Danity Kane – ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’ Review

Published: Saturday 15th Mar 2008 by Sam
Danity Kane - 'Welcome To The Dollhouse' ReviewWithin the two years that followed the release of Danity Kane’s self-titled debut, the group – consistent of Dawn, Audrea, Aubrey, Shannon and D. Woods – amassed a legion of loyal fans and experienced Platinum sales. Yet speculation about rifts between the ladies and management, as well as among themselves, threatened to dissolve the group just as quickly as they were formed. Having ironed out their issues, Danity Kane are back with their sophomore effort ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’ (due March 18th). An eclectic Pop/Urban/Dance fusion, with ‘Dollhouse’ the ladies prove their worth and then some.

The rousing Missy Elliot-assisted ‘Bad Girl’ lifts the album off to a great start. With its up-tempo, whimsical production – courtesy of Danja – and clever play on the album’s title concept (‘When the red light comes on I transform’), the track sets the tone for the rest of the record. Elsewhere, the metaphorically steamy ‘Striptease’, as well the club-destined ‘Pretty Boy’ (both also produced by Danja) are standouts. The great reception of the album’s lead single ‘Damaged’ also speaks for itself.

Markedly more Pop sounding than their 2006 debut, ‘Dollhouse’ possess a distinct appeal to a broader audience. The synthpop sounding ‘Sucka For Love’ – a personal favourite – as well as ‘Lights Out’ are good examples of this; as are edgy standouts ‘Poetry’ and ‘Is Anybody Listening?’

Despite its many highpoints, ‘Dollhouse’ isn’t without a few shortcomings. The gritty ‘Ecstasy’, which is somewhat reminiscent to the group’s first single ‘Show Stopper’, could have done without the Rick Ross feature – totally unneeded. ‘Street credibility’ may have been a reason, yet the end result makes it tempting to hit the skip button. What’s more, the Bryan Michael Cox produced ‘2 of You’ suffers from the text-book case of ‘awesome production, terrible lyrics’ – ‘You got me having breakfast in the afternoon…’ Ok then. ‘Ain’t Going Nowhere’ – a collaboration with fellow ‘Making The Band’ co-stars Day26 and Donnie- seems out of place on the otherwise very well flowing record.

With ‘Welcome To the Dollhouse’, Danity Kane, not only deliver a solid collection of sassy, assertive radio-ready hits, the ladies serve up their most cohesive effort yet – highlighting both their artistic growth and uniformity as a group. Indeed, one of the better releases so far this year, ‘Dollhouse’ sets the group head and shoulders above their competition. The successors to the girl-group thrown vacated by a certain Destiny’s Child, perhaps? A long shot, maybe, but Danity Kane are undoubtedly headed in the right direction.

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  1. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    I’m having a field day.
    This album is just ok! it doesn’t really longevity stamped all over it or standout tracks like Ride for You. None o the girls stand out vocally and they are really trying hard to harmonise over everything. I’m not sure if anyone will be talking about this album in 18 months…

    Am i first

  2. nerd March 15, 2008

    i really like that dk is trying something new. i love most of the tracks on the album but, i wish they could of stuck to pop/r&b album. however i’m still buying their album and they will defintely prove people wrong. i think your wrong about “2 of you” tho i really like the funky lyric. not your typically lyrics. HOWEVER i’m not feeling the interlude tho, there way too much and the tracks are pretty short. Also you think Ectasy make you want to hit the skip button?i really like the R&B swagger with that track. Also i feel like the lyrics for all the song was common and similar. they kept using word like fanstay, and addiction in each track.

    overall the album is great something fresh and new from dk yah won’t be disspointed

  3. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    I’ve been amped about their new album ever since I heard about it late last year, and now that I’ve heard it all…I’m even more amped. ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Pretty Boy’, and ‘Extasy’ are among my favorites on the album. I’ll agree that when I first heard ‘Extasy’ I definatly skipped it cause Rick Ross’ intro was very bizarre and didn’t flow that well with the song. But aftre I gave it a couple more listens, I am happy to say that it is fantastic. The lyrics are very grown up from their debut effort. The interludes I will agree aren’t as great as their debut interludes were. I am feeling ‘Secret Place’ though. The only track I am not liking at all is ‘Key to My Heart’ the beat is random and doesn’t flow well with the other album tracks…and the vocal production is shot to hell with the girls singing/talking their way through the whole thing. Excluding ‘Key to My Heart’ I love this album. Im definatly gonna go buy it on the 18th! (and big ups to Danja for his production on some of the best tracks on ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’)

  4. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    Danity Kane have proven that they are the best girl group since Destiny’s Child, but much like Leona Lewis they are fighting critics to prove that they are much more than just reality show winners.

