Usher Messes With The Wrong Fan

Published: Saturday 21st Jul 2007 by Sam
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Further to reports earlier this week that Usher is attempting to shut down his top fansite for its negative stance on his relationship with Tameka Foster, the owner has vowed to fight it out in court. Erika Jackson, the webmaster of, isn’t backing down to legal threats from Usher and his label LaFace -who want her to hand the site over to them. Jackson claims she wants to ‘make a point’ by going toe-to-toe with her favourite artist. Click here to read the full story via TMZ.

The more I hear about this, the more I lose what little respect I have for Usher. It’s unlikely that he’ll win; I’m sure his team didn’t even think this would get as much press as it has. Either way, Usher’s reputation is in a mess right now.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    Usher is a wanker.

  2. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    Is the lawsuit going to hold up in court? There are a lot of sites by fans dedicated to their favorite artist. As long as she isn’t breaking any laws, it’s her right. Usher has lost all credibility.

  3. ermmer July 21, 2007

    usher is gay

    if all the other thousands of movie stars/pop stars have their life criticed by the media and opinionative fans, why can’t he?
    Does he think, he’s special or something? Fruit cake needs to sit down and shut up.

  4. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    Why does he think he can take over something that SOMEONE ELSE put all their time and effort in to? He needs to go to hell, he looks really dumb right now.

  5. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    I have nothing else to say bout him….. just leave this girl alone bye!

  6. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    1. Wow! Either I am really ignorant about the law (and I am) or he really doesn’t have a case. What could he possibly sue her for? I’m sure a web site is protected under the first amendment. I understand that this person doesn’t like his fiance and has said some bad things about her … but I doubt what she has said is slanderous.

    2. I’m tired of celebrities trying to control the media. You’re all for it when it benefits you, but you want to hush everyone up when they aren’t feelin’ you. Take the good with the bad and keep it moving.

  7. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    DAMN USHER, GROW UP! honestly stop hurassing this poor girl. she’s made you a Fan site & you want to shut it down? wtf? Usher needs to stop being gay.

  8. Anonymous July 21, 2007

    LMAO, I knew that little trick was bringing this mess next and by trick I mean Usher. He has been on a little rant lately and that’s because he is going through his period, probably. Earlier this year there was something posted on this site about Usher, again, where he was crying yet again about not recieving his dues by other young and talented male artist.
    Wendy Williams have made worst allegations against Ms. Tameka Foster and Usher didn’t do s***. Point of the matter is,I think he is comming out with a CD and is trying to generate some buzz. Remember Confessions is the best that Usher has ever done and will ever do.
    I wish he would just grow up, acting like a big ol nobody right now!!!!

  9. jer. July 21, 2007

    ew. Usher needs to sit down somewhere. Who does he think he is? Usher is almost oever. He better come with it on his next album or it’s BYE BYE and we’ll know he could never follow-up Confessions.

  10. Anonymous July 23, 2007

    that is what usher has become[or became whatever..]
    sorry bro but it’s true…
    he was one of the moost hard workin celeberties in HWood…
    but now he thinks he is on the top of the world.. he is steppin on the people who helped him to become who he is now..:
    His Mother, His Ex-girlfriends [his writing material] and now even the people who ADORE him..

    Mister “Superstar” should let his ego “Burn” and go back to the down to earth performer he wuz..

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