Rihanna: "I Used To Sing Vision Of Love In The Shower"

Published: Thursday 5th Feb 2009 by Sam

Peep this commercial for this Sunday’s 51st Annual Grammy Awards, in which Rihanna reminisces about ‘singing’ Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’ in the shower when younger. The jokes kinda write themselves with that one…
Your thoughts?

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  1. Nothing But Love February 5, 2009

    Sam just SHUT UP!!!! your so annoying your jokes about Rihanna are running DRY!!!!!

  2. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    I thought this was cute

  3. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    ur so boring sam, more like a loser! rihanna is hot and ur not

  4. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    ok we get it you don’t like her…then why do you constantly post about her? i understand this is a music blog but it seems like half of this blog is spent taking cheap stabs at rihanna (whether its deserved or not)

  5. Say it again,Sam February 5, 2009

    I don’t know why you all are mad at Sam for simply stating his opinion. He doesn’t think Rihanna can sing. I happen to agree. If you think she’s a vocal gift from God than buy her albums,support her in concert and continue to talk about how “hot” you think she is. Those of us who think otherwise wont stop you,but we will say what we want to say and you Rihanna lovers will simply have to find a way to deal with it.

    Peace out

  6. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    wow, Hi, Hater
    this dude is purposely dissing rihanna because he sees how worked up her fans are getting, i mean wow, nice way to keep people visiting your blog, by hating on an artist.
    i get it, you have a blog, so you praise the artists you like, and diss the ones you dont, BUT whats with the constnat promotion, and the banner including her. thats just lame, clearly you need her name, so you continue to use her, because you know she’s hotness
    but you throw in that little 50’cent reminiscent controversial comment everytime, like a typical A-hole.
    Get over yourself! your over doing it with the
    “its my blog, i can say what i want” attitude, because your clearly being straight hypocritical!

  7. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    No matter what Rihanna is a hit-maker… Her songs are always on top… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  8. Nothing But Love February 5, 2009

    @ Say it again,Sam

    Yes we KNOW!!!! hes told us a 1000 times he doesn’t think Rihanna can sing. We heard him the FIRST TIME!!!! he doesn’t need to keep going on about it, Sam’s just milking it to the the bone now.

  9. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    No matter what Rihanna is a hit-maker… Her songs are always on top… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

    Bulgaria aint s*** LOL Rihanna SUCKS shes HOT pretty girl but she can;t sing for s*** may she crash and burn like ashley simpsons when the next hot little girl comes out

  10. e.jay February 5, 2009

    Anonymous 6:13…where’s Rehab on the charts, again?

  11. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    i agree with 6:06am, he is purposely tryna get people worked up so they visit this site, getting old sam VERY OLD….

  12. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    Sam your right jokes do seem to write themselves. LMFAO. Singing Vision of Love in the shower? Rihanna? ROTFLMFAO! Bye girl.

  13. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    making a video anthology for ms kelly including mostly high quality videos interviews and live performances – all true kelly fans hit me at hood_star_06@yahoo.com. since columbia doesnt feel the need to do this task I will! For those who dont me, Ive been an avid supporter and stan of ms kelly and I wrote a poem a yr ago including the titles of all her songs and also was the first to post her singing the national anthem 2008. chk my youtube account dat_hood_star – I was also the one who made the vocal tribute to her as well.

  14. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    Yall need to get off Sam… This is not MANdra Rose or MediaFAKEout.. We don’t need deranged and ignorant posters.

    The b*tch can’t sing. And even tho she can carry a tune, just imagine what she would sound like.. It’s funny as hell! As Tiffany “New York” Pollard would say, “Mariah Carey? Mariah Carey?! B*tch more like Nick Cannon..”

  15. Missy love music hate Stans February 5, 2009

    You’re annoying no matter i keep sayin dat Rih is b******* he always bringin news but you people constantly say the same damn if you like Rihanna then milk it buy her remixes album but we’re in a free world so get out there’s plenty others blog losers .
    I mean c’mon people don’t act like you have to come here every day to diss on people who actually have an opinion. That’s why we’re all interesting we’re all different !

  16. tia February 5, 2009

    lmao!!!! please u cannot tell me the visual of rihanna singing ANY mariah song isnt funny!!..fan or not….just imagine it for a second,with the type of voice rihanna has…..dont worry i’ll wait…………………………….exactly f***** dreadful lmmfao!!!! like someone else said girl bye!!…..good luck with everything tho riri. u get love from me but only because ur pretty (which is sad) lmao

  17. MRSJONES February 5, 2009


  18. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    That’s it…I will officially stop visiting this site!!

    The constant bashing is so ridiculous!!
    And I don’t even care for Rihanna, but I don’t want to hear website bloggers constantly hate on people for Nothing!!


  19. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    ^^ b*tch you probably stay on Toya’s world, B*****, MANdra Rose, MediaFAKEout and any other site that is opinionated. Concreteloop is the only site that doesn’t do a lot of that. But you forget that a BLOG is supposed to be personal.. otherwise it would be a regular website.

    dumb f*cks

  20. the-coolestperiod February 5, 2009

    Her singing in the shower would probably be equivalent to her singing live on stage at the Grammy’s. SMH Sad stuff. LMFAO @ her stans. You people are NUTS. Start a foundation and take up some donations to get her a f***** personality and zeal for what she does! Let’s not forget the vocal coach!

