Confirmed: Monica Pregnant

Published: Sunday 12th Aug 2007 by Sam
Rumors of R&B star Monica being pregnant have been circulating for a while, however the news has been confirmed via one of our affiliates, Sandra Rose. The ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ singer is reportedly 5 months pregnant with her second child. The father is believed to be Rodney ‘Rock’ Hill Jr – her long-time partner and father to her 2 year old son Lil Rock.
Though I congratulate Monica on the news, is it a bit selfish to question the timing? Having liked her last album ‘The Makings of Me’ and seeing it tank, I was hoping for some new material from her soon. I’m good to wait though. One small tidbit: when is Rock gonna put a ring on her finger and make it official? I mean, they’ve been together so long and are popping out these babies. Marriage isn’t for everyone, I know that, but come on now…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Heather August 13, 2007

    ITA! Couldn’t have said it better myself…Just to add a little…

    Why do so many people belittle marriage and opt instead to bring lives into this world? To me, it’s just so backward. If someone isn’t ‘right’ or good enough to marry, how can they be good enough to have children with, i.e. Puffy, Diddy or whatever the hell lis name is nowadays!

  2. Anonymous August 13, 2007

    I guess people don’t use protection anymore, not even celebs… smh hated her last album, was a very classless not used to that from Monica but Congratz because that’s a blessing regardless.

    I wish her and her children the best, but I agree, if he can bust nutts inside her, the least he can do is say I do…. smh

    Either way, her career is no where so a Baby at this time would be the smarter thing instead of waiting till she actually makes a come back.

  3. Anonymous August 13, 2007

    This comment speaks volumes … but I just have to say that at least they both have the same father, now if they can just keep moving it in the right direction and get married.

    To the first poster … I’ve never understood how people could find people to be worthy of their s** (which essentially says that you are good enough to be my child’s parent), but not good enough to marry.

  4. Anonymous August 23, 2007

    I wonder-how many of you “people” are bastards yourselves? Mind ya business.Monica is doing Monica.Why should she marry to make the “public” more comfortable with her lifestyle? She is obviously fine with her life. You should be fine with her decision, too – especially since it does not affect you. TMOM was a brilliant album, and it was full of class. People go around calling others b****** and ho’s and doubting themselves after a breakup all the time. She had the nerve to put it to music, and for that she is being classless? WOW.

  5. Anonymous August 30, 2007

    I wonder-how many of you “people” are bastards yourselves? Mind ya business.Monica is doing Monica.Why should she marry to make the “public” more comfortable with her lifestyle?

    ^^thats well said…i mean, sure, its the christian way and prolly a better way to start a family is to be married…but hell…we all know that tha percentage of ppl doing that nowadays is slim.

  6. Anonymous October 6, 2007

    Children regardless of how they come about are a blessing. I think everyone who is questioning why Monica is not married should mind their business and get their own pending lives together…best believe she is not worried about you.

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