Polow Da Don: " I Am King of the White Girls"

Published: Monday 27th Aug 2007 by Sam
Hit-maker Polow Da Don sparked controversy with his comments about ‘white girls brain game’ several months back. The producer, whose hits include Ciara’s ‘Promise’, spoke more on his self-proclaimed status of ‘King of the White Girls’ in an interview with AllHipHop.com. Check out what he had to say:

AllHipHop.com: Now, you call yourself the “King of All White Girls.” Elaborate on that for me.

Polow Da Don: Just the “King of the White Girls.” I ain’t self proclaimed but I run with it. [Laughs] There was a stage in my life where I went crazy with dating white women. I have nothing against black women, but they’re raised differently. White women are raised to respect and serve their men. Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant. Just look at the divine order; it goes man, woman, child.


Interesting lol. I’m sure many eyebrows will be raised with this one…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    As a black woman I don’t know what to think of this.

  2. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    As neither black white or a female i think this is all wrong!
    To say that white woman are raised to server there men is just wrong. Its plain ignorant to catagorise people like that. Madness! Im taking racist offence to this right here and im in no way a white female! But then again men that talk like that always turn out to be chichi men…

  3. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    As A Black MAN..His statement Is Right..

    But Nowadays.. There Aint No Difference anymore… Women Are Women[DOT]

  4. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    wow to be honest his statement shows that men or should i say black men are just being lazy or something. This comment makes me mad. He is also basically saying that white women are more afraid of men in my opinion.

  5. Gabie August 27, 2007

    First and foremost, Palow Da Don is the one who is ignorant. I’m not sure if this statement was really made by him, but whoever agrees with this statement is ignorant of our black culture, our communities, and our heritage. This man has spoken for an entire race of women! I don’t like to be categorized. I am a BLACK WOMEN. My mother taught me to respect everyone. The most important thing she said was no one knows you’re ignorant until you open your mouth. The Bible states that we are ensnared and entrapped by the words of our mouths. So choose your words wisely and very carefully. This statement is not only speaking of me, but it also refers to the beautiful Black Women that contributed to his well being today. There is so much that I could say, but let me say this…grow up and learn that everyone is different. It would be wrong of me to go around saying that all Black Men are absent fathers, jobless, uneducated, unsaved, and visionless because that’s exactly what society has portrayed them to be. I know that’s not true, even though my experience with a select few may have been derogatory, it by no means speaks for an entire race of men. That would be IGNORANT!

  6. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    where ther’s smoke there’s fire…HE NOT THE FIRST MAN TO SAY THAT AND HE WILL NOT BE THE LAST…black women take a look at yourselves….oh let me guess nothing is wrong with u…its him and men like him RIGHT?………..RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT

  7. Anonymous August 27, 2007

    I am Jamaican…and we are raised to serve our men…so he already lost that one.

    What I find funny is his statement of ignorance. Nothing is more ignorant then his generalization of black women. Because black women reign all over the world. So it would have been best to state ‘black women that I have encountered.’

  8. Robert Jones, Jr. August 27, 2007

    He’s a misogynist.

  9. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    I’m a white woman, and i’ve dated a black man. I can tell you that I’ve respected him a lot but not served him! It was the last thing that he wanted from me!!! He loved me, so he respected me! This Polaw Don something… is an idiot that does not respect anybody but him! He’s said one of the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard!!!! ARGHHHHH

  10. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    Yo they need to put his photos on Americas Most Wanted list. Cuz I know alot of non-submissive women that would pay to put a cap in his a$$. Hell the BBB is already lookin for dude.

    BBB = Black Beautiful B******

  11. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    Judgment from within a minority ethnic group can impact they way they trust each other, how intelligent they are perceived, or even keep them from dating people who share their own heritage.

    I did a podcast about this at Rebcast.com (http://www.rebcast.com/season2_fall/audio/the_roving_reporter/10/10.mp3). From my interviews, it seems to me that Black men fall into one of three categories: the anything goes category (which does not subscribe to the opinions featured by this man), the anything Black category (who seem to take a lot of offensive to the perception that Black men think white women are trophies. In fact, they think it’s Black women who shy away from Black men because Black men are outpacing them in education) and then there are people who feel like Polow.

    Check it out: http://www.rebcast.com/season2_fall/audio/the_roving_reporter/10/10.mp3


  12. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    Wasn’t it an oh-so-submissive white woman who cut off her husband’s penis about ten years ago? Wasn’t it an oh-so-submissive white woman who shot her preacher husband to death, recently? Didn’t an oh-so-submissive white woman just set her ex-husband’s penis on fire (in Russia) THIS WEEK?
    His comment is stupid.
    Italian men, Irish men, Black men, Puerto Rican men, etc. – almost all of these groups have individuals who think their women are too dominant/aggressive to date. So, though there’s nothing wrong with the other side, the grass isn’t always greener there.

  13. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    ALL U WOMEN ARE TELLING LIES, u say one thing in front of your girlfriends but behind close doors it’s the total opposite. WHEN BLACK WOMEN DONT LIKE WHAT U HAVE TO SAY THEY ATTACK U…he’s ignorant he’s this, he’s that…he’s a little boy, not a real man…NOTHING COULD WE WRONG WITH THE BLACK WOMEN….NOPE never

  14. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    Well well well, another example of how political correctness is only an issue when it suits.

    If i was to say im the king of the black Hos id get branded all sorts, racist, ignorant, sexist…

    Just makes me laugh how s*** it is to be a white male in todays day & age.

    It shouldnt be one rule for the average white male and another rule for the rest.

    Its bollocks if u ask me, i aint one for political correctness but i think its a p*** take how black men can say what ever the f*** they want n get away with it.

  15. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    You know what? The post before mine brings up a god point. Don Imus said something black men can say all the time and it got him fired, but Polow acts like all white women are submissive and oral s** champions and no one calls him ignorant (EXCEPT to defend Black women).

  16. Anonymous August 28, 2007

    Hmmm…Anon 11:18 am and Anon 2:35 “King of White Girls… King of Black Hos… Nappy headed Hos ” ??? I see a glaring difference unless of course you equate black women with the word Ho

  17. Anonymous August 29, 2007

    Yet again another Black man dissing black women!!

  18. Angel August 30, 2007

    These black men these dayz dont know any good black women. Some black men cant be trusted thatz why we doubt them but i mean really the king of white girls

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