  21. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    All come on! you have to admit that was funny, here it is she cant even sing her own songs live and she was singing VISIONS?

    She walked right into that one, and believe it or not Rihanna is a paid industry JOKE!!

    Yes, she has songs that have put her into stardom but that dont mean she can sing or dance and if you are truthful, if she did not look that way, she would’ve been gone..All her music does not require a record scientist to sing and she is having trouble singing her own, so dont visit this site if you dont want to read the truth about Rihanna.. You said you want visit this site, guess what you will not be visiting any and that includes her own cause they say the same thing except for the ones acting like they are in a cult.. She sucks big time..

  22. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    To all people who say rihanna cant sing go check her grammy nominations 4 her vocal performance and stop talking sh*t

  23. D February 5, 2009

    I don’t get the joke Sam. What is wrong with what she said? You really are very critical of Rihanna because your comment makes absolutely no sense. Every time this young lady speaks, sings or makes an appearance, you try to tear her down. Check yourself!

  24. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    Go Sam!!

    y’all know Rihanna sucks,

    FACE IT…


  25. KC February 5, 2009

    Rihanna better not dare sing a Mariah carey song, she would be embaressed. she cant sing & people only like her cause she's pretty. i find people saying that alot. she doesnt sell albums, she sells Singles – thats why thier releasing that freaking GGGB album for the third time , like what the hell. she sounds terrible live & the Grammys are Bias. they'll do anything to get ratings since they have been so low last year. she doesnt deserve a Grammy or a nod. Music deff isnt what it use to be & thats sad.

  26. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    It’s not for her vocal performance it’s for studio enhanced songs that have sold well, no one said her songs are not good we are just saying she SUCKS singing them live and trying to dance to them.

    She is a look, that has made her label rich!!!

    When people talk about riri they dont talk about talent they say the song was great not the singer. She get’s no pass with her peers, I love how they sugar coat there answers on her it’s funny to me. No matter how she dresses she still cant sing….People who go to her concerts are so disappointed afterwards. If she wins it’s not about talent it’s about popularity…

  27. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    I agree with everything you said 1:32 PM.

    I get the joke Sam, I don’t mind your comments about Rihana because I feel the same way, but I’m siding with her stans a little bit. How about minimizing her posts or not post her at all? She really doesn’t deserve as many posts she gets here. As you keep insinuating, she’s all hype which I totally agree with, so how about posting more under rated artists and new faces to entertainment who actually have talent. A lot of these blogs repeat each other with the same information, it would be nice to see a blog go outside of that predictable element for a change, just a suggestion.

  28. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    you are so childish ‘E.Jay’…
    Rihanna does have chart topping songs… though I’m not a big fan of her live vocal…

    but Sam, please DO NOT post about Rihanna if you don’t like her damn it!!!

  29. kelvin February 5, 2009

    lmao. u right!!! the joke does right itself. is it me or did any of yall had to play this s*** three times just to understand what she was saying? sam keep doing you and TELLING the truth. at least hes not lying to yall asses like everyonce else is. everyone else is brain feeding yall to think this girl has talent. i went to one of her concerts and was left dry.some of yall are not making since. how are yall gonna say that sam is using his dislike of her to get more fans. well if u are a rihanna fan and u know he doesnt like her then why are u here. that makes u look stupid not sam.

  30. Otis P February 5, 2009

    wats funny is all the people hating on sam cos he’s hating on rihanna are still here at his blog? Blogs are about opinion.. create urs and u can have one too!

  31. Alex February 6, 2009

    She sounds more like a dial tone than a frog to be honest!

  32. Anonymous February 6, 2009

    yall better get of sam, she cant sing now with singing lessons so imagne how she sounded before singing lessons!

  33. the-coolestperiod February 6, 2009

    This is why the Grammy’s isn’t gonna air much longer. If they keep nominating wack ass artists like her over the people who actually have REAL TALENT and work hard, nobody’s gonna care about the Grammy’s soon. This is nothing but a popularity contest now and I’m definitely not tuning in this year.

  34. Anonymous February 7, 2009

    Hating ass mofo. We get it, you don’t like her. You have nice posts for voiceless Ciara and Janet’s old ass like they have something to offer besides some body jolts. This shits getting mad old. Take some advice from this hitmaker and “live your life”…

  35. Kiwi February 7, 2009

    Just cuz ur not a fan of sumbody dont mean ur a hater..I dont like her. Tha songs aint all dat she dont dress like nuthin special she’s kinda skanky and i neva been 2 dis site b4 but you cant hate on the ppl writin it. It’s their job to post their opinion if it makes u mad dont read it HELLO!!

    Btw Ciara cant sing either and her songs r stupid but ppl lovin dat too

  36. Sacha Fierce February 8, 2009

    lol @ ciara and janet got nothing to offer but some body jolts, at least CC put in 110% in the live performance and video, you just need to go peep that take you down performance with Chris brown and Ciara or go watch Go girl video, better still go watch her youtube channel. They really aren’t that bad, as for Riri (fetus face) she doing her damn thing! bleating that voice and making papers lol! Same haters go out and buy her d and eat that s*** up to fuel their argument! Just remember Beyansa is the female version of a hustler, ya dig!

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