Lil’ Kim Looking…Good!

Published: Thursday 23rd Oct 2008 by Sam
Lil' Kim Looking...Good! I spotted these recent pics of rapper Lil’ Kim taken at a New York industry event over at Be it a new plastic surgeon or make-up artist ot whatever, this is the best the pint-sized vixen has looked in a long time.
Here’s hoping she now turns her efforts to her music career, instead of partying it up – like she always seems to be doing these days. Whatever the case, she’ll have to take matters a bit more seriously. She is being sued for $2Million for not fulfilling her contractual obligations to hew new label Brookland Media as well as publishing firm Simon & Schuster for not delivering the book she was paid a $40,000 advance to write. Well, I guess she looks good….LOL. Check out the pics below:
Lil' Kim Looking...Good! Lil' Kim Looking...Good!

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. Anonymous October 23, 2008

    Media takeout did this story about a month ago…..
    nuff said !

  2. Lawayne October 23, 2008

    Kim looks good.

  3. Anonymous October 23, 2008


  4. tia October 23, 2008

    first poster….nawl that was like last week…nice try though…sam u r rather late with this…and she still look fake to me..just slightly less fake..she cool though when we gonna get an album

  5. ANT FROM CLEVELAND TO CALI October 23, 2008

    she got a trainer and lost that weight…that she new she should have never gained…when she gain that weight her cheeks look lopsided dnt look even…but she looks hot…now she need to bring the nasty back

  6. 1st October 24, 2008

    Home girl looking like a plate a food! Home kooked dat iz !FRESH!

  7. Anonymous October 26, 2008

    Lil kim and looking good should not be in the same sentence

  8. Anonymous October 26, 2008

    Yall need to stop hatin on lil kim. so tha f*ck what if she done had a couple makeovers she still that b****… she been on the scene for a while now and u gotta give her credit. y dont yall hop off her meat and let her do her n jus worry about listenin to her songs thats what she here for… music entertainment!!!!!

  9. Anonymous December 23, 2008

    She has had corrective surgery to relax that tension on the tip of her nose. She attempted to narrow to an unrealistic point and her nose looked permanently pinched. It looks like she had suchers removed from the tip so it looked more natural and wider. She actually looks good for someone with SO MUCH surgery. Don’t recommend it though.

  10. kayla lake April 13, 2010

    Daammnn i think lil kim is gorgeous! and she looks really good in these pics!

  11. lower back pain pregnancy February 8, 2012

    why can I not get my e/mail address on the form? whats going on?

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