Kelly Rowland & The Script Perform ‘Part Time Lover’

Published: Saturday 30th Aug 2008 by Sam
R&B star Kelly Rowland joined forces with Irish band The Script to perform Stevie Wonder’s ‘Part Time Lover’ on T-Mobile Transmission this week. There is some talk that the cut may appear on Kelly’s 3rd solo LP. Peep the performance below:

Enjoyable performance. Good stuff.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    I think Kelly can not sing. I am sorry. I think she is pretty and did a great job with Destiny Child but a solo career? Boring!!!! Some people are born to be Gladys Knight and others born to be Pipps.

  2. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Shut up…!

  3. mike August 30, 2008

    Another silly comment from a silly anonymous!
    The video’s here and no one can say Kelly cannot sing!

  4. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    “Kelly Rowland joined forces with UK band The Script”

    “UK Band”…they’re actually Irish, and proud of it!
    Love Kelly so much, roll on 3rd LP..

  5. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    S***, she’s good. Next to her, good is crap.

  6. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    sam there irish !!! no offence but get your facts right,

    Enjoyable performance. Good stuff.

    clearly you thought it was s*** with that comment sam !!!

    on the other hand I thought it was an awesome peformance

  7. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Comment 3! silly! comment 1 said Kelly couldn’t sing and and they are entitled to there view.

    I agree with Comment 1. Although have Kelly’s albums i enjoy the songs more than the singer and every time i’ve seen her live she’s always off.

    This performance is horrid! she’s clearly off key on many occasions and thats why Matthew Knowles invests in his daughters first. I mean, Mary j Blige and George Michael sang As and it sounded so much better.

  8. Mike August 30, 2008

    Kelly Rowland could burp on stage and Sam’s response would be….”fantastic performance, best one we’ve seen of her yet. Good Stuff”

  9. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    love the performance
    leave the hating for later

    anyways does anyone know where i can dowload the song
    im really loving this colabo

    kelly is an awesome singer never been a fan of hers
    but the girl can sing

  10. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    ^^^ couldnt agree less
    i am not a fan fan but i did love some ms.kelly songs
    the girl is talented and she could sing
    but she needs to leave the knowles and i also think her voice sounds better than beyonce but thats my opinion

  11. Meanshots22 August 30, 2008

    why is that boy singing better than kelly? kelly girl u slippen. u only had bout three parts and u sounded horrible.

  12. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    erm y u ppl trippin! U knw Kelly can sing. If u knew anything about music ud knw dat stevie’s songs r very hard to sing. And no she was not off she sounded fine, not her best bt it was fine.

  13. Wendell August 30, 2008

    Kelly can sing, but she isn’t a GREAT singer. She’s decent a better studio voice if you ask me. I have never known a GREAT solo performance by her where she just sings and she isn’t flat.

    One could easily argue that for AS LONG as Kelly has been in the game, she should be far more seasoned. Michelle can sing live! Beyonce can sing live! Kelly, take notes.

  14. Nick August 30, 2008

    IDK, KElly is good 2 me, I liked it, I LUVd her last album MS KELLY, she needs new management, seriously-

  15. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    I like Kelly.. Too bad she feels she has to change her sound to sell records.. She definitely needs new management..

  16. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    I am the biggest Kelly Rowland fan there is. I have every single song, released and unreleased, from her.

    She sounded good, but even I have to say that she sounded off at parts. This isn’t her best, but we know she can do so much better.

  17. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    She only sounded kinda off on the lower parts… All some ppl like to do is find ohter ppl’s every tiny little fault and error, but finding hers wont make urs go away k.. A little thought for alot of u haters.

  18. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    As much as I like Kelly, and BTW, I also think she has a better voice than Beyonce, she’s not doing herself any favors by staying with Matthew Knowles as her manager. He is completely stunting her personal growth as a performer. But she obviously doesn’t see it that way, and I just hope it won’t be too late for her to get away from that and have her star shine just as brightly as the “other” one.

  19. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    I wrote the first comment and why do people always try to call someone a hater when they are just stating their opinion? You all pretty much agree that Kelly can not sing live which means she can not sing. I can go into a studio and sound good singing but I can not hold a tune and that is not hating but my opinion. R&B has turned into corny music due to people like Kelly Rowland. She gives people like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Teena Marie and Mary J Blige a reason to shake their heads at the route R&B music is going.

