that made the list shouldn’t be on no one’s list of TOP/BEST dancers at all.

  21. Anonymous July 2, 2007

    Y are people comparing their performances? But truthfully Ciara deserves to be higher on the list than #25, homegurl can dance. If the people on the list were freestyling she would murk most of them because she has raw talent and her dances are unique.

  22. Anonymous July 3, 2007

    Cici can dance and she should have been number 1. Also to the person who said Ciara can’t sing, she never would have gotten famous if she couldn’t and there is no way you should be sayin she can’t sing cause not like you can sing better than her. So seriously,STOP HATIN’.

    CIARA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  23. PoeticPrincess July 4, 2007

    Ciara is a great dancer which is clear, why you guys comparin her with beyonce? no matter what you dance to as far as hip hop the ass is always gonna be involved [generally speaking] besides its not ciara’s choreography! its the choreographers wants and needs, and if they want her to shake her ass or grind then so be it. thats what hip hop has gone down to sadly. but no doubt, ciara is amazing at what she does.

  24. Anonymous July 5, 2007

    Ciara should definitely have ranked higher, but there is no need to put Beyonce down to make Ciara shine… Ciara shines on her own merit.

    Beyonce is a good singer, dancer and her acting skills will improve in time with more work put in.

    Why people stay hating on that woman is beyond me – Jealousy and envy is so petty.

    Give credit when it’s due.

  25. Anonymous July 7, 2007

    A lot of people who can’t sing luck out and get famous.

  26. Anonymous July 8, 2007

    Well both Beyonce and Ciara can sing and dance. They are talented sisters, different in their own right, but talented nonetheless.

    If you haven’t done better, you have no room to talk, and since there are few female artists outshining them now, that should probably put you on HUSH.

  27. Anonymous July 11, 2007

    Ciara should have been higher. Her performance was raw at the BET awards show. How many people can jump of the stage doing the Chinese spilts (not even Janet in her prime). She upped her game. Her promise video dance moves and look is different from her Like a Boy. People who can change it up are much more interesting to me. Same as people who admit who they are inspired by. I am glad she was bold enough to show BET, most performers are to afraid. BET doesn’t give her the luv she deserves. Keep doin what u are doin CiCi!

  28. Anonymous February 25, 2009

    Just to let yall know those are only Ciara fans at the top every year hollering for her during every performance. Don’t believe me ask anybody that has gone. Beyonce might get bet vote but Cici owns the awards.

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