Diddy Ditches Bad Boy For New Label; Leaves Day26, Cassie Behind

Published: Saturday 26th Sep 2009 by Sam


Following several weeks of industry mumerings, it has been confirmed that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is leaving Warner / Atlantic Records, and reportedly joining Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope label. Perhaps most shocking, however, is that his Bad Boy imprint will REMAIN over at Atlantic, hence after launching the careers of Day26, Cherri Dennis and everyone’s favourite ‘sanger’ Cassie, the mogul is leaving them behind to persue his career elsewhere. Ouch. Peep the report below:

With his contract wrapped, Sean “Diddy” Combs is ankling Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records as an artist, a source confirmed Friday.

Much-rumored departure does not affect WMG’s joint venture with hip-hop impresario’s imprint Bad Boy Entertainment and its acts, which will continue to move through Atlantic.

Bad Boy catalog remains at WMG in perpetuity.

Combs had not been prolific during his five years with WMG: He issued one album, “Press Play,” in 2006. Set debuted at No. 1 nationally.

Recent industry scuttlebutt has placed Combs’ forthcoming album “Last Train to Paris” at Interscope.

Implying a new Bad Boy-styled imprint may be in the offing, Combs said in a statement, “Now that the term of the Warner deal has ended, I have elected to accept an opportunity to move my recording career and future label venture to another company.”


With next to no one really checking for Diddy as an artist (I mean come on now…), the real story here lies with the fact that Day26, Cassie and co are set to remain over at Bad Boy. If there was ever a time I was certain an act was set to be dropped, it’s now – unfortunately. That said, for some reason, I feel we’ll probably be seeing the oh-so-talented Cassie have her contract bought out and her make the move over with her lover boss.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jweezy September 26, 2009

    That’s really messed up to be honest. After he didnt promote Day 26, he’s just going to up and leave. Day 26 better hop on to a new label fast.

  2. iDrizz September 26, 2009

    ^ wait, you were expecting him to think of someone other than himself??? LMAO.. diddy is a chump & the remaining Bad Boy acts will follow my predicitions…. DROPPED! lol.. I still can’t believe another label scooped him up.. sounds fishy to me. that’s what he gets for letting Danity Kane slip through the cracks.

  3. fransleeca September 26, 2009

    damn datz really messed diddy i aint nobody checking for your punk ass newayz i dont c y ppl are so surprised cuz the only person diddy gives a fugg about is hisself nd dat aint coo…

  4. Anonymous September 26, 2009

    I always said it wasn’t good to work ofr or under diddy, now look what happens. I think Diddy don’t want to put money into his own groups. He’s a sad business man.

  5. nerd September 26, 2009

    Wait since he left Warner does that mean he not the boss of bad boy artists no more. because it belong to warner’s brother. If that the case a new executive will be in charge.

  6. IVORY’S INTELLECT September 26, 2009

    That shows how bad Bad Boy is. If the boss jumps ship, that ship is going down FAST. A pity Janelle Monae is signed to that mess. What a talent to go to waste! After Cheri’s album took ten years to be released, Bad Boy acts weren’t promoted, and Cassie has been pushed back time and time again, that was all a sign…Monae still didn’t listen.

  7. Anonymous September 27, 2009

    Wow i am officially over this guy…NEXT!

  8. anoymous September 27, 2009

    cassie has a release date – all im sayin…

  9. NEXT September 27, 2009

    whatever happened to his new show? mtv stopped playing it for some reason.

  10. Informer September 28, 2009

    NEXT,if you’re talking about Making His Band,MTV did not stop playing the show they simply moved it to another night. It airs on Saturdays now at 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm. I forget which time but the day is definately Saturday.

  11. lool September 28, 2009

    only USA cares about this man because no1 with minimum intelligence would care about him anymore, him and those s***** artists he supports or used to support, americans just eat anything that is s***, s***** rap, disney “stars” ahahah what a shame, such a cool country with such a poor taste

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