50 Cent’s Long Island House Burns Down; Possible Arson

Published: Friday 30th May 2008 by Sam
50 Cent's Long Island House Burns Down; Possible Arson A raging fire broke out at a Long Island, New York home owned by rapper 50 Cent early this morning. Speaking to TMZ, the local fire department have labelled the fire ‘highly suspicious’. Check out the report below:

The fire broke out at the six bedroom, five bath house in Dix Hills, NY around 5:00 AM. Six people, including the rapper’s ex Shaniqua Tompkins and their 10-year-old son Marquise, were in the house. They all were transported to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation.

The Chief of the Dix Hills Fire Department tells TMZ that dogs are currently searching the burned out rubble, as the intensity of the fire made it highly suspect. The Chief says they’re searching for what substance possibly could have been used as an igniter.

The house has been the subject of a bitter dispute between Fiddy, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, and Tompkins. The rapper reportedly bought the home — one of the biggest cribs in the area — for a cool $2.4 mil in January 2007. Last month he tried to evict Tompkins and Marquise from the house, demanding she pay him $4,500 a month in rent.

Story developing …

UPDATE 10:25 AM ET: Suffolk Police tell us they received a call at 5 AM. An off-duty police officer was driving by and stopped to help rescue the victims inside the house. We’re told injuries to all six victims — including Tompkins — are non-life threatening and they have been treated and released from the hospital. While they are currently investigating the fire’s cause, we’re told 50 Cent is not a suspect at this point.

Without doing the inevitable finger pointing, this is the most suspicious ‘ish’ I’ve heard heard in a long while. I mean 50 & Shaniqua were seen having a heated arguement on a New York street just this Monday; 50 even had to be restrained. SMH…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    Shaniqua and her goons had something to do with this. I don’t believe fiddy would risk the life of his son because of a sorry ass vidictive and stupid baby mama. She had until the beginning of the school year to move and is currently trying to sue this man for $50 million and while in court the morons she was with tried to provoke fiddy into a fight. All suspicions are on her and the rest of her sorry ass crew. This is obviously arson and if it turns out that this sorry ass hood rat had anything to do with it, I hope fiddy gets full custody of his son.

  2. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    I would almost buy that argument except for the fact that she and her child were ACTUALLY in the house . I do know that there are some scheming people out there but what motive does she have to burn down the house. She will not get ANy insurance money because she did not own it. She Had to move anyway when school started.She needed to and was fighting to stay in that house as long as possible.This smells of fifty

  3. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    a house burns like that and you come out with mere smoke inhalation? well that’s the least that could happen if you were behind the whole thing.

    court already ordered her to leave my 5/1. 50 agreed that they could stay till the end of the school year. he didn’t have to do that nor burn the house down. and how much would that insurance mean to fif in comparison to his net worth

  4. tia May 30, 2008

    i agree with comment number #2 this smells of fif because what would she get out of burning that house down except pissing off fif…he gets insurance money,he gets her out of the house officially…and he really dont have s*** to lose by burning that house down so i think fif has something to do with it…especially since she was still in the house with her son

  5. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    “except pissing off fif”


  6. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    U 50 d*** riders kill me.. If he gave a f*** about his son , damn the fact that him and the mother are not getting along, his concern should be his son having a stable home.. He was being the b**** that he is by evicting his own son. Now his son dont have s*** and lets see how fast he comes to the request for his SON. Oh my bad, the fire was 5am this morning and he still hasnt contacted her to make sure his sure is okay. Get real people… This b**** ass n**** dont care about nobody but 50. What man is gonna kick his own son out when he was plenty of other properties again just being the b**** that he is. I hope he burn in hell for that s***…

  7. DEEZEE May 30, 2008

    I think it goes both ways, Shaniqua could have. She could of set it up, becasue nobody was really hurt. Why would fifty do this s***, risking his career, money, his own house, his kid? I don’t know about this one, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  8. Tia May 30, 2008

    #5 wtf does that mean,like i said,that would be the only good reason for HER to do something like this because at then end of the day SHE is the one out of a house SHE is the one who doesnt get any insurance money AND SHE is the one who has everthing to lose in that house NOT HIM!…so you should of thought before you ran your mouth…..and maybe you would of known what i was saying r*****.

  9. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    they went to court the other day over the house and now today the house burns down, lol @ anybody even thinkin for a second that this wasn’t a planned arson attack. that broad burned this joint up so 50 couldn’t take it and sell it once she’s ordered to get out, and now she’s tryin to f*ck up his chances of collecting on the insurance money by implicating him in the fire. its obvious.

  10. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    50 did it.

    The end.

  11. nuyorkborn May 30, 2008

    why would she do it if her son was in the house that makes no sense.i think 50 had something to do with it.do remember this is the same house they were in and out of court bc he wanted her out and she wasn’t going to leave.

  12. Lola May 30, 2008

    She was ordered to be out of the house by 6/1 after unsuccessfully trying to a)get more child support b)stay in the house

    Today is 5/30, house burns down.
    All signs point to her.


    50 may not give a s*** about her, but I’m sure he would not put his son in harm’s way. She was on the losing end, not him-so why would he burn it down???

  13. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    maybe..just maybe..this was just an accident..just because they have all this drama goin on dont mean anything if there were faulty wires or something of that manner…

  14. Anonymous May 30, 2008

    As hard as it is to believe, those crazy coincidences do happen in life. She was supposed to leave this sunday, the house burns, coincidence? Hard to believe but it could be. I don’t see neither 50 nor Shaniqua risk killing their OWN CHILD in the name of winning a war! I don’t see it.

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