  20. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    for the peson above me u are a hater an a @sshole kelly can sang her ass off just because u dontli ke her dont try to turn other against her now go kill yourself

  21. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Once again the last comment proved me correct again because first of all Kelly does not have an a** so therefore…. you get the point…The girl can not sing. There is nothing wrong with being a backup singer!!!!!

  22. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    kelly is a great singer!!!

  23. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Ooops my bad… I thought this was a R&B site. I forgot this is the happy go lucky music is louder than the singer do not even know what they are singing type of site. My bad!!!

  24. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    That was such a karaoke performance from her. She sounded like any round the way girl trying to do Beyonce…

  25. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Kelly really needs to work on her breathing.
    At least she looked cute though…

  26. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    the girl can sing. shut up. she is like Mary in terms of having some good performances and some bad ones. We all know Mary is a legend, but she has had some off performances.. Kelly is very talented, but this wasn’t her strongest performance…

  27. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    yall act like she had a full verse, she was only singing the hook, and she did great, loved the run she was doing on “sun”

  28. Anonymous August 30, 2008

    Kelly is an okay singer but this wasn’t a great performance. I’ve heard her sound better. Its a shame people in the UK value her more than they do in the US.

  29. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    fantastic performance kudos to you sam for ignoring the haters and keeping us up to date on a wonderful talented singer. this was an incredible performance

  30. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    Kelly can’t sing…sorry!!!

  31. Anonymous August 31, 2008


  32. fernie August 31, 2008

    how can the same hater say
    kelly can’t sing???

    humm did you see kelly in live in atlanta or perhaps when she performed with the surpremes.
    kelly sounded better than the surpremes
    now if your able to pull that off
    you could sing.
    love them kelly haters

  33. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    please i thought we were over the kelly can,t sing carricature haters, i thought songs like i,m still in love with my x, this is love, unity and badhabit took care of all this nonsense or better still why not youtube her live performances of daylight and d rest if ure still in doubt . the chick can sing hands down and is now an awesome performer live.oh my (rolls her eyes) why don,t you guys look 4 sthing more realistic 2 complain abt like maybe her management now that,s not doing her the justice she deserves but atleast she is still getting booked unlike michelle who has an album coming out. now thats just a damn shame and they need to leave that record company michelle deserves better. love you always miss kelly do ur thang can,t wait to watch ur performances in paris, belgium and warsaw in days 2 come

  34. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    well at least kelly sings better than most of them crappy singers out right now with that shity music

  35. Anonymous August 31, 2008

    oh my God sam if you can please post her performances from the paris nike event kelly killed it, she performed likethis can,t nobody comeback dc medley, emotion, this is love(for the first time)nailed it,dilenma and of course work it was….you guys need to watch it imma shut up till then

  36. Anonymous September 2, 2008

    all you are going to do is hate .kelly`s voice
    is not lioke beyonce`s.her voice is one of those extra ordinary can spot kelly
    a miles away when she sings

  37. Anonymous September 2, 2008

    Kelly’s performance is disturbing and completely off key. It seems she has no real vocal technique and is singing improperly from her throat which sounds very glottal.

    “Glottal clicks are caused by singers singing in a throaty manner, attacking the notes straight on, and as you know, are unhealthy for the voice. I teach my singers to think of singing as a sustained sigh. I constantly remind them to approach notes from above and ease into the vowel rather than “hitting” it.”

    Furthermore, she is not a huge success because she has little talent and virtually no skill. This is why Papa Knowles kept her in Destiny’s Child so long. The bottom line is she wasn’t a threat to Beyonce in looks, skill or talent and if she were he would have gotten rid of her ass like he did the rest of em….


  38. Anonymous September 3, 2008

    ^^^^ fuckn HATER XD

    im laughing at your ass
    kelly sure looks better than your wack broke ass

    who are you a bee or rihanna stan???
    don’t mind if your a beyonce because thats my girl too
    but sure rihanna aint better than kelly and thats a fact hater

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