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Published: Wednesday 4th Jul 2007 by Sam
According to the Miami Herald, Janet Jackson has enlisted the services of Jazze Pha for her new CD. Having produced hits for the likes of T.I, Lil’ Wayne and Nelly, Jazze is also well-known for producing Ciara’s smash ‘1, 2 Step’ and her recent hit ‘Get Up’. Jackson has been in Miami since mid-June recording at Circle House Studios and will continue recording there for the next few months. Other producers set to feature on the project include Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Pharrell Williams and Jermaine Dupri.
Can’t really envision Janet on a Jazze production, but who knows -it may turn out hot. The more I hear about the direction of the album, the more I anticipate it. Janet is rumoured to be going for a ‘darker’ sound on this album.

What do you want to hear from Janet on this album?

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  1. Anonymous July 4, 2007

    Will definitely be a hot album to look out for.

  2. Anonymous July 4, 2007

    Her last album was the s***, why it flopped I don’t know, I’ll look out for her new album

  3. Anonymous July 4, 2007

    20 Y.O. was awesome! hopefully she’ll keep the good traits with her next album. (she looks aweful in the picture thou, lmfao) XD

  4. Robert Jones, Jr. July 4, 2007

    I HOPE she moves past talking about s** on every song and broadens her horizons on this project.

  5. fergg July 4, 2007

    i think if she gets back in good graces with mtv and become that crossover starlet again, she’s good. I PRAY HER, JIMMY AND TERRY WORK TOGETHER . 20 years of hits, you can’t get rid of that for anything!!

  6. Anonymous July 4, 2007

    Janet should go back to her RnB flavored dance-pop roots. Radio loves the Janet songs that sound like “together again” and “all for you”. She went a little too urban on her last project that might have caused it to flop. There’s no way Janet can become a hip-hop diva a la Mary J. or even Mimi at this point in the game.

  7. Anonymous July 5, 2007

    Really can’t wait for this album and it sounds like the direction is a good one for her. She has sort of worn out the s*** fun songs there really is no place left to go that she hasnt touched on in the last 2 albums sexwise.

    Darker and hard hitting stuff would be a good move. Answer haters, bring it Janet

  8. Aries July 6, 2007

    Just ONE wish!! Janet, daaarrrling..SING please!!! YOU have TO sing!!! and not whistle ALL the TIME! ohh dear…your music is LOUDER than your voice..:(

  9. Anonymous July 6, 2007

    Whether it’s good or not I will buy it. I have to keep my collection going. I couldn’t stand 20 Y.O when it was first released, but lately I’ve been listening to it and I am really feeling some of the songs now. But like someone said early … get over the s** thing already.

  10. jer. July 7, 2007

    Besisdes flashing her tittie in ’04, Janet hasn’t done anything worth talking about since The Velvet Rope. That’s the s***. All For You was ok but too generic. It all went downhill after The Velvet Rope. Damita Jo and 20YO were just bad, bad albums. Bad albums with a few great songs. Janet is so predictable these days. What happened to the Janet that kept the world guessing? The new albums gonna be ghetto dance track, R&B groove, ghetto dance track, R&B groove, trying-to-be-rock song, dirty s** song, dirty s** song, and then R&B groove.

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