Ne-Yo Desperate To Work With Ex-Sugababe Keisha

Published: Saturday 26th Sep 2009 by Sam
Sugababe Keisha Buchanan

With the UK music industry still in shock over the departure of Keisha Buchanan from country’s biggest girl group, the Sugababes, new reports are suggesting the industry’s top hitmakers are lining up to work with the talented vocalist, particularly Ne-Yo:

Having been humiliated after she was forced out of the Sugababes, Keisha Buchanan may soon have the last laugh — R&B star Ne-Yo is desperate to work with her.

We can reveal that the US singer, 29, who has written hits for Beyoncé, Rihanna and Leona Lewis, contacted Keisha about working on material for her solo career.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old singer, the last original member of the group, announced she had been forced to leave. Keisha has now been replaced by Eurovision runner-up Jade Ewen.A source told us: “Keisha has known Ne-Yo for a few years. They are close friends and have worked together on Sugababes material. So when he heard she had left the group he contacted her and told her he wants to work with her. Keisha is also good friends with Jermaine Riley from FDM, who is signed to Ne-Yo’s label. When he heard of the split he told her to call him as he had some big news.”

Mutya Buena, 24, an original Sugababe who left in 2005, has hinted she would like the founding line-up — which included Siobhan Donaghy — to reform. The source added: “Mutya is keen on the old line-up getting back together, but Keisha wants to try to make it solo and she thinks Ne-Yo is the perfect guy for the job.”

Speculation over the Sugababe split led to rumours that Keisha was bullying the other members, a claim she fiercely denies. Today Sugababe Amelle Berrabah, 25, said: “Problems started in the last few months, but it was a long time coming.”  {Source}

I’m definitely hoping this is true; ever since news broke that Keisha had been ousted, yet has a solo deal, I’ve been sizing up the prospects of her solo LP. While some may be sceptical of her chances as a solo artist, I must say I’m very optimistic. As well as her undeniable talent, Keisha has also done a great job over the years of networking with her industry peers, hence if handled correctly and given the opportunity to work with the best (which I’m sure her label Island wouldn’t say no to, particularly in the case of Ne-Yo), she could really be a force and, as the article suggests, have the last laugh. Definitely looking forward to this project…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Keisha Stan September 26, 2009

    Everyone will want to work with her she was the talent of the group, the Sugasluts are over!


  2. Habib September 26, 2009

    yay keisha…that’s what i’m talking about!!!! sugabitches watch out….karma is coming sooner |||

  3. Carl September 26, 2009


  4. Dom September 26, 2009

    Hope kiesha does well. Them sugabitches
    need to flop hardcore. I do like kieshas version of the new single…amelle is a supa bish!!!!

  5. Stoney-Brie September 26, 2009

    I’m soo proud of and for Keisha!!!
    this just gave me chills
    God is good!

  6. Thatmangojuice September 26, 2009

    omg are you kidding me! yes get back together with the 2 originals!!!!!!!!!

  7. k September 26, 2009

    Good luck lovely and talented Keisha! I hope them Sugabitches flop real hard.

  8. PeepEm September 26, 2009

    Can’t say i’d never see it happen but wouldn’t it be the ish if the founding members reformed??

    All the best for Keshia and f*** em other ho’s!!!!

  9. parisian girl September 27, 2009

    ROFL@sugasluts and sugabitches!!
    good luck to keisha!

  10. yeaa September 27, 2009

    she dont need ne yo, she wrote most of the sugababes songs herself which is betta than anything ne yo has came out with

    in a few years all of ne yo’s stuff will sound mega dated

  11. Ms L.d.N September 27, 2009

    If i were keshia , i wouldn’t allow hedi and amelle to use the name sugababe cuz the don’t need to use it cuz she left.i still can’t believe she got kicked out of her own group. Anywayz i think i would like the orginals to get back togther

  12. IVORY’S INTELLECT September 27, 2009

    Good to hear. I wish her the best of luck whether she reforms the original group or not. Like their fans have said, it’s not the brand but the band. Changing the lineup HAS made a difference, even though the management/current members don’t seem to realise that. The buzz will wear off and when it does their careers will TANK.

    Anyone else sick of hearing about how nice Jade is? People seem scared to badmouth her because her parents are legally blind and she cares for them. It didn’t stop her from jumping on the plane to the US to shoot the video, though. Taking someone’s spot like that isn’t ‘nice’.

  13. Anonymous September 27, 2009

    PLEASE get rid of that music that plays when the site loads. It makes it hard to listen to anything else you post.

    But what song is it?

  14. Jesse September 27, 2009

    Amelle is the only one that could pull off any sort of solo action….sorry keisha

  15. Tomtunes September 27, 2009

    I won’t say I hate the new sugababes, because Heidi was good, Amelle was ok and I liked Jade when she was on her own. However, every time I see a photo or an article about the ‘new’ sugababes I get really angry, because they are not the sugababes, they’re something else. I really do hope this goes well for Keisha, because she supported the group, no matter what you say about her she was an immense vocal talent. undoubtedly. It would be amazing though if she dueted with Leona though, I’ve heard the two are good friends.

  16. Imyourstar702 September 28, 2009

    The new “Sugababes” can go to hell!! their full of crap especially Amelle and Heidi, nothing but a bunch of two faced snakes!!!

  17. janisha! September 30, 2009

    this is a bunch of crap!! if heidi or amelle were kicked out of the group there would be no public outcry and Sam wouldn’t be as sympathetic as he is towards keisha! all the sympathy for her comes from the fact that she is black! its so tacky when a ‘minority’ always recieves sympathy when they do not deserve it! other members of the group also claimed that keisha was a bully! siobhan was the first to leave the band and she claimed that keisha was a bully and now we are hearing the same from heidi and amelle! yes what happened to keisha was undeniably horrible but you have to admit that it was coming after she had been acting so stank to all the other members!! eurgh at keisha!!

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