    Though their first album was pretty much written and produced for them, the album was fire! Every single track was amazing and I was most certainly blown away that the ‘Danity Kane’ album was coming from first timers. Fast forward two years, ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ follows on from the first album and delivers. There’s no sophomore slump with this CD, it’s all hot, contemporary and the girls prove their worth. Granted, this album is more pop than my usually preferred R&B, I love it. ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ are amazing, ‘Damaged’ the lead single has been getting play from me since it dropped! The standouts on the album for me are the two ballads ‘Is Anybody Listening…’ and ‘Poetry’ which are so soulful and highlight each girl’s individual voices so well. The girls have grown, developed and experimented but unlike 90% of other artists who experiment – they’ve hit the mark and exceeded their first album.

    I truly hope this is another platinum seller and #1 for the girls, I really do.

  5. Mark March 15, 2008

    Hi Sam! First I’d like to say that DK’S new album “Welcome to the Doll house” is awesome. I think this is the material that the girls need to go for. I cant really pick at anything the production is pretty tight and each song fits and flows; something that not many artists can do these days, “Dollhouse” leaves you wanting more. My Favorite tracks are, hell…all of them but I especially love “Strip tease”, “Pretty Boy”, and the Interlude “Secret Place”. BTW check my blog

  6. Anonymous March 15, 2008

    I won’t be getting this album that’s for sure. Diddy should make this a 3 girl band because I can’t tell which girl is singing what part. Or they should all become solo artists.

  7. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    I’m from the uk & i obtained (lol) MOST of the traks off net, so i have’nt heard it in full. However the songs I got r pretty damn amazing, this group has big potential & this album because of its dance fusion could defo do well in Europe. Seriously tho, pretty boy, strip tease, bad girl & sucka for love are tracks i have on constant rotation right now can’t stop listening to em. Solid all the way… i hope this group are around for a long time.

  8. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    The good songs are some of the best material i’ve heard this year so far – MAZIN

  9. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Sucka 4 Luv is my favourite track on this album. It’s a shame diddy was the executive producer here though, i think there are 2 too many slow songs on the album. I think the best slow song is “Poetry” i love the verses and the bridges.

  10. Mr. Pyro March 16, 2008

    This album is HOT.. the production is hot.. the songs are incredible.

    To whoever made this comment:

    “”Diddy should make this a 3 girl band because I can’t tell which girl is singing what part.””

    Are u kiddin??? This is what makes them HOT… they are ALL hot vocalists.. no background singers AT ALL they can all lead…

    Dawn is pretty much the leadsinger of the band though eventhough the other girls get to sing lead a lot as well. At the most imporant parts of the song its usually Dawn killing it… her voice is crazy.

    And Danja…. well he’s a problem his productions Alien.. thats all to be said on that subject.

    I like this album twice as much as any D.C. album and thats real… Just for the fact that i like EVERY SINGLE SONG that made the cut.. its amazing.

    To wrap it up… check me out my official production profile:



    Mr. Pyro
    Let IT Burn/3 BMG

  11. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    Yo this album is hot!!! I really suggest people buy this album tracks like “Pretty Boy” “Secret Place” “Poetry” “Damaged”, will get them along way. If pussycats can do it with their songs, then Danity Kane can defo do it aslong as there marketed well.

  12. Anonymous March 16, 2008

    There is a seriously huge gap in the market for this type of music and a girl group with talent like they all have and DK have done amazin with this album from what i’ve heard so far. If they carry on like this they will be around for a long time and prove alot of people wrong. Go and buy the album and make them no.1!!

  13. Anonymous March 17, 2008

    i think the album is brilliant. compared to their first album they’ve grown a lot. some of the songs take a while to like, but interesting enough you will find urself singing the song at school or while ur working. the album is sure to got diamond. also vote for them on trl, they are currently number 4.


  14. Mark March 20, 2008


    You are very, very generous with this review.

    I thought the album was slightly messy, extremely ‘poppy’ & lyrically empty.

    if you want a pop-urban album – grab Rihanna, if you want soulful vocals – grab Mary J & if you want solid contemporary R&B – grab a Destiny’s Child album…



  15. Sumpit March 21, 2008

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  16. Anonymous March 23, 2008

    i LOVE DK. I went to high school with aubrey and she was always super nice. anyway the album is great. my girls and i love them as a group cos even their songs are like our anthems and this album is FULL of new ones! yay. anyway thats it. much love, !

  17. Anonymous March 24, 2008

    strip tease needs to be next!!

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