Usher & Justin Timberlake To Collaborate?

Published: Sunday 25th May 2008 by Sam
Usher & Justin Timberlake To Collaborate?Though Usher’s much hyped new album ‘Here I Stand’ isn’t due in shops for a few more days yet, the Grammy winner is already talking about the projects re-release – revealing that a collaboration with old rival Justin Timberlake is potentially in the works. Some of you may remember, in response to a Rollingstone cover hailing Timberlake as the new King of Pop (nonsense anyway, as MJ has that title forever IMO), Usher said: “There simply is no comparison between me and Justin. He can’t even stand in the same lane as me, ever.”.
In an interview with The Daily Mail newspaper over here in the UK, he seems to have changed his tune:

“I regret it, because he’s a great friend of mine now. I was young and didn’t know better. We were both being kids and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and we’re talking about doing something together for the repackaging of my album. If we ever worked together, though, it would be the biggest record ever.”

This talk of a re-release prior to the original album even hitting stores kinda leaves a salty taste in my mouth. After all, why not deliver the best product you can to begin with? Anyway, I’m indifferent to the idea of a Justin collabo. Not to beat on a dead horse, but the Superbowl aftermath has made for me to lose respect for Justin both artistically and as a person….

Any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    These re-releases have to STOP! We’re all being taken for a ride and it’s just going too far now, every single artist seems to be re-releasing their albums these days and it’s completely unfair on the fans who’ve already supported their favourite artist the first go around…I’m sick of it, especially in cases like this where they’re talking about it before they’ve even released the original record..ugh.

  2. jonnyhco May 25, 2008

    yes stop the realeases.and i love usher and justin.they are the best no doubt about it.and why cant people be happy about the both being icons,people are haters.i grew up listening to the both of them and great is the lease that you can say about chris brown the wannabe pop star.he was wack when he came out an he’ll be wack when he retires

  3. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    Just download it. Thats what i do. The only artist who deserves my money is Janet.

  4. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    I hope this two never collaborate!

  5. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    re-releases are just a marketing scam to earn the artist and their label more money while also making the album climb the charts if it has fallen. it’s sad that most people fall for this, and even sadder that artists are already planning future re-releases before the original is even out! how tacky.

    on the other hand, though, the super bowl incident was a LONG time ago. we’ve all gotten over it, and it has absolutely zero effect on his credibility. :]

  6. Anonymous May 25, 2008

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  7. jer. May 25, 2008

    i’m sorry but planning a re-release before the album is even out is pathetic. BeYAWNce tried ot pull that s*** after she only put 10 songs on B’day that c***. WE SAW IT COMING!!! Usher needs a new ALBUM… not a re-release

  8. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    that’d be a sick collab [=

    that’s stupid to think of a re-release before the album hits stores.

  9. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    i think what people don’t realize is that whole superbowl “stunt” was planned. It just backfired big time and justin didn’t call her out even though he could have lost his chance at the grammy and all that crap because he may be a egotistical dude but he’s still respectful of their past. I know this. Like people don’t see how janet thought this will make my album blow up and it didn’t and see played victim but she wasnt. and usher needs to let go of his diva ways and the industry needs to stop thinking people are gonna care about a re release we’ll just download that crap. cuz that’s all it is 2 or 3 extra songs with the original crap…move on.

  10. Anonymous May 26, 2008

    Jer what the hell is up with you and Beyonce damn! Do you always have to drag her name through the mud? You are sad and pathetic, paying her so much attention when she doesn’t know who the f..k you are. Get a life.

  11. Anonymous May 26, 2008

    If they do callaborate I hope it’s a hott club song!! and I hope they do some mean choreography, cuz they can both dance!

  12. U March 14, 2010

    Justin is a bad person and a criminal. I agree that he is not sincere at all. Usher is the definition of class, he does not need Justin to garner himself a hit at all